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Posted on April 15th, 2018 by Don Cerow

              HOMER’s ODYSSEY, Ch. XI- AQUARIUS 

This week we’re taking a look at the 11th chapter of Homer’s Odyssey, a chapter which, if our hypothesis is correct, corresponds to the 11th sign of the zodiac, Aquarius.

If Aquarius is around, the stars shouldn’t’t be far behind.

The eye of the Sun can never                           (line 17)
         flash his rays through the dark and bring them light, 
         not when he climbs the starry skies or when he wheels
         back down from the heights to touch the earth once more-

The Sun rules Leo and is therefore in its detriment in Aquarius, the constellation opposite Leo. While here, it’s as far away from its home position as it can get. For those who live in the northern hemisphere this is the heart of winter, when the Sun is low and light and warmth are in short supply. Detriment means difficult. Setting the metaphorical stage, at the start of the chapter the Sun is going down. Light is being lost.

 . . . and the Sun sank and the roads of the world grew dark. 
(line 14)

Diminished light means less strength and power, less love and affection, less life force (chi).

What has less ‘chi‘ than the ghosts of the underworld? This is about as bleak as you can get and still have some sort of identity. Apparently they need the blood of the sacrificial victim in order to get a jump-start on consciousness. Odysseus’s own mother does not know him until she drinks the blood.

And once my vows                                               (line 38)
and prayers had invoked the nations of the dead.
 I took the victims, over the trench I cut their throats
 and the dark blood flowed in- and up out of Erebus they came,
 flocking toward me now, the ghosts of the dead and gone . . .
 Brides and unwed youths and old men who had suffered much
 and girls with their tender hearts fresh scarred by sorrow
 and great armies of battle dead, stabbed by bronze spears,
 men of war still wrapped in bloody armor- thousands
 swarming around the trench from every side-
 unearthly cries- blanching terror gripped me!

These are the Aquarian multitudes, albeit deceased, thousands, which the greater collective represents, but they are pursuing an avenue somewhat out of vogue today. Odysseus is seeking to gain information about both the past and future. By the end of Chapter 11, much has been revealed. Today our information tools are the Internet, electronics and computer. There is much that we learn from them. Put the code in, pull the information out. But if the pagans of antiquity sought to know the future (the will of Zeus) they would turn to the priests and priestesses to read the leaves of the trees of Dodona, consult the liver of sacrificial victims, observe the flight of birds or find out if the sacred chickens (yes, sacred chickens) would eat. For the Greek world going to the temple of Delphi was the most honored way of discerning ‘Apollo’s (the Sun’s) truth.’

Odysseus is learning about lost companions and his future navigational course to get him home. He seeks the prophet Tiresias as the best in the business, dead or alive. As to Odysseus’s own fate:

And at last your own death will steal upon you. . .  (line 53)
. . . bourne down with the years in ripe old age
         with all your people there in blessed peace around you.
         All that I have told you will come true. 

And it does.

And the probing of the unknown en masse begins with the feminine gender of the dearly departed:

         And so they waited, coming forward one after another.   (line 372)
         Each declared her lineage, and I explored them all.
But the whole cortege I could never tally, never name,
         not all the daughters and wives of great men I saw there. 

This initial mass inquisition is followed by his lining up many of the male heroes of the mythological Greek pantheon. Only Ajax is so angry with Odysseus for past grievances that he will not converse with him.

and there slowly came a grand array of women, (line 258)
         all sent before me now by august Persephone, 
         and all were wives and daughters once of princes. 
        They swarmed in a flock around the dark blood
        While I searched for a way to question each along, 
        and the more I thought, the more this seemed the best.
        Drawing forth the long sharp sword from beside my hip,
        I would not let them drink the dark blood, all in a rush,
         And so they waited, coming forward one after another. 
         Each declared her lineage, and I explored them all.

But the whole cortege I could never tally, never name,      (line 372)
         not all the daughters and wives of great men I saw there. 

But he does not overlook his male companions either.

the griefs of my comrades, dead in the war’s wake,             (line 433)
         who escaped the battle cries of Trojan armies
only to die in blood at journey’s end-
thanks to a vicious woman’s will.
Now then,
no sooner had Queen Persephone driven off
the ghosts of lovely women, scattering left and right
than forward marched the shade of Atres’s son Agamemnon
fraught with grief and flanked by his comrades,
troops of his men-at-arms who died beside him,
who met their fate in lord Aegisthus’ halls.
He knew me at once, as soon as he drank the blood,
and wailed out, shrilly; tears sprang to his eyes . . .
I wept at the sight, my heart went out to the man . . .

Now the rest of the ghosts, the dead and gone                     (line 617)
came swarming up beside me- deep in sorrow there,
each asking about the grief that touched him most.

Minos, Orion, Tityus, Tantalus, Sisyphus and even Heracles, who closes the chapter are there.

With that he turned and back he went to the House of Death   (line 718)
but I held fast in place, hoping others might still come,
shades of famous heroes, men who died in the old days
and ghosts of an even older age I longed to see.

R.I.P. all you shades of yesteryear.

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Posted on April 14th, 2018 by Don Cerow



The Book of Revelation encoded information and astrological data into a text whose mysterious symbols and dramatic storyline have fascinated and confused scholars and religious people for 2,000 years. Tis groundbreaking study demonstrates that its ancient author(s) possessed extensive and sophisticated knowledge of the sky and the patterns therein. John of Patmos compiled a series of prophesies based on observation of past events, calculations of future patterns, and his own visionary insights. (Imagine if today’s astronomers were able to predict patterns 2,000 years in the future.)

DON CEROW scientifically explains the astronomical facts of the Vernal Equinox and its changing relation to various stars and constellations. As time progresses, the celestial positions of the planets and stars crossing the Celestial Equator and the Ecliptic, or path of the Sun, alter. These various alignments and intersections herald great changes in the development of our planet. We learn how various historical events reflected certain astronomical alignments in the past, and how we may anticipate the effects of such events in the future.

Provides an analysis of biblical symbolism and history to our own time.

Pinpoints the precise astronomical opening of the Age of Aquarius and its effects on contemporary culture.

Examines the science of astronomy and the mysteries of religion.

Decodes the most complex and misunderstood book of the Bible and demonstrates its relevance for our time.

Explains the doctrine of the Precession of the Equinox and demonstrates the historical effects of various astrological ages.




When our ancestors gazed upon the skies thousands of years ago they looked up into the center of Creation and saw a mighty Dragon, a great celestial serpent with wings circling above them. When the Dragon Wore the Crown covers a period of approximately six thousand years, focusing on what astrologers would call the Ages of Gemini, Taurus and Aries, and takes us through the classical astronomy of the Greeks and Romans. It opens and closes with the Chinese tradition, and touches on – Sumerian, Babylonian, Hindu, Norse and Mayan cultures, weaving together many of their celestial serpentine similarities. It focuses primarily on the role of the Dragon, the astronomical marker of the North Celestial Pole for literally thousands of years. The importance of this simple astronomical observation helped open the door to the calendar, navigation, farming and social organization to list but a few of its historically documented accomplishments. The cycle of the seasons was marked by this cadence with the moving center protecting the secret of the circle, the Divine Circle, for literally thousands of years.

Don Cerow has spent over a quarter century following the path of the celestial Dragon, writing and producing a multi-media show in 2005 for Fiske planetarium at the University of Colorado, Boulder entitled ‘Stars, Myths and Dragons,’ pushing back the limits of what our forebears knew about the heavens.” When the Dragon Wore the Crown is an expanded presentation of that show.It alters your world view or sky view as you go through the book.

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Posted on April 14th, 2018 by Don Cerow


A writer since 1972, Don Cerow’s primary research has been in the mythology and astronomy of ancient peoples. In 2002 he built a reconstruction of one of the earliest models of Stonehenge, a Woodhenge, about which an article appeared in the New York Times. In 2005 he wrote and produced a multi-media show for Fiske Planetarium at the U of Colorado, Boulder entitled Stars, Myths and Dragons. In 2012 he was a featured speaker at the Conference for Precession and Ancient Knowledge, CPAK, In 2013 Ibis Press published his book When the Dragon Wore the Crown – Putting Starlight Back into Myth

He’s produced shows for radio and television and has taught at colleges, universities, and planetariums across the country. Currently (2014-2015) he is on a national speaking tour.
Don is also a certified NCGR Level IV practicing counseling astrologer. His weekly astrology column appeared for twenty years in the Valley Advocate and Amherst Bulletin, two Massachusetts newspapers, and continues online at

Currently he is on a national speaking tour.

Don Cerow’s Biography



Athena’s Web received its official birth on Dec 1, 1978 as an hour long radio program on WMUA, Amherst, MA. Airtime was 6 PM, sharp. It continued in this guise for five years, and evolved to include spot forecasts given twice daily during the week on the celestial currents. On this series we talked to astronomers, astrologers, professors, and priests about their observations of astrology; of where it fit in the church, in history, in science and amongst other astrologers and the public.

In our Music of the Spheres’ segment, we explored the celestial nature of various artists through their craft. Entire shows were devoted to Hendrix, Morrison, and Joplin, but also to Billie Holiday, Judy Collins and Donovan, among others. In ’83, a column entitled Athena’s Web was begun in the Campus Connection, and was picked up by the Advocate Newspapers a year later, with a circulation of over a quarter million in the Connecticut River Valley of New England. Currently, the Web is being carried in the Amherst Bulletin.

