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Posted on October 27th, 2019 by Don Cerow

There are two Platonic alignments in the US chart coming up in November that are worthy of note. The first will trigger where Pluto was in our natal chart when this nation was born, while the second deals with where Pluto will be in the sky later that month.

Transiting Chiron will contraparallel the US natal Pluto in Capricorn in the second house on November 10th. The executive branch, the presidency and the economy will be taking a drubbing. We are already feeling the effects of each of these combinations as they move into their exact geometric configurations. Behind the scenes issues (the crimes themselves) are either in the process of happening or are being revealed at this time. This will be a painful issue for the country, in part because it has such deep roots in our history. Greed and lust spring to mind. Pluto is in the 2nd house, but it rules the 12th house in US chart. Dirty little secrets are being exposed as corruption rears it’s fiscal head.

The other aspect is that Pluto will inconjunct natal Mars in Gemini in the 7th house on November 27th.

We are the experiment in democracy, a nation founded on the legal system and the rule of law. With Pluto inconjunting our natal Mars in the 7th house (the legal system) our laws, and the people who uphold them, are under attack (Mars). We are being challenged to defend what we think (Gemini) to be true.

As most astrologers know, outer planet transits generally occur three times. As Pluto plods its way through the zodiac it makes, in this case, an inconjunct to Mars. But then, as the Earth overtakes Pluto on the inner curve of our solar system, Pluto seems to slow down, stop, and reverse its direction making a second pass, in this case to our Mars in the 7th. Then, as Pluto slowly widens its orb it slows down, stops, and begin to move forward once again making a third pass to the US natal Mars.

This is that third pass.

In January when Pluto inconjuncted Mars the first time, the executive branch shut down the government for an extended period of time in an attempt to get money out of Congress to build a wall. It didn’t work and the president had to eventually throw in the towel. The shutdown ended the day the Pluto aspect was exact (January 23, 2019).

In August under the second (retrograde) pass, the nation reeled as there were two mass shootings; one in Texas and one in Ohio. The shootings were over the weekend, while the 5th, the day of the exact alignment, was the Monday following the shootings. We should mention here that Mars, the God of War, is also the planet that rules over guns.

The Red Flag laws were designed to alert authorities to dangerous individuals getting their hands on guns. The House passed a law addressing this issue. It lies dormant on Mitch McConnell’s desk.

Government was being shut down again.

What do you suppose will happen on the third pass?

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