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Posted on September 6th, 2017 by Don Cerow


      Have just returned from our annual quest to Gail’s grave. Evalyn came out for the 30th annual Women’s Herb Conference and we usually take the time remove all the dead stalks and leaves. Under this alignment we journeyed from Nantucket to Western Mass and the South Ashfield cemetery in anticipation of changing her into her autumn dress.

Just short of the entryway to the site the van got totally stuck in the mud, goin’ nowhere. I was attempting to go around a tree that had fallen across the drive. Evalyn went up to deal with the grave, while I started digging the mud out and away from the tires, using the shovel we had found there last year. So, there we were for the night, tipped at about a thirty degree angle, no cell phone service, in the middle of the woods, without any answer immediately available.

The Venus Neptune alignment in this case deals with all the above. Venus is a loved one, while the Neptune represents the ground underfoot not being the foundation that we needed.

Just made it back from a long journey there and back again, mission accomplished but with a twist we had not anticipated.

Blessings to All-


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