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The Day After

Posted on November 23rd, 2012 by Don Cerow

Thanksgiving is a holiday that celebrates a special celestial significance. This is not surprising, as the heavens are always lock step with the seasons, and Thanksgiving is a seasonal holiday, generally held before winter at the end of the growing cycle.

In the United States, Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday of every November. The earliest it can therefore fall is on the 22nd of November, just as the Sun is entering Sagittarius, the sign ruled by Jupiter. Thursday is named after the planet Jupiter, and so here we have the month of the year ruled by Sagittarius, and the day of the week ruled by the Lord of Sagittarius, Jupiter.

And what are Jupitarian/Sagittarian themes?

I’m glad you asked.

Sagittarius is a mutable FIRE sign that deals with expansion, abundance, plenty, long-distance travel, higher education and religious expression. It seeks to open up new vistas and enjoys views that take in the distant horizon. Jupiter is in the sign of its exaltation in Cancer, the sign of food, home and family. With all of life’s travails, how bad can it be if you are well fed and nourished? This is the holiday of the year where over eating and stuffing (a term that has a number of meanings) are held as virtues. There is definitely an association that derives from the abundance of God, and all that He (or She) has given to us throughout the year. It is a time to appreciate what we have, and what we have had.

In celestial tune with the spirit of the holiday, this is also the busiest holiday of the year for travel, when folks uproot themselves and either drive or fly great distances so that they might nod off in front of the TV together with family, building those internal layers of insulation (also known as fat, another Jupiterian manifestation) for the colder months of winter just around the corner. If there’s not enough time in the day to pack in all of this good cheer (another Sagittarian characteristic), no problem. Jupiterian Thursday has no qualms spilling over into Venusian Friday, Saturnian Saturday, and the Sun’s Sunday before returning home.

Thanksgiving also opens the holiday season, when folks will open their purse strings and spend more than the rest of the year put together. Statistics vary from region to region, but some retailers claim to make more than 60% of their profit revenues (abundance again) during these last two months of the year. That’s one-sixth of the year, 60% of the profit margin.

It doesn’t seem fair, does it?

But it’s not supposed to. Fair is under the auspices of Libra a couple of months ago, when day and night were balanced and everything (seasonally speaking) was equal.

Even the historical origins of Thanksgiving speak of travel, giving thanks to God and a sharing of the fruits of the year. The Father of our nation, George Washington proclaimed the first nation-wide thanksgiving celebration in America marking November 26, 1789, “as a day of public thanksgiving and prayer to be observed by acknowledging with grateful hearts the many and signal favours of Almighty God”.  Of course this was proceeded a century earlier in the 1620’s by the Pilgrim Thanksgiving, shared with our indigenous neighbors.

Blessings to all on this special day.

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