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An Intuitive look at the Ages

Posted on October 5th, 2012 by Don Cerow

Gordon-Michael ScallionI have been studying the Ages for an extended period of time. Much of this work has been done in the mythological, historical and archaeological realms, but it has not been limited to these. Occasionally I go to intuitive sources to see what they have to say. In many of these cases, I simply put their answers to the inquiry on the back burners, and wait to see how the filter of Time treats them.

The following is such a case. It was a reading between Gordon Michael Scallion (or the intuitive energies that work through same) and myself on the Winter Solstice, December 21st, 1988. In reading back over the responses from nearly 24 years ago, I now understand some of them better than I did at the time. Here are a few of the selections from that reading. I was asking about the Age of Aquarius, and when it might begin.

(GMS) “If you are looking for an exact date to place on it, when an age will begin and end, we would say here that in 1932, 1936, 1938 we would identify this currently as the beginning or the official date of the new age or shifting to the next sign.”

The Trumpet signaling the New Age
(DC) “These date have already occurred in our present time.”

AngelicHornSm(GMS) “This is correct. In other words, as you are looking right now, you are in the Age of Aquarius from a point of view of what we would term here a psychic/spiritual/cosmic/astrological approach. In other words, you are still into the Age of Pisces but you are also into the Age of Aquarius. If we had had to signal the age or when the energy begins to take hold, this is what the time frame would be currently. There is an overplay and an underplay both occurring.”

“So when the question is when does an age begin or end, are you referring to a specific cut off time when the energies become balanced or as you transcend into it? For both ages overplay, at least, they overplay by some 5% and sometimes more depending upon the consciousness.”

“For example, herein if you were to look at the past 2100 years (the Age of Pisces), or as is measured currently 2100 plus (years), see this as a cycle that the root race chose. See this as a time period when there was a need to work in symbolic form. . .”

“So for the past 2000 years much of the mysteries or what will soon become everyday knowledge were shrouded in symbolic form. . . It was a time period when the forces of what would be termed the collective spiritual whole and those that would separate from the spiritual whole, began to war one against the other. . . Is it not the duality or the fish moving in opposite directions? . . It was a time period, a cycle, of 2100 years approximately where Man had an opportunity to choose.”

“It is not funneling down into this decade as a New Age, for the New Age as self knows is not now(1988), but it has been slowly moving toward a grander cycle. Cycles are not abrupt, but rather are moving in percentages. In other words, you are still very much into the Piscean Age and will retain it even as you move into the next century, though its energy is felt less and less. It is no different than as a planet or as a lunar influence moves through its cresting. When it is a Full Moon, it has maximum intensity. But does it not when it is at three-quarters still have an effect? Isn’t its secondary light illumination still effective? We would suggest that it does. This is what the Ages do. . .”


 Alpha and the Omega

Pisces, an Age of Symbolism
“Herein you begin to understand that symbolically as a representation of Man trying to search for self or search for his Creator. Shrouded in mysteries and forced to look within (this Age of Pisces has been), a preparation. This next cycle removes the illusion, strips (it)away. For now as you move into the greater signs, as you move into that which you would call the Aquarian, see this activity or this particular sign as one that would carry great emotion. It is a time of the heart.”

My personal experience is that intuitives are often correct about the event, but they may be off on the time. Time is a function of the Earth, and it is often difficult for the spirit realm to guage precisely WHEN an event will occur. Astrology, on the other hand, is a science of time, and this is one of the reasons the WEB was able to take the financial depression, when so many people had been talking about it for years, and pinpoint it to 2008, when Pluto left Sag and entered Capricorn.

Gordon was off on a number of his predictions for the late ’90s, but the general themes that he spoke of here are what I have seen for the incoming Age. As Gordon suggests, the polarity of Aquarius/Leo, working together in the New Age, will indeed invoke issues of the heart. During the Age of Pisces, Virgo is what we have striven for, as people look to their work, health benefits and retirement as the collective cultural goal. As we move into the Aquarian Age, what culture strives for is the opposite polarity, in this case the Leonine archetype. When we are guided by Love, our creativity, happiness, and children (and their children) will be the goals we strive for.

“When the power of love overcomes the love of power,

the world will know peace.”
-Jimi Hendrix

We’re on our way.

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