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Posted on July 1st, 2015 by Don Cerow

NYTimes article

Torpedoed is a good Pluto word.

At the turn of the year in two sequential editions, we discussed several upcoming alignments in the US national map, focusing mainly on the transiting Pluto triggering the national Sun Saturn square. In a column entitled ‘Putin’ it Mildly’, we talking about the implications of the upcoming alignment from the Winter Solstice edition (12/21/14) of last year’s WEB, looking at the Pluto Sun dates and probabilities.

“There is an alignment in the US natal chart that we have looked at before in our historical analysis, and it’s an important player in the overall scheme of things.

“Born on the 4th of July, 1776, the US catches an applying Solar square to Saturn, within about a degree.

“Pluto by transit is about to activate this aspect for our scrutiny.

“In different ways, both the Sun and Saturn deal with our father figure. Saturn is more of the disciplinarian, sitting on a throne of stone, while the Sun is the expressive, loving father. Each of these planets can also represent the president, the nation’s father figure. In a hard aspect to each other, these themes are not easily integrated, they don’t naturally meld. The president does not really have enough time (Sun square Saturn), to make effective change during his term in office and is in a weakened position. Even if he receives a second four-year term, the legislative check Congress has on the executive makes it difficult to move disagreements through to legislation. Politically, he is at some disadvantage.

“If there are jobs, if the money is flowing, people are happy with the president.

“If there are no jobs, if the money is not flowing, people are unhappy with the president.

“Congress knows that.”

This 2014 edition discussed the first set of alignments of Pluto to the Sun. In the January 4th edition in a column entitled ‘USA Today,’ we looked at Pluto triggering the other end of the square to Saturn.

“The last time that Pluto triggered this series of alignments was in 1977-1978. What was happening at that time that could give us some clues about our immediate future.

“On February 21, June 13 and December 24, 2015 transiting Pluto will square Saturn as it retrogrades back and forth through these degrees.”

We have just passed the June 13th date.

“Power struggles between the forces at the top (Saturn) are what this alignment often manifests as, and this is no exception.

“Let’s watch these dates, and see if we can’t determine the pattern at work, shall we?”

Do you think the president was at a low?

Even the Democrats wouldn’t touch him!

House Rejects Trade Measure, Rebuffing Obama’s Dramatic Appeal                   By Jonathan Weisman  June 12, 2015

“WASHINGTON — Hours after President Obama made a dramatic, personal appeal for support, House Democrats on Friday thwarted his push to expand trade negotiating power — and quite likely his chance to secure a legacy-defining accord spanning the Pacific Ocean.

“In a remarkable blow to a president they have backed so resolutely, House Democrats voted to end assistance to workers displaced by global trade, a program their party created and has supported for four decades. That move effectively scuttled legislation granting the president trade promotion authority — the power to negotiate trade deals that cannot be amended or filibustered by Congress

“The vote that prevented the president from obtaining trade promotional authority now imperils the more sweeping Trans-Pacific Partnership, a proposed trade agreement with 11 other nations along the Pacific Ocean that affects 40 percent of the global economy on goods ranging from running shoes to computers.

“But to Democrats who have watched wages stagnate and manufacturing jobs move abroad since the North American Free Trade Agreement of 1993, there was little allure to another trade bill.”

And there you have it. Thus far, the Pluto Sun alignments has dealt with external power struggles, as with Putin, while the Pluto Saturn alignments have thus far seemed to represent internal power struggles, as with Congress.

There’s more to come on Christmas Eve! Stay tuned.


It’ll be right after the Saturnalia.

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