In ’86, Athena’s Web was aired as a segment of Cable Connection,a PM Magazine television show out of Springfield, MA and featured the daily spot forecasts for a year. Don went on to write, produce, and edit four half hour shows on Astrology 101 through the an introduction to the twelve signs of the zodiac in a series entitled Springfield by Starlight.

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HOMER’s ODYSSEY, Ch. X- Capricorn

Posted on April 10th, 2018 by Don Cerow

This week we’re taking a look at the tenth chapter of Homer’s Odyssey, a chapter devoted to Capricorn, a CARDINAL EARTH sign ruled by Saturn. The glyph associated with this sign is that of a Sea-goat, half-goat and half-fish, often depicted overseeing life from the top of a mountain. In the body Capricorn rules the spinal column, skeletal system and knees.

The mountain goat

 Life is tough for Capricorns. They often live under adverse conditions, in cold climates. When the Sun enters Capricorn it marks the start of winter. Saturn is thought to represent Father Time and all that goes with it; the calendar, the weeks, months and years of calibration.

Chapter X begins with a lord who is depicted as Father Time or the year. Aeolus is his name.

We reached the Aeolian island next, the home of Aeolus,           (line 1)
      Hippotas’ son, beloved by the gods who never die-
      a great floating island it was, and round it all
      huge ramparts rise of indestructible bronze 
      and sheer rock cliffs shoot up from sea to sky.”

      “The king had sired twelve children within his halls,                     (line 6)
      six daughters and six sons in the lusty prime of youth, 
      so he gave his daughters as wives to his six sons.
      Seated beside their dear father and doting mother, 
      with delicacies aplenty spread before them,
      they feast on forever . . . 
         . . . and all night long, each one by his faithful mate,                    (line 14)
      they sleep under soft-piled rugs on corded bedsteads.”

There’s some great imagery here. The floating island is life itself, floating among the Sun and stars, going round and round through space, year after year. Here we have the first of our many ‘tough as rocks’ theme that runs throughout this chapter. Later we will see that Circe’s palace is made of dressed stone. The ramparts are indestructible because they are the grid system of the astronomers and are invisible to the naked eye. To repeat:

huge ramparts rise of indestructible bronze 
      and sheer rock cliffs shoot up from sea to sky.”

Several times in this chapter Odysseus ‘scaled(s) its rock face’ or finds himself looking down ‘from the mountain heights above’. They will meet ‘a woman huge as a mountainous crag who fills them all with horror.’ During their travels they again cross this rocky theme when the island inhabitants find themselves with a great tactical advantage.

“Down from the cliffs they flung great rocks.”                              (line 132)

But in returning to Father Time attired as King Aeolus, he had sired,

      ” . . . twelve children within his halls, 
      six daughters and six sons in the lusty prime of youth, 
      so he gave his daughters as wives to his six sons.

This is not incest. These are the twelve months of the years. The year gives birth to each one, and they never die. He gave his daughters to his sons because the months naturally pair off into relationship couples; Aries with Libra, Taurus with Scorpio, Gemini and Sagittarius, etc. ‘They feast on forever’ because the months don’t quit, year after year. They are immortals. They just keep on a-rolling. Of these pairs, “all night long, each one (of the months lies) by his faithful mate.”  Night is when the stars come out and begin their duet; one constellation rising in the east, one setting in the west.


“And there we sat at ease,                                                                    (line 513)
      day in, day out, till a year had run its course . . .” 

      “But then, when the year was through and the seasons wheeled by
      and the months waned and the long days came round again . . .”

Because Aeolus is one of the immortals, he can also command the elements. As a gift to Odysseus, Aeolus packages the winds so that their craft will have a favoring breeze to bring them home, but Odysseus’ men are jealous of the treasures that might lie with the sack of ox-hide. As an exhausted Odysseus sleeps, his shipmates open the sack releasing the unfavorable winds and are blown far out to sea, returning to Aeolus’ realm days later.

“Back again, Odysseus- why? Some blustering god attacked you?   (line 70)
      Surely we launched you well, we sped you on your way
      to your own land and house, or any place you pleased.’

      So they taunted, and I replied in deep despair,                                       (line 73)
      ‘A mutinous crew undid me- that and a cruel sleep. 
      Set it to rights, my friends. You have the power!’

      So I pleaded- gentle, humble appeals-                                                       (line 76)
      but our hosts turned silent, hushed . . .
      and the father broke forth with an ultimatum:
      ‘Away from my island- fast- most cursed man alive!
      It’s a crime to host a man or speed him on his way
      when the blessed deathless gods despise him so.
      Crawling back like this-
            it proves the immortals hate you! Out- get out!”

This is the first of the rejections / failures that Capricorn must face, coming right at the start of the chapter. As they pass into their maturity they will be more likely to succeed. They are the guests of Aeolus, they are bid fare well and given a favorable wind, but envy (reckless folly) intercedes and drives them back to the king.

“Groan as I did, his curses drove me from his halls                      (line 84)
      and from there we pulled away with heavy heart, 
      with the crews’ spirit broken under the oars’ labor,
      thanks to our own folly . . . no favoring wind in sight.”

Groaning, a heavy heart, spirit broken by physical labor. Earth overpowering Fire.

“Six whole days we rowed, six nights, nonstop.                              (line 88)
      On the seventh day we raised the Laestrygonian land, 
      Telepylus heights where the craggy fort of Lamus rises.”

More mountain forts, more Capricorn. They lost the majority of what is left of their fleece . . . uhn . . .  fleet under these adverse circumstances.

More Capricorn early-going adversities. In the physical department, two pairs of knees are hugged, the arrow that brings down the great buck pierces the spinal column half way down, and Elpenor falls from the roof of Circe’s house and snaps his neck.

All part of the skeletal system ‘ruled’ by Capricorn.

These are a few of the images that bubble to the surface as we examine these pathways.

Week after week, why do we pursue these ancient pathways?

“Necessity drives me on.”                                                               (line 301)

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Posted on March 17th, 2018 by Don Cerow

In our last Moon Mail, we took a look at Chapter IX of Homer’s Odysseyand compared it’s themes to its rulership (Zeus and/or Jupiter), and the sign that it ruled (Sagittarius). Using a code that relies to a large extent on imagery and repetition, we began to observe a number of related characteristics that emerge through the chapter, especially in the comparative and or superlative departments.

My daddy is bigger than your daddy.

Or words to that effect. The plants are overgrown or enormous. The enemy and clouds are massed for battle. The race (the Cyclops) they encounter are bigger than that of normal men.

But there was another clue in the image that we used that was there for the picking, but I totally missed it. It was a revelation that demonstrates the difference between mathematically induced celestial deductions and the observational astronomy used by ancient star gazers. It was another of those‘A-ha!!’ moments that hit right between the eyes.

The depiction we used last time was of a great ram with Odysseus roped in underneath.

OdysseusRamSm       As anyone who has read the Dragon book knows, many of the themes of mythology represented those of a shifting sky picture, with each civilization attempting to catch a stellar snapshot of their moment in time. The book,When the Dragon Wore the Crown, has a secondary title, Center and Circle. It’s premise is that these mythological cultures, anyone who was using the sky to help erect a calendar, needed a vocabulary in order to talk about the precise motions of heaven. It turns out that they generated a pictorial vocabulary.

Center and Circle follows the Creation Myths of various cultures around the globe. We observed that the Center was often designated as either theTree of Life (marking the North Celestial Pole), or of the Dragon (as the constellation Draco protecting his treasure, the Pearl).

Without accurate observations of heaven’s high point, all other celestial calculations are off. Without an accurate Center there is no accurate Circle, and without the Circle all stellar calculations are off.  This is the Dragon (snake if you prefer), in the TREE. Ancient ceremonies on New Year’s day were orchestrated by the priesthood, not to stab a lizard, but to determine the exact position of the North Celestial Pole which, because of precession, moves a little each year and must be re-checked with each New Year’s.

The Circle marks the circle (or more accurately, ellipse) of the zodiac. Spring is where the ecliptic is being sliced and designates the current position of the Vernal Equinox. From about 6,000 BC down to the present this ‘slice’ has cut out pieces of the constellations Gemini, Taurus, Aries and, most recently, Pisces.

Center and Circle. Tree and Ram. Sam I am.

Homer was thought to have written the Odyssey sometime around 800 BC. Visually speaking, that would be about mid-constellation, Vernal Equinox wise.

First of all, look at the path of the ecliptic on the astronomical map. It’s the dotted line that begins in the lower right and moves up towards the tail of the Ram.

Secondly, look at the position of Odysseus on the vase beneath the Ram. He is our hero, running along beneath the constellation of the Ram.

Thirdly, note the tree in the background.

Finally, look just below the fingertips on the hand of our hero. There are seven slashes, as if calibrations on a scale, with his hand ready to make a mark. The wavy line is one of the three ropes that holds Odysseus in place beneath the Ram. The slashes mark the period of time during which the mythological quest was current and offers minor adjustments for the centuries right around 800 to 1200 BC.


The eyes on either side of the Ram are telling you to look at this instant in time, on the vase, in the sky. Odysseus is the man of the moment, our Solar Hero. This is (or was) where he was currently at.

I want to know how come his feet are pointed up, toward the sky, while his head looks forward, facing the direction in which he is heading.

