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Posted on March 30th, 2014 by Don Cerow


Keeping WEBHeads up with current celestial events, a couple of Moon Mail’s ago (March 1st), we took a look at all the celestial aspects coming up involving the Grand Cardinal Cross and its triggers to the US chart. As far as the outer planets are concerning, the principle aspect that we had in March was transiting Pluto opposing the US Sun, exact on the 13th. Pluto opposing the Sun is a powerful aspect, with the authors of Life and Death seriously confronting each other. The combination of these two in any major hard aspect often manifests as the termination, in whole or in part, of a way of being. Pluto is said to rule over Scorpio, while the Sun rules over Leo. These two signs form a natural square to each other, and in general, find it difficult to easily integrate their basic philosophies in a smooth and harmonious way.

Here is what Solar Fire, a program written years before the confrontation in the Crimea began to build, had to say about this alignment when it occurs in an individual’s chart:

Life is like a battle zone with opposing sides ready to dig in for the long term and with no resolution in sight. It may be one particular crisis affecting a loved one, or it could be a series of smaller crises. Either way your ability to remain calm, assertive and compromising is being sorely tested. You may feel particularly volatile at the moment, as thought you are reacting extremely to events and people that would normally not affect you so dramatically. It is helpful to remember that this is a time of transformation, and even if you feel that change has been forced on you by external circumstances, it is better to shed the skins of the past for you will soon discover a sense of freedom that comes from living more truly to yourself.

And here in turn is what the New York Times had to say about it in their March 14th edition, commenting on stories from the day before:

Russian Troops Mass at the Border
By Steven Lee Myers and Alison Smale, March 13, 2014

MOSCOW- With a referendum on succession looming in Crimea, Russia massed troops and armored vehicles in at least three regions along Ukraine’s eastern border on Thursday, alarming the interim Ukraine government about a possible invasion and significantly escalating tensions in the crisis between the Kremlin and the West.

The announcement of the troop buildup by Russia’s Defense Ministry was met with an unusually sharp rebuke from Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany, who warned that the Russian government must abandon what she called the politics of the 19th and 20th centuries of face diplomatic and economic retaliation from a united Europe.”

Once again, here was the list we offered at the beginning of March:

Pluto opposing the Sun                      March 13th         4:05 AM

Pluto pivots SR                                    April 14th            7:47 PM
Uranus squares Sun                            April 16th            10:28 PM
Jupiter conjuncts Sun                        April 18th            5:24 PM
Mars conjuncts Saturn                       April 19th            6:00 PM
Jupiter squares Tr Uranus                 April 20th           3:29 AM
Jupiter opposes Tr Pluto                    April 20th           7:26 PM
Uranus square Tr Pluto                      April 21st            3:21 PM
Mars squares Tr Uranus                     April 23rd           3:08 AM
Mars squares Tr Pluto                         April 23rd           9:38 AM
Mars squares Sun                                 April 24th           4:33 AM
Jupiter squares Saturn                        April 29th           5:42 PM

Uranus opposes Saturn                        May 15th            5:25 PM
Pluto opposes Sun                                 May 18th            12:00 PM
Mars pivots SD                                       May 19th            9:31 PM

Mars square Sun                                    Jun 16th            5:50 AM
Mars conjunct Saturn                           June 21st            1:42 AM

Note that this is the beginning of a cycle for Pluto. It will oppose the US Sun five times through the next year, of which this was the first alignment. Here’s a list of the dates on which Pluto opposes the Sun:

Pluto opposes Sun               Mar 13th              4:05 AM    2014
Pluto opposes Sun               May 18th            12:00 PM    2014
Pluto opposes Sun                Jan 24th              9:09 PM    2015
Pluto opposes Sun                Aug 18th              2:06 PM    2015
Pluto opposes Sun                Oct 31st               12:17 PM    2015

Like chapters of a book, these will be different episodes of the same story line, as the US redefines its role in world politics. As Solar Firesays, “…it is better for us to shed the skins of the past.

It is the US’s Sun that is being currently triggered, and therefore our identity that is being reshaped or transformed. It will hit each of us in different ways depending on what we do, or don’t, have at 13 degrees of the cardinal signs.

In the meantime, as listed above, we have all these other aspects getting ready to play their part on the world stage.

Blessings to us all through these exciting times ahead.

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