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On the Threshold of a New Vibration

Posted on December 14th, 2012 by Don Cerow

On the Threshold

We stand on the edge of a new vibration. The end of the Mayan calendar has flagged a whole new interest in the ramifications of this enigma. One of the best interpretations I have ever come across has been used before between the columns of the WEB, and we will share it again. But understand that simply because we are entering a new ‘season’ of activity, it doesn’t mean that all the leaves, flowers and trees will magically appear the day, Spring for instance, begins. This is the beginning of a new vibration. We have seen it building over the last few months and years, and we will continue to see it unfold in the following months and years. By 2015 we will look back on 2012 and realize a great deal has changed, but that doesn’t mean that when we wake up this Friday, life as we know it will be over.


It’s ending, but it ain’t over.
Here is a reflection on the transition of one Age into the next as it was recorded one cycle ago, when the Age that is now ending was getting it’s start, and the classical civilization that had preceded it, of worshiping and honoring the gods, was coming to an end.
“But the most striking phenomenon of all was when the sound of a trumpet rang out from a perfectly clear and cloudless sky with a shrill, prolonged, and dismal note so loud that people were driven half crazy with terror. The Etruscan wise men declared that this portent foretold a change over into a new age and a total revolution in the world. There are eight ages in all. In each age the lives and manners of men are different and God has established for each age a definite span of time which is determined by the circuit of the Great Year. Whenever this circuit comes to an end and another begins some marvelous sign appears either on earth or in heaven so that it becomes at once clear to those who have made a thorough study of the subject that men of a different character and way of life have now come into the world and the gods will be either more or less concerned with this new race than they were with their predecessors. All sorts of changes occur, they say, as one age succeeds another and in particular with regard to the art of divination once can observe that there are times when it rises in prestige and its predictions are accurate because clear and unmistakable signs are sent from heaven; and then again in another age it is not held in much honor, since for the most part its practitioners are relying on mere guesswork and are trying to grasp the future with senses that have become blunt and dim. This, at all events, was the story told by the wisest men among the Etruscans who were thought to know more than most about such things.”
Plutarch’s Fall of the Roman Republic: from the Life of Sulla, pp. 74-75.
According to the Etruscans, there are eight ages in all because they are a people who harken back to an eight spoked year. The Equinoxes and Solstices quarter the year, and then these are again cut in half by the Celtic holidays, St Bridget’s Day (Feb 2), May Day (May 1st), Lammas (Aug 2nd), and, of course Halloween (October 31st).
On Friday the 21st the Sun will be sextiling Neptune and it will be a wonderful time to meditate and pray for peace during the turbulent waters ahead, as we make our adjustment to the new vibration.




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