He must do a lot of yoga.


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Posted on March 8th, 2018 by Don Cerow


With Odysseus as our role model in this chapter, we see this new persona making it’s appearance right at the beginning as our hero declares that his fame has ‘reached the skies‘ (line 23). In fact, anything that derives from the skies such as rain, storms, hail, lightning and even the planets (Jupiter’s children) fall into this category.

As the ruler of Sagittarius, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system.  Each of these two archetypes lean on themes of expansion, excess, and the grandiose. Joy, optimism and abundance fall within their realm, as do the skies.

But excess (more and more) can be a problem.We are provided with an example in the actions of his crew. They have just raided the principle city of the Cicones and killed their men and taken their booty. The battle is over. Odysseus suggests they leave right away.

. . . but would they listen? Not those mutinous fools:
there was too much wine to swill, too many sheep to slaughter
down along the beach, and shambling longhorn cattle.

Having an abundance of things to eat can be a blessing, as outlined by Jupiter’s exaltation in Cancer.

The crown of life, I’d say. There’s nothing better
 than when deep joy holds sway throughout the realm
and banqueters up and down the palace sit in ranks,
enthralled to hear the bard, and before them all, the tables
heaped with bread and meats, and drawing wine from a mixing-bowl
the steward makes his rounds and keeps the winecups flowing.
This, to my mind, is the best that life can offer.”

But sometimes abundance can be too much.

Their victory over the Cicones has left them with an abundance of many things. What happens when you throw in [Jupiter = expansion] with [Cicones]? You get [more] [Cicones].

And all the while the Cicones sought out other Cicones,
Calling for help from their neighbors living inland:
a larger force and stronger soldiers too . . .

Out of the morning mist they came against us-
packed as the leaves and spears that flower forth in spring . . .

Long as morning rose and the blessed day grew stronger
we stood and fought them off, massed as they were . . .”

There’s a whole bunch of them, all packed together, larger and stronger.

The term massed is used again a few lines later, but in response to one of the qualities of Zeus (Jupiter).

Now Zeus who masses the stormclouds hit the fleet
with the North Wind- a howling, demonic gale, shrouding over
in thunderheads the earth and sea at once-“

This is His chapter, here is His reflection.

In another similar example this over-sized theme again inspires and authors our compositions.

. . . we spied a cavern just at the shore, gaping above the surf,
towering, overgrown with laurel. And here big flocks,
sheep and goats were stalled to spend the nights
and around its mouth a yard was walled up
with quarried boulders sunk deep in the earth
and enormous pines and oak trees . . .

. . . Here was a giants lair, by god, a monster
built like no mortal whoever supped on bread
no, like a shaggy peak. I’d say- a man-mountain
rearing head and shoulders over the world.”

This is one big boy. But everything here is aggrandized. There’s overgrown laurels, big flocks, enormous pines and oaks. The Cyclops is a huge man, larger than others. The energy in this chapter is over sized, just like the skies.

But there’s another attribute to Sagittarius that appears here. Number 9 is considered to be the most philosophical of all the signs of the zodiac. In contemporary society this manifests as the gurus, rabbis, ministers and cardinals. In the ancient world, these were the prophets and priests, together with their predictions. Here’s how Homer wove this thread into our Chapter Nine storyline. Odysseus has just announced to the Cyclops his true name and lineage (in lieu of ‘Nobody’).

So I (Odysseus) vaunted and he (the Cyclops) groaned back in answer,
‘Oh, no, no- that prophecy years ago . . .
it all comes home to me with a vengeance now!
We once had a prophet here, a great tall man.
Telemus, Eurymus’ son, a master at reading signs,
who grew old in his trade among his fellow Cyclops.
All this, he warned me, would come to pass someday-
that I’d be blinded here at the hands of one Odysseus.
But I always looked for a handsome giant man to cross my path,
some fighter clad in power like armor-plate, but now,
look what a dwarf, a spineless good for nothing,
stuns me with wine then gouges out my eye!”

And in one final note this is the sign of getting high. Zeus (Jupiter) is both the father and mother of Dionysus, the God of Wine. Zeus sired him, and then saved him when his mother came to an untimely end by sowing him into his thigh (also ruled by Sag) for a second birth. Grapes are first harvested (first birth) and then fermented (second birth).

The wine of Zeus is goood!

Whenever they’d drink the deep red-mellow vintage,
twenty cups of water he’s stir in one of wine
and what an aroma wafted from the bowl-
what magic, what a godsend-
No joy in holding back when that was poured!
Filling a great goatskin now, I took this wine,
Provisions too in a leather sack. A sudden foreboding
told my fighting spirit I’d soon come up against
some giant clad in power like armor plate-
a savage deaf to justice, blind to law.”

And finally, this is the land of the lotus eaters.

Then on the tenth
our squadron reached the land of the Lotus-eaters
people who eat the lotus, mellow fruit and flower . . .

. . . Any crewman who ate the lotus, the honey-sweet fruit,
lost all desire to send a massage back, much less return,
their only wish to linger there with the Lotus-eaters,
grazing on lotus, all memory of the journey home
dissolved forever.”

      Wine and lotus, High as the Sky, Jupiter and Sagittarius.

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Daily Planets- 02/02/18

Posted on February 1st, 2018 by Don Cerow

February 2-February 8, 2018

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 2nd Good news late morning, but it may mean a little extra work. Mid-afternoon is productive. There’s some advantage to it. Don’t force the situation tonight.

Saturday, 3rd Physical projects that require less thought work best. Put it in neutral and go; just be safe. There’s a tendency to over spend tonight. Cut back from excesses.

V/C Moon 2:07 AM-4:47 PM when it enters Libra

Sunday, 4th We’re lower key mid afternoon, but pick up steam as we move into the  evening. 9:30 PM is best. We can get things done or have some fun.

Monday, 5th Mid-morning, building into 10:30 is the most productive. We’re making good use of our time and like it. The energy shifts a little before two PM when we start attending to other things. Others may seek your involvement.

V/C Moon 1:46 PM-10:56 PM when it enters Scorpio

Tuesday, 6thFrom soup to nuts, a really nice day. We’re on time for 9:00, interested at 2:00 and attracted after 8:00 PM. We’re relaxed at 11:00 PM, anything from movies to meditation. There may be a discussion around 7:00 PM, but the day is still nice.

Wednesday, 7th–  We’re busy late morning but on the go. Afternoon is the most productive, and happiest, time of day. 11:00 PM is restless.

Thursday, 8thThe morning is fascinating. We’re really curious about the person or information being offered now. There’s something to it. There’s a strength that carries us through the day and sustains us until we approach 11:00 PM.

V/C Moon 2:16 AM-8:53 AM when it enters Sagittarius


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on January 25th, 2018 by Don Cerow

January 26-February 1, 2018

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 26th The energy is lade back this morning, while the afternoon is chatty. New ideas are being born in the next 48 hours. They’re good ideas, but will we have enough drive to see it through?

The Moon is V/C until 12:40 PM when it enters Gemini

Saturday, 27th Eight o’clock this morning is quite pleasant, 9:30 not so much. We’re under a little pressure through the day, but it helps us to get things done.

Sunday, 28th The morning is more relaxed, and some find it good to just ‘be’ with one another. After 2:00 PM we start working with mundane projects, like family. Fast food is not such a good idea tonight.

V/C Moon 5:39 AM-1:57 PM when it enters Cancer

Monday, 29th Leading into mid-morning is some of the best energy of the day. It’s quiet, peaceful and contemplative. The rest of the day is busier. After 10:30 is a little more upbeat.

Tuesday, 30thWe wrap up projects this morning and start new ones through mid-afternoon. We’re very pleased with the shift. There’s warmth in the afternoon. Fatigue plays tag with us late. Get some rest.

V/C Moon 11:40 AM-1:53 PM when it enters Leo

Wednesday, 31st–  The Blue Moon is at 8:27 AM. Maybe it’s a Blood Red Blue Moon. Issues come to a peak. Sleep may have been intermittent last night. The afternoon is better, just not much. Someone is being manipulative tonight.

Thursday, 1stOnce again, the morning is V/C. Between 2:00 and 4:00 PM is exciting. Be willing to sample change, or work with a group. Your buzz.

V/C Moon 5:58 AM-2:13 PM when it enters Virgo


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 01/19/18

Posted on January 18th, 2018 by Don Cerow

January 19-January 25, 2018

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 19th Until about 3:30 this afternoon, the Moon is Void-of-Course, so be ready to roll with the energy rather than trying to direct it. It is possible, it’s just a lot more work. The evening is the smoothest time of the day for work or play.

V/C Moon 6:52 AM-3:26 PM when it enters Pisces

Saturday, 20th We’re a little sleepy mid-afternoon but the rest of the day is fairly nice. So is mid-afternoon if you can find a place to get away to and just re-charge your batteries. A quiet place would be good.

Sunday, 21st We’re happy earlier morning, knowledgeable mid-afternoon, and interested in the evening. We feel more energized tonight. Just don’t commit to anything, no matter how attractive.

V/C Moon 8:13 PM-1:27 AM (Monday) when it enters Aries

Monday, 22nd Noon through to 1:00 PM is a good time to sit down and figure things out. Our intuition is on the mark, but we need some time to quiet our environment for better contemplation.

Tuesday, 23rdThe beginning and end of the day are the most productive. Mid-day is back and forth, depending on what time of day it is. The silver lining is about 1:00 PM, but it doesn’t last long.

V/C Moon 11:16 PM-8:39 AM (Wednesday) when it enters Taurus

Wednesday, 24th–  We’re either focused or obsessed with events throughout the day, but especially around 4:00 PM. Look deeply, and see what you see. Methodical production is certainly possible.

Thursday, 25thIn general, the day is a pleasant one. The news is accurate this morning and pleasant this evening. Things just seem to make sense.

V/C Moon 10:16 PM-12:40 PM (Friday) when it enters Gemini


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on January 16th, 2018 by Don Cerow

               SEX AND DEATH 

This week we’re taking a look at the 8th chapter of Homer’s epic novel, the Odyssey, suggesting that it is part of an Astrological Primer, an ancient handbook for learning astrology, for learning about life.

The eighth chapter corresponded not only to the sign of the zodiac we are all familiar with, it also corresponded to the eighth constellation of the zodiac. Due to precessional motion three thousand years ago, they were one and the same.

Encapsulated in each of these chapters are the personality characteristics of the sign being represented. The more you know about one of these astrological archetypal representations, the deeper your insights into the pattern and personality at work in this book.

Scorpio is a FIXED WATER sign, ruled in contemporary times by Pluto, in antiquity by Mars. Of them it is said “still waters run deep.” It is a sign, and these are the planets, that most cope with powerful emotional currents, of loving and losing, of being romantically discovered, of Death’s heavy-handed repercussions. Although we don’t like to admit it, the day will come when we must all ‘bend the knee’ to Pluto.

There are three examples we will cull from these verses in this Moon Mail.

First, there is the actual fall of Troy and all its doom and gloom.

Second, is how the verses of the blind bard and his Lyre cause Odysseus to cry into his cloak so that no one will see, hiding his tears.

Third is the adulterous affair Ares and Aphrodite have behind the Love goddess’ lawful husband’s back.

In this last myth the Lord of Blacksmiths weaves an intricate web so fine no one can see it. These are the lines of longitude and latitude, or of azimuth and altitude that form a grid system by which the motions of the planets may be traced and tracked, in this case of monitoring the planets and learning, ahead of time, when they are likely to align.

To this day this grid work system is imperceptible to the naked eye, as they are lines created (imagined if you will), by the mathematicians, astronomers and astrologers. They are simply not there, and yet are hugely important to the understanding of celestial motion, imagination and hard science, all at the same time.

So that’s our three examples; the Fall of Troy and secret behind Odysseus’ tears. What about our illicit love affair?

First, the fall of Troy.

                           Sing of the wooden horse
Epeus built with Athena’s help, the cunning trap that
good Odysseus brought one day to the heights of Troy,
filled with fighting men who laid the city waste . . .

For Troy was fated to perish once the city lodged
inside her walls the monstrous wooden horse
where the prime of Argive 
(Greek) power lay in wait
with death and slaughter bearing down on Troy.

. . . to plunder Troy-
he sang how left and right they ravaged the steep city . . .

And in fact, here is where the second example of Odysseus silently crying appears in Chapter Eight.

That was the song the famous harper sang
but great Odysseus melted into tears,’
running down from his eyes to wet his cheeks . . .

as a woman weeps, her arms flung round her darling husband
      a man who fell in battle, fighting for town and townsmen,
trying to beat the day of doom from home and children.
Seeing the man go down, dying, gasping for breath,
She clings for dear life, screams and shrills-

So from Odysseus’ eyes ran tears of heartbreak now.
But his weeping went unmarked by all the others
Only Alcinous, sitting close behind him,
Noticed his guest tears,
Heard the groan in the man’s labored breathing

Our next image, of the illicit love affair, is another tale the bard sings of using the lyrics of music as the brush and life the canvas.

             . . . now the bard struck up an irresistible song:
The Love of Ares 
            and Aphrodite (Venus) Crowned with Flowers …
how the two had first made love in Hephaestus’ mansion,
all in secret. Ares had showered her with gifts
and showered Hephaestus’ marriage bed with shame
but a messenger ran to tell the god of fire—
Helios, lord of the sun, who’d spied the couple
lost in each other’s arms and making love.
Hephaestus, hearing the heart-wounding story,
bustled toward his forge, brooding on his revenge
planted the huge anvil on its block and beat out chains,
not to be slipped or broken, all to pin the lovers on the spot.
This snare the Firegod forged, ablaze with his rage at War,
then limped to the room where the bed of love stood firm
and round the posts he poured the chains in a sweeping net
with streams of others flowing down from the roof beam,
gossamer-fine as spider webs no man could see,
not even a blissful god—

the Smith had forged a masterwork of guile.
Once he’d spun that cunning trap around his bed
he feigned a trip to the well-built town of Lemnos,
dearest to him by far of all the towns on earth.
But the god of battle kept no blind man’s watch.
As soon as he saw the Master Craftsman leave
he plied his golden reins and arrived at once
and entered the famous god of fire’s mansion,
chafing with lust for Aphrodite crowned with flowers.
She’d just returned from her father’s palace, mighty Zeus,
and now she sat in her rooms as Ares strode right in
and grasped her hand with a warm, seductive urging:
“Quick, my darling, come, let’s go to bed
and lose ourselves in love! Your husband’s away—
by now he must be off in the wilds of Lemnos,
consorting with his raucous Sintian friends.”

So he pressed
and her heart raced with joy to sleep with War
and off they went to bed and down they lay—
and down around them came those cunning chains
of the crafty god of fire, showering down now
till the couple could not move a limb or lift a finger—
then they knew at last: there was no way out, not now.
But now the glorious crippled Smith was drawing near …
he’d turned around, miles short of the Lemnos coast,
for the Sungod kept his watch and told Hephaestus all,
so back he rushed to his house, his heart consumed with anguish.
Halting there at the gates, seized with savage rage
he howled a terrible cry, imploring all the gods,
“Father Zeus, look here—
the rest of you happy gods who live forever
here is a sight to make you laugh, revolt you too!
Just because I am crippled, Zeus’s daughter Aphrodite
will always spurn me and love that devastating Ares,
just because of his stunning looks
 and racer’s legs
while I am a weakling, lame from birth, and who’s to blame?
Both my parents—who else? If only they’d never bred me!
Just look at the two lovers … crawled inside my bed,
locked in each other’s arms—the sight makes me burn!

But I doubt they’ll want to lie that way much longer,
not a moment more—mad as they are for each other
No, they’ll soon tire of bedding down together,
but then my cunning chains will bind them fast
till our Father pays my bride-gifts back in full,
all I handed him for that shameless bitch his daughter,
irresistible beauty—all unbridled too!”

So Hephaestus wailed
as the gods came crowding up to his bronze-floored house.
 (Neptune) god of the earthquake came,
and Hermes 
(Mercury) came,
the running god of luck, and the Archer, lord Apollo 
(the Sun),
while modesty kept each goddess to her mansion.
The immortals, givers of all good things, stood at the gates,
and uncontrollable laughter burst from the happy gods
when they saw the god of fire’s subtle, cunning work.
One would glance at his neighbor, laughing out,
“A bad day for adultery! Slow outstrips the Swift.”
“Look how limping Hephaestus conquers War,
quickest of all the gods who rule Olympus!”
“The cripple wins by craft.”
The adulterer, he will pay the price!”
So the gods would banter
among themselves but lord Apollo goaded Hermes on:
“Tell me, Quicksilver 
(another name for Mercury),
giver of all good things—
even with those unwieldy shackles wrapped around you,
how would you like to bed the golden Aphrodite?”
“Oh Apollo, if only!” the giant-killer cried.
“Archer, bind me down with triple those endless chains!
Let all you gods look on, and all you goddesses too—
how I’d love to bed that golden Aphrodite!”
A peal of laughter broke from the deathless ones
but not Poseidon, not a smile from him; he kept on
begging the famous Smith to loose the god of war,
pleading, his words flying, “Let him go!
I guarantee you Ares will pay the price,
whatever you ask, Hephaestus,
whatever’s right in the eyes of all the gods.”
But the famous crippled Smith appealed in turn,
“God of the earthquake, please don’t urge this on me.
A pledge for a worthless man is a worthless pledge indeed.
What if he slips out of his chains—his debts as well?
How could I shackle you while all the gods look on?”
But the god of earthquakes reassured the Smith,
“Look, Hephaestus, if Ares scuttles off and away,
squirming out of his debt, I’ll pay the fine myself.”
And the famous crippled Smith complied at last:
“Now there’s an offer I really can’t refuse!”
With all his force the god of fire loosed the chains
and the two lovers, free of the bonds that overwhelmed them so,
sprang up and away at once, and the Wargod sped to Thrace
while Love with her telltale laughter sped to Paphos,
Cyprus Isle, where her grove and scented altar stand.
There the Graces bathed and anointed her with oil,
ambrosial oil, the bloom that clings to the gods
who never die, and swathed her round in gowns
to stop the heart … an ecstasy—a vision.
That was the song the famous harper sang
and Odysseus relished every note . . .

What do you think? Scorpio or no?

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Daily Planets- 01/12/18

Posted on January 12th, 2018 by Don Cerow

January 12-January 18, 2018

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 12th We do what we gotta do through the course of the afternoon. It may take a little longer to put through the paces as it requires additional time. It’s time to pay the piper.

The Moon enters Sagittarius at 2:04 AM.

Saturday, 13th Be careful of other people’s boundary issues through the morning. As we head into the afternoon and later evening the mood seems to improve.

Sunday, 14th Watch the V/C Moon period today through the morning and first part of the afternoon. Things don’t go in the manner we thought they would later afternoon. You might want to hold on some important decisions until after the New Moon is behind us late Tuesday.

V/C Moon 3:48 AM-2:42 PM when it enters Capricorn

Monday, 15th Some important opportunities open through the latter part of the day. Certainly we feel better after the Sun goes down. The energy seems to roll right into midnight.

Tuesday, 16thThe New Moon is at 9:47 this evening. Some will stay up until the later evening, but you’ll feel it tomorrow morning if you do. The afternoon is probably best, but it may not go as you anticipated. Accidents are possible through the next 48 hours. Watch out for the other guy.

Wednesday, 17th–  At 4:30 this afternoon Mars inconjuncts Uranus, and this one could pack a punch, both hard and fast. The more you really feel as though you need to do it NOW is the red flag.

V/C Moon 1:30 AM-3:32 AM when it enters Aquarius

Thursday, 18thOur energy level improves as we move into mid-day. The evening is a little stretched after we hit 6:00 PM.



Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 01/05/18

Posted on January 4th, 2018 by Don Cerow

January 5-January 11, 2018

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 5th Early morning is tiring, while late morning is magical. We have some real opportunities that are being presented to us which will continue into tomorrow. Don’t be afraid to seize the initiative and follow up on it today and tomorrow.

The Moon enters Virgo at 3:12 AM this morning

Saturday, 6th The morning and late afternoon contain some of the best vibes we’ve seen in a while. Good news is on the way, but we may have to supply our own muscle. Conversations get a little weird after 8:00 PM.

V/C Moon 9:51 PM-7:14 AM (Sunday) when it enters Libra

Sunday, 7th Early morning is nice, but 11:00 AM drags. Not everyone agrees with what’s going on. Don’t force issues around noon.

Monday, 8th The joint is a jumpin’ today. Mostly it’s good stuff and we can make progress on projects. Late night is alluring. We may make decisions based on passion rather than reason. The Sun, Venus and Pluto conjunct each other. Be warned!

Tuesday, 9thFinish tasks by 11:00 AM, take a break, and then pick up where you left off at 3:00 PM. We’re more industrious in the latter part of the day.

V/C Moon 11:12 AM-3:05 PM when it enters Scorpio

Wednesday, 10th–  Between 5:00 and 8:00 AM is magical. We get a bit of a break mid-afternoon, but are a little more feisty as we approach the end of the day.

Thursday, 11thTake the lead this morning, figure out what you’ve got to do, and then do it! Between 7:00 and 10:00 AM are the best energies of the day. We’re insightful and have a deeper sense of what’s happening around 4:00 PM. Go figure!


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on January 1st, 2018 by Don Cerow

               HOMER’s ODYSSEY, Ch. VII- LIBRA 

Libra is a CARDINAL AIR sign ruled by Venus. Like the scales which it represents, its vibration is attuned to balance, marriage and harmony. Of course the symbolism of the scales brings in the whole notion of the LEGAL SYSTEM and the virtues (truth, honesty, integrity, justice, etc) inherent there. It’s season is AUTUMN, its cardinal direction WEST. Libra is the marker of the AUTUMNAL EQUINOX, the beginning of Fall.

Let’s see, if Odysseus is the man of the hour (as he is in each new chapter, with a new wardrobe celestially selected by Athena for each episode), and Libra is the sign currently under scrutiny, then we should have someone wanting to marry Odysseus.

Father Zeus, Athena and lord Apollo! if only-                        (lines 356-359)
seeing the man you are, seeing we think as one-
            you could wed my daughter and be my son-in-law
            and stay right here with us.

As Odysseus enters the city, he looks about himself and is stunned by the sight he sees about him. Like an accurately calibrated set of scales, everything seems to be . . . balanced!
(lines 49-50)
            And he (Odysseus) marveled now at the balanced ships and havens
            the meeting grounds of the great lords . . .

Like astrology, many of the patterns of life are laid out at birth. We are reflections of our tangled stellar WEB, so the Divine can know and experience each moment of life from all of its many variations.

            There in the future he must suffer all that Fate                        (lines 232-234)
            and the overbearing Spinners spun out on his life line
            the very day his mother gave him birth . . .

It is their des-ti-ny.

In Libra, courtesy and etiquette are his (or her) calling cards.

“Your majesty,”diplomatic Odysseus answered . . .                        (line 346)

In fact, there are other pieces of a courtroom setting described in this chapter. According to Odysseus,

                                                                        “Queen,                               (line 172-174)
            Arete, daughter of godlike King Rhexenor!
            Here after many TRAILS, I come to beg for mercy . . .

Trails are the preliminary step of the courtroom proceedings. This was how they did it three thousand years ago. In these lines Odysseus is throwing himself on the mercy of the court.

There is the power of the legal system (our archetype) to enforce its rulings as required by law, and in this chapter it is expressed though the characteristics of the Queen.

Are you ready? This is an important one:                                                                                  

The queen is the first you’ll light on in the halls,                  (line 61-63)
            Arete, she is called, and earns the name:
            She answers all our prayers . . .

      Arête:            An important concept in Greek philosophy, “virtue, excellence,”
especially of manly qualities; literally “that which is good.”

            Alcinous made the girl (Arete) his wife and honors her       (lines 77-86)
            as no woman is honored on this earth, of all the wives
            now keeping households under their husbands’ sway.
            Such is her pride of place, and always will be so:
            dear to her loving children, to Alcinous himself
            and all our people. They gaze on her as a god,
            saluting her warmly on her walks through town.
            She lacks nothing in good sense and judgment –
            she can dissolve quarrels, even among men,
            whoever wins her sympathies.

Whoever wins the sympathies of the Judge in a court of Law (Libra) has the socially condoned scansion of making it so.

If only our queen will take you to her heart,                                    (line 87-89)
            Then there’s hope that you will see your loved ones,
            Reach your high roofed house, your native land at last.

And finally, here’s one that caught me by surprise. As indicated at the outset, Libra marks the start of Autumn, together with all of the qualities that this sign (constellation at the time) has to offer. How would you like to live . . .

. . . in Eternal Autumnal Farms?!

Try this one on for size,

Outside the courtyard, fronting the high gates,                         (lines 129-149)
            a magnificent orchard stretches four acres deep
            with a strong fence running round it side-to-side.
            Here luxuriant trees are always in their prime,
            pomegranates and pears glowing red,
            succulent figs and olives swelling sleek and dark.
            And the yield of all these trees will never flag or die,
            Neither in winter or summer, a HARVEST all year round
            For the WEST WIND always through will bring
            Some fruits to the bud and others warm to ripeness-
            pear mellowing ripe on pear, apple on apple,
            cluster of grapes on cluster, fig crowding fig.
            And here is a teeming vineyard planted for kings,
            Beyond it a open level bank where the village grapes
            Lie baking to raisins into the sun while pickers gather others;
            some they trample down in vats, and here in the front rows
            bunches of unripe grapes have hardly shed their blooms
            while others under the sunlight slowly darken purple.
            Are there by the last rows are beds of greens,
            Bordered and plotted, greens of every king,
            Glistening fresh, year in and year out . . .

Of course, this island is located somewhere in the Mediterranean (Middle of the Earth), and the closer one heads to the tropic regions (as one heads closer to the equator) the more streamlined and moderated the seasonal activity becomes.

Judge for yourself.

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Daily Planets- 12/29/17

Posted on December 28th, 2017 by Don Cerow

December 29, 2017-January 4, 2018

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 29th Get important matters done by 9:00 this morning. We feel a little drained early afternoon. If you can use this time to float it’s fairly nice, especially as we approach 5:00 PM.

V/C Moon 9:01 AM-3:31 AM (Saturday) when it enters Gemini

Saturday, 30th The morning is conversationally pleasant. We’re shown the bigger picture. The evening is not what we would have wanted. Never the less, this is the day to harness if you want to get things done.

Sunday, 31st We’re feeling a little financially pinched this morning or there are some control issues at work. The Moon checks out at 6:30 tonight, so again, get projects done ahead of the deadline.

V/C Moon 6:38 PM-3:10 AM (Monday) when it enters Cancer

Monday, 1st The cold continues to be an issue through the day. Pay heed to cautions, both temperature and otherwise. The Full Moon is tonight, Uranus pivots tomorrow morning. Powerful changes are afoot. Tonight is better than tomorrow morning.

Tuesday, 2ndDramatic changes are on the agenda this morning. Check your charts. Do you have anything at 24 degrees of the cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra or Capricorn)? Also 24 degrees of Virgo or Scorpio. If so, you’re celestially marked. Anticipate that things may not play out as normal.

V/C Moon 5:46 PM-2:22 AM (Wednesday) when it enters Leo

Wednesday, 3rd–  Some magical conditions are woven into today’s threads (except around 11:00 this morning). We’re attracted, excited or simply pleased through the early afternoon. By 9:00 PM we’re a little more uncertain about how things may turn out

Thursday, 4thThe Leo Moon makes many aspects today. Personal pride is an issue. A little praise can go a long way. The afternoon is probably this best, although 10:00 PM’s not bad.


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 12/22/17

Posted on December 21st, 2017 by Don Cerow

December 22-December 28, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 22nd Some will attempt to either stretch their abilities or resources this morning. It’s possible to get quite a bit achieved as long as we can maintain the pace.

V/C Moon 5:12 AM-9:42 AM when it enters Pisces

Saturday, 23rd We have a relaxed start, and things start to fall into place after 10:00 this morning. Take a little time to contemplate the energy of the season. The finances begin to mount with the late afternoon.

Sunday, 24th This is among the most magical of  the days of the holidays, especially through the late afternoon and into the early evening. For those that tune in, 8:00 PM is best.

V/C Moon 9:48 PM-7:27 PM when it enters Aries

Monday, 25th Folks feel a little played out late morning, having spent most of their social energy over the weekend. Late afternoon is a little easier, but we still feel as though the energy is lower key. The evening is a little more social, but not much.

Tuesday, 26thWe like switching gears late afternoon, and the clearest communications are in the evening, whether for relaying information, figuring things out or enjoying a night out. The vibe is better than last night’s.

Wednesday, 27th–  We shift gears around 4:00 PM and can coast a little. Late evening is particularly nice. We can rest and relax while enjoying whatever we focus on.

V/C Moon 3:57 PM-1:23 AM (Thursday) when it enters Taurus

Thursday, 28thWhat a pleasant day. Beautiful in the morning and most playful in the early afternoon. While not as strong, the evening replays some of last night’s magic.


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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HOMER’s ODYSSEY- Chap. VI- Virgo

Posted on December 18th, 2017 by Don Cerow

               LAUNDRY DAY 

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, it is a MUTABLE EARTH sign symbolized by the Virgin and the sheath of wheat she holds. It is a vibration that deals with practical crafts like wool or basket weaving, knitting, quilt making and the like. Each of these involve patterns, often with a number of women traditionally working together in a cooperative endeavor. Their end game aids humanity with some useful product whether as a blanket to help keep warm or a basket to hold laundry.

For those who have studied the celestial science, this one is so obvious that it speaks for itself. Virgo says work on all the practical (Earth) details (Mercury) that need help. If there’s a problem, solve it. If something’s broken, fix it. These are the workers, the service industry with their skills and tools.  Line 2 of Chapter 6 sets the tone, with a reference to the dedication to whatever the task may be.

” . . . borne down by his hard labors first . . .’

But then, in what will represent the main image of our literary theme in this chapter, Athena awakens the Phaeacian princess Nausicaa with a dream that she should do the laundry.

how could your mother bear a careless girl like you?
Look at your fine clothes, lying here neglected-
with your marriage not far off,
the day you should be decked in all your glory
and offer elegant dress to those who from your escort.
That’s how a bride’s good name goes out across the world
and it brings her father and queenly mother joy. Come,
let’s go wash these clothes at the break of day-
I’ll help you, lend a hand, and the work will fly!

(Ch. VI; 27-36)

The ‘good name’ comes from Mercury’s rulership over this sign. Our name is what we respond to when people call us. And then, throughout the chapter, we get a detailed list of just how the laundry should be properly washed, from start to finish. Having awoken from her dream, our princess hurries to seek permission from the king to use the tools necessary to complete the job.

“Daddy Dear,
I wonder, won’t you have them harness a wagon for me,
the tall one with the good smooth wheels . . . so I
can take our clothes to the river for a washing?
Lovely things, but lying before me all soiled.
And you yourself, sitting among princes ‘
debating points at your counsel,
you really should be wearing spotless linen.
Then you have five sons, full-grown in the palace,
two of them married, but three are lusty bachelors
always demanding crisp shirts fresh from the wash
when they go out to dance. Look to my duties-
that all rests on me.”                                                      
(Ch VI; 61-73)

      The dreams and requests are the preliminary parts of the job, but then we get down to the real nitty-gritty a few lines later.

            Once they reached the banks of the river flowing strong
where the pools would never fail, with plenty of water
cool and clear, bubbling up and rushing through
to scour the darkest stains- they loosed the mules,
out from under the wagon yoke, and chased them down
the river’s rippling banks to graze on luscious clover.
Down from the cradle they lifted clothes by the armfull,
plunged them into the dark pools and stamped them down
in the hollows, one girl racing the next to finish first
until they had scoured and rinsed off all the grime,
then spread them out in a line along the beach
where the surf had washed a pebbly scree ashore.
And once they had bathed and smoothed their skin with oil,
they took their picnic, sitting along the river’s banks
and waiting for all the clothes to dry in the hot noon sun.
 (Ch. VI; 95-109)

That’s a precise list.

      Both Gemini and Virgo are ruled by Mercury.

In Chapter 3 (Gemini) we meet Nestor, the great charioteer together with his horses. Gemini (AIR) deals with transportation. At the end of the chapter we have Telemachus and Nestor’s son mounting the chariot to begin a two-day overland journey, compatible with our celestial theme.

In Chapter 6 we feature the mules and wagon. Chapter 6 corresponds to Mercury ruling (EARTH Sign) Virgo. Nausicaa hitches up the mules to do laundry and is featured in the story line on the way to the river, while there, and on the return journey. Mercury in Virgo is much more about daily chores and projects.

Gemini, transportation. Virgo, daily chores (laundry).

Two different kinds of equines, horse and mule, bred to fulfill two different kinds of service for humanity, but each under the auspices of Mercury.

      Having washed both the clothes and themselves, the handmaidens (more Virgo) turn to bathe the man of the hour, but are met by another Virgonian personality trait.

            So quick, my girls,
give our newfound friend some food and drink
and bathe the man in the river,
wherever you find some shelter from the wind.”

At that
they came to a halt and teased each other on
and led Odysseus down to a sheltered spot
where he could find a seat,
just as great Alcinous’ daughter told them.
They laid out cloak and shirt for him to wear,
they gave him the golden flask of supplying olive oil
and pressed him to bathe himself in the river’s steam.
Then thoughtful Odysseus reassured the handmaids,
“”Stand where you are, dear girls, a good way off,
so I can rinse the brine from my shoulders now
and rub myself with oil . . .
how long it’s been since oil touched my skin!
But I won’t bathe in front of you. I would be embarrassed-
stark naked before your girls with lovely braids.”

Thoughtful Odysseus‘ is perfect for our hero in this chapter, paired together with another component of the personality of Virgo, its shyness, which we are seeing as we saw earlier in this chapter in lines 74 and 75 (not quoted). Our narrative continuous.

            The handmaids scurried off to tell their mistress.
Great Odysseus bathed in the river, scrubbed his body
clean of brine that clung to his back and broad shoulders,
scoured away the brackish scurf that caked his head.
And then, once he had bathed all over, rubbed in oil
and donned the clothes the virgin princess gave him,
Zeus’s daughter Athena made him taller to all eyes,
his build move massive now, and down from his brow
she ran his curls like thick hyacinth clusters full of blooms.
 (Ch. VI; 229-256)

The ‘Virgin princess’ is our heroine of this tale, overseen and orchestrated by the Virgin Goddess, Athena.

And those are the threads that weave this chapter together.

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Daily Planets- 12/15/17

Posted on December 14th, 2017 by Don Cerow

December 15-December 21, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 15th A Void-of-Course day until 8:00 tonight. The morning until 9:00 AM is chatty, while late afternoon early evening is pleasant. Late night is tender.

V/C Moon enters Sagittarius at 8:07 PM

Saturday, 16th Take the alternative route this morning, the earlier the better. Tonight could reveal a deeper level of understanding. The advantages are better seen around 10:00 tonight.

Sunday, 17th The cycle winds down with the New Moon at 1:30 tomorrow morning. We’re feeling (the Moon) lower key. Get some rest and be in tune.

Monday, 18th The energy level starts to kick in around 8:30 this morning. This is a really nice day when things float along rather smoothly. There are some passionate currents that begin to flow late tonight/early tomorrow morning. Some are really going to enjoy this thirty-six our period.

V/C Moon 8:10 AM-8:33 AM when it enters Capricorn

Tuesday, 19thGood from start to finish. The opportunities of the morning continue to play out through the evening. Look a little more closely at some of the sales that come your way. Magnetism is strong.

Wednesday, 20th–  Check out the Void-of-Course Moon period and try not to attempt anything really important. Peace and serenity run late night through midnight and into the early morning hours. Enjoy.

V/C Moon 10:37 AM-9:29 PM when it enters Aquarius

Thursday, 21stHappy Winter Solstice, exact at 11:28 this morning. The are some real opportunities for the administration and authority figures to have their way. From 11:30 AM until 4:08 PM is the most powerful of the day.



Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 12/08/17

Posted on December 7th, 2017 by Don Cerow

December 8-December 14, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 8th Basically, a great day. We’re interested at 9:00 AM, finding out what we need to know at noon, and remaining productive through the afternoon.

V/C Moon 5:40 PM-6:08 PM when it enters Virgo

Saturday, 9th There’s a tendency to misread the situation today, and some are not happy about it. After 4:00 PM the mood lifts. Powerful judgements are about to unfold. We feel the power, but there’s missing information. Monday offers a brighter observation.

Sunday, 10th Late morning, early afternoon projections are off the mark. There’s a lack of vital information. This could cut deep, so be mindful. Not everything has to be perfect.

V/C Moon 10:02 PM-0:52 AM (Monday) when it enters Libra

Monday, 11th An excellent day. Good communications in the AM. Fun and creativity mid-afternoon and things well articulated as we head into 8:00 PM. Uncertainty holds the upper hand after 9:00 PM.

Tuesday, 12thOn-time at 8:00 AM, feeling pinched at 10:00 PM, while the afternoon and early evenings bring communicational clarity.

Wednesday, 13th–  We get to taste Mars in Scorpio’s flavor as we head into the afternoon. What will it mean for you? Passion and focus are two potential manifestations. Which will you choose?

V/C Moon 7:27 AM-8:59 AM when it enters Scorpio

Thursday, 14thEarly morning is tough, but there’s an inner beauty. The afternoon into the evening works well, even though some would like it to move at a faster clip. Do what you need to.

V/C Moon 8:42 PM-8:07 PM when it enters Sagittarius


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on December 3rd, 2017 by Don Cerow


               CAN YOU SPELL ‘LOVER’? 

Leo is a FIXED FIRE sign, ruled by the Sun. In the body it rules the heart and things related to the heart, such as love and heart-break, loved ones, children and pleasure. In hard alignments these same themes can generate a ‘lack of’ or ‘difficulty with’ these same items. The keywords are ‘I will’. The metal it attunes to is gold, the color of the Sun. It is light, bright and open with their sentiments. It is/they are the seat of truth. These are the themes we find distributed throughout the fifth chapter of Homer’s Odyssey.
In the fourth chapter the final goal of the journey was to reach ‘home’ and his ‘native land’ (Cancer). In the fifth chapter the more predominate theme is to return to his ‘loved ones’ (Leo).
            Destiny still ordains that he shall see his loved ones . . .
In the fifth chapter even the gods are touched by golden accents.
Artemis is framed in gold . . .
Hermes has golden sandals and a golden rod (his caduceus).
Calypso ran a brocaded golden belt . . .
          . . . the lustrous goddess . . .

                   . . .  the radiant goddess . . .This is a chapter about love, lovemaking, and enticement.

while the nymph slipped on a loose, glistening robe,
filmy, a joy to the eye . . .

            …since the nymph (Calypso) no longer pleased. In the nightstrue,
            he’d sleep with her in the arching cave- he had no choice-
            unwilling lover alongside lover all to willing . . .
But all his days he’d sit on the rocks and beaches
            Wrenching his heart with sobs and groans and anguish,
Gazing out over the barren sea through blinding tears.

Can Leo love often evolve into a one-way street?

      Odysseus pines for Penelope, his true love; not some long term carnal knowledge substitute.

         The ‘lustrous goddess’ becomes the eternal epithet of Calypso. Let’s look at the dictionary definition. Lustrous is radiant, gleaming, shimmering, dazzling, burnished, luminous, polished, sparkling, or dazzling. The lustrous goddess radiates with an inner fire, an inner light of her own. FIXED FIRE attributes abound.The cave where she lives is magnificent.           
            Why, even a deathless god
Who came upon that place would gaze in wonder,

         Heart entranced with pleasure
When Hermes arrives, he is greeted by a roaring element.
            A great fire blazed on the hearth . . .
For the first time in this work even Dawn, at the very beginning of the chapter, arises from the bed of her lover.            As Dawn rose up from bed  by her lordly mate Titonus,            (line 1)
bringing light to  immortal gods and mortal men…

In the first four chapters there are several references to Dawn, but there has been no mention of ‘her lordly mate‘.

It is in this chapter that the will is expressed through commands, the will, will power and even a most sacred oath.

the Almighty insists, commands
. . . Zeus commands you . . .
. . . the commands of Zeus still ringing in her ears . . .
Now I am willingheart and soul, to send you off at last.
Your wish is my command
If only the gods are willing. They rule the vaulted skies . . .

And here is the greatest oath the gods can utter. They are immortal, but if they break this vow they give up their immortality and die like Chiron, by the river Styx, the river of the Underworld.

Earth be my witness now, the vaulting Sky above
And the dark cascading waters of the Styx- I swear
            By the greatest, grimmest oath that binds the happy gods.
I will never plot some new intrigue to harm you.
Never. All I have in mind and devise for you
            Are the very plans I’d fashion for myself
If I were in your straits. My every impulse
Bends to what is right.

In typical Leo fashion, they gage the world by their own personal barometer.

            Not iron, trust me,
The heart within my breast. I am all compassion.”
All that you say is true
Nevertheless I long, I pine all my days-
To travel home and see the dawn of my return…
Even as he spoke
The sun set and the darkness swept the earth.
And now, withdrawing into the cavern’s deep recesses,
            Long in each other’s arms they lost themselves in love.

And then the theme changes and Homer gives us a stellar picture, as was seen by those of his day and Age.

                        . . . now the master mariner steered his craft,
sleep never closing his eyes, forever scanning
the stars, the Pleiades and the Plowman late to set
and the Great Bear that mankind also calls the Wagon:
she wheels on her axis always fixed, watching the Hunter
and she is denied a plunge in the Oceans baths.
Hers were the stars the lustrous goddess told him
To keep hard to port as he cut across the sea.

Except for the Bear getting wet (or not), these are the same constellations we are familiar with today. Sailors had to know how to use the stars, to steer by them, best observed for navigation at night.

Should we be surprised? Various constellations just as we perceive them to this day.

That was 3000 years ago. How long before that were they known of in these forms?

The balance of the chapter deals with Odysseus making it from Calypso’s island in her raft to within sight of Phaeacian shores, his next destination.

Enter Poseidon, stage right. This is the energy of Leo’s detriment, of Saturn in Leo. Odysseus is taking on the hierarchy, of man vs. god. He’s being overpowered by the elements. He is the Earth-shaker.

Poseidon is an apt image for this confrontation.  He is the ruler of the ‘Sea’. For our for-bearers, those who used observational astronomy, the constellations of Capricorn (the Sea-goat with a fishes’ tail), stream of Aquarius, Pisces Australius, Pisces, and Cetus, the Whale were all collectively known of as the ‘Sea’. Poseidon is the over load of all of these raw constellations.

            With that he rammed the clouds together- both hands
clutching his trident- churning the waves into chaos, whipping
all the gales from every quarter, shrouding over in thunderheads
the earth and sea at once- and night swept down from the sky-
East and South Wind clashed and the raging West and North,
sprung from the heavens, roiled heaving breakers up-
and Odysseus’ knees
 (Saturn) quaked, his spirit too;
            numb with fear he spoke to his own great heart (Leo) . . .

           What monstrous clouds-
King Zeus crowning the whole wide heaven black-
churning the seas in chaos, gales blasting,
raging around my head from every quarter-
my death plunge in a flash, it’s certain now!

            Odysseus’ knees (Saturn) quaked and the heart inside him sank

In the final pages, stripped of his raft and approaching the shore he encounters a rock wall that the waves (the rollers) threaten to throw him up on. Even the skin on his fingers (Saturn) is peeled away as he attempts to hang on and not be dashed against the rocks (Saturn).

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Daily Planets- 12/01/2017

Posted on December 1st, 2017 by Don Cerow

December 1-December 7, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 1st Uranus begins and ends our day. Different people are on different paths, expressing their independence. 9:00 PM is charismatic.

Saturday, 2nd Up until 4:30 the day is Void-of-Course, but then things begin to open up and there’s some magic afoot. This is the night leading into the Full Moon, so things are going to be more strongly felt, pro or con. There’s so much celestial juice overnight that it may be difficult to get to sleep.

V/C Moon 7:18 AM-4:21 PM when it enters Gemini

Sunday, 3rd It’s not what we thought. Words of wisdom may throw us for a bit of a loop. Take with a grain of salt all of what is transpiring, because as time goes by we have a better understanding of what is and isn’t real. Just not today.

Monday, 4th Early afternoon sees differing points of view. It may take some effort in getting others to keep in step. Late morning is some of the best energy of the day.

V/C Moon 2:13 PM-3:37 PM when it enters Cancer

Tuesday, 5thMid-morning is insightful and intuitive. Make use of your wanderings and put 11:00 AM into gear. Later day projects take longer than anticipated, so prioritize your efforts, putting what is most important first, etc.

Wednesday, 6th–  After a slow start this morning, the later morning and afternoon begin to see some real progress. Take a break between 1:00 and 3:30 PM. Early afternoon things really begin to slow down.

V/C Moon 12:56 PM-3:37 PM when it enters Leo

Thursday, 7thNoon is hectic as we try to keep up with ourselves. After 3:30 we begin to feel much better, which lasts up until about 9:00 PM.


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 11/24/17

Posted on November 23rd, 2017 by Don Cerow

November 24-November 30, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 24th We’re very focused through the morning, but a little stretched into the evening. Try not to extend or over commit yourself. Through the afternoon and evening we feel pretty good.

Saturday, 25th There are some excellent ideas bouncing around this morning, and we feel like acting on them. Latter afternoon and into the evening runs really well. Between 4:00 and 7:00 PM we replay some of our early morning originality, going back over some of its best components. Work that furrow.

V/C Moon 9:37 PM-3:04 AM (Sunday) when it enters Pisces

Sunday, 26th We’re sensitive to our surroundings today with the Pisces Moon. The mood is fairly pleasent through the evening, but the later into the evening (and morning) we go, things start to get a little shaky. People are strange.

Monday, 27th We’re not at peace this morning as changes tend to throw us for a bit of a loop. By late morning the mood improves and we see some progress. Things are going to take longer or are more aggravated on either side of midnight.

Tuesday, 28thThings take longer between 6:00 and 8:00 this morning. We feel a little drained or tired through the late afternoon. Take a nap. The pace settles and is even fun through midnight.

V/C Moon 7:09 AM-11:30 AM when it enters Aries

Wednesday, 29th–  There’s a burr under our saddle through the early evening. Bad habits are knocking at our door. There could be areas that cost you, both around 6:00 tonight and through noon tomorrow, but we’re more likely to put tomorrow’s energy to good use.

Thursday, 30thA very focused day with a high level of concentration. For the usual reasons, get anything really important done (or even daily tasks) prior to 1:30 PM when you know what will happen. We should have a head of steam up from around 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM. Make good use of it.

V/C Moon 1:37 PM-3:38 PM when it enters Taurus


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on November 19th, 2017 by Don Cerow


We’re up to our fourth chapter of Homer which correlates to the fourth sign of the zodiac, Cancer. Ruled by the Moon, this is a Cardinal Water sign that deals with the feminine, home, family, silver, womb and birth, bath, beds, sleep and things nautical.

And then, there’s always food. As a water sign, their emotions flow. They cry a lot.

In the category under women in this chapter alone we have various associations that wrap their arms around the feminine as daughter, bride, maid, housekeeper, queen, Aphrodite, Helen, Artemis, wife, shameless whore, a train of women, a woman of Egypt, Trojan women, serving women . . .  and that’s only from the first ten out of 36 pages of the Robert Fagles translation.

But these are simply vocabulary words, words alone. Let’s read the verses as Homer wrote them (translation aside) and jump back into the lyrics themselves.

But God himself, jealous of all this no doubt,

            robbed that unlucky man, him and him alone,

            of the day of his return.”

                                                             So Menelaus mused

            and stirred in them all a deep desire to grieve

            Helen of Argos, daughter of Zeus, dissolved in tears.

            Telemachus wept too, and so did Atreus’ son Menelaus.

            Nor could Nestor’s son Pisistratus stay dry-eyed,

            remembering now his gallant brother Antilochus,

            cut down by Memnon, splendid son of the Morning . . .

Four grown individuals, three men and a woman, moved to a puddle of tears by their grief stricken memories.

Water, water everywhere, but not a drop to drink. At least, not in these lines.

And here another example of grief, tears and memories being emphasized in this chapter.

                                                            And still,

            much as I weep for all my men, grieving sorely,

            time and again, sitting here in these royal halls,

            now indulging myself in tears, now brushing tears away

            the grief that numbs the spirit guts us quickly-

            for none of all those comrades, pained as I am,

            do I grieve as much for one . . .

            that man who makes sleep hateful, even food,

            as I pour over his memory. No one, not in Achaean,

            labored hard as Odysseus labored or achieved so much.

            And how did his struggles end? In suffering for that man;

            for me, in relentless, heartbreaking grief for him,

            lost and gone so long now- dead or alive, who knows?

            How they much mourn him too, Laertes, the old man,

            and self-possessed Penelope. Telemachus as well,

            the boy he left a babe in arms at home.”

Here’s some earlier lines that invoke a number of our lunar/Cancerian images. Telemachus and his buddy Pisistratus have just arrived at the palace (home) of Menelaus and his lovely wife Helen, the pearl of women, the one over whom the entire war had been fought. Here the focus is home and food, but it is not limited to that.

                        Both struck by the sight, 

            they marveled up and down the house of the warlord dear to Zeus-

            a radiance strong as the moon or rising sun came flooding 

            through the high-roofed halls of illustrious Menelaus. 

            Once they’d feasted their eyes with gazing at it all,

            into the burnished tubs they climbed and bathed

            When women had washed them, rubbed them down with oil

            they took up seats of honor next to Atrides Menelaus. 

            A maid brought water soon in a graceful golden pitcher

            and over a silver basin tipped it out

            so that they might rinse their hands,

            then pulled a gleaming table to their side. 

            A staid housekeeper brought on bread to serve them,

            appetizers aplenty too, lavish with bounty.

            As a carver lifted platters of meat toward them, 

            meats of every sort, and set before them golden cups,

            the red-haired king Menelaus greeted both guests warmly:

            “Help yourselves to food, and welcome!

It is in this chapter that Odysseus must wrestle with the “Old Man of the

Sea” in order to obtain the information needed to get off the island he is landlocked          on. Once again, we find tears:

            So Proteus (the Old Man of the Sea) said, and his story crushed my heart. 

            I knelt down in the sand and wept. I’d no desire 

            to go on living and see the rising light of day. 

            But once I’d had my fill of tears and writhing there,

            the Old Man of the Sea who never lies continued,

            ‘No more now, now Menelaus. How long must you weep?

            Withering tears, what good can come of tears?

            None I know of. Strive instead to return

            to your native country– hurry home at once!

And once more we have a veil of tears at the end of the chapter, when the wife of Odysseus learns that her son had set out for distant lands, to catch some news of his long lost father.

Down she sank on her well built chamber’s floor,

            weeping, pitifully, as the women whimpered around her,

            all the women, young and old, who served her house.

            Penelope, sobbing uncontrollably, cried out to them . . .

And then later, after exhaustion finally overwhelms her:

 Harried so she was, when a deep sleep overcame her,

             back she sank and slept, her limbs fell limp and still.

           And again the bright-eyed goddess Pallas thought

of one more way to help. She made a phantom now,

            its build like a woman’s build, Iphthime’s, yes,

            another daughter of generous Lord Icarius,

            Eumelus’ bride, who made her home in Pherae.

            Athena sped her on to King Odysseus’ house

            to spare Penelope, worn with pain and sobbing,

            further spells of grief and storms of tears.

            The phantom entered her bedroom,

            passing quickly in through the doorbolt slit

            and hovering at her head she rose and spoke now 

            “Sleeping Penelope, your heart so wrung with sorrow?

            No need, I tell you, no, the gods who live at ease

            can’t bear to let you weep and rack your spirit

            Your son will still come home– it is decreed. 

            He’s never wronged the gods in any way.”. .

            And Penelope murmured back, still cautious,

            drifting softly now at the gate of dreams . . .

            You tell me to lay to rest the grief and tears

            that overwhelm me now, torment me, heart and soul? . . .

            “Courage!” the shadowy phantom reassured her.

            “Don’t be overwhelmed by all your direst fears.

            He travels with such an escort, one that others

            would pray to stand beside them. She has power-

            Pallas Athena. She pities you in your tears

            She wings me here to tell you all these things.” . . .

                                                                  At that

            she glided off by the doorpost past the bolt-

            gone on a lifting breeze. Icarius’ daughter

            started up from sleep, her spirit warmed now

            that a dream so clear had come to her in darkest night

Silvery ghosts to the rescue!

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Daily Planets- 11/17/17

Posted on November 16th, 2017 by Don Cerow

November 17-November 23, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 17th Things take a hard right turn this morning. Use your own ideas as to how to put it right. We head into late lunar cycle tonight. Get some rest after the Sun goes down.

Saturday, 18th The New Moon is early this morning, but wait until Monday (Moon Day) to start anything new. We float until 2:00 today, but people are libel to get angry about things late afternoon and early tomorrow morning.

V/C Moon 6:42 A-1:59 PM when it enters Sagittarius

Sunday, 19th A little after 7:00 this morning Mars squares Pluto. Deep seated anger is likely to be stirred. There could be loss, breakage or simple some very old memories being stirred which sets us off. Avoid impulse and be careful in dealing with loved ones. The more you want to the more you shouldn’t. Late afternoon and into the evening is OK.

Monday, 20th We’re chatty this morning. Early afternoon is full. Later afternoon (4:30ish) is some of the best. Finish projects by 7:30 PM in time for the Void-of-Course Moon.

V/C Moon 7:26 PM-2:14 AM (Tuesday) when it enters Capricorn

Tuesday, 21stThis is a quieter day that runs along more smoothly than most we’ve seen recently. There are mild attractions, or satisfactions, that go with the earlier morning. We move into a particularly pleasant evening tonight.

Wednesday, 22nd–  Neptune’s pivot this morning may challenge our beliefs. The Earth shaker is disturbed and stirred from his slumber. The afternoon stirs the embers of our passions into a flickering flame, but don’t jump too quickly before assessing the situation.

Thursday, 23rdThe morning should be very relaxed, as is the first half of the afternoon. The evening is fun, creative and social, depending on what you want to do with it, particularly between 6:00 and 9:00 PM. Early or late,

V/C Moon 5:33 AM-3:14 PM when it enters Aquarius


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 11/10/17

Posted on November 9th, 2017 by Don Cerow

November 10-November 16, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 10th Conversation this morning is pleasant, early afternoon is under the table (count your change), and later evening is socially excellent.

Saturday, 11th Take it easy during the morning under the V/C Moon, and then get ready to uncover a gem through the rest of the day. There is a magnetism that pulls us in after lunch, and then continues into the later evening.

V/C Moon 3:55 AM-11:41 AM when it enters Virgo

Sunday, 12th We’re organized and health conscious through a good portion of the day. Put your plans into action late morning. Later into the evening we begin to feel a nervous system buzz. Communicational wires may crossed.

Monday, 13th We’re thrown a shift in gears mid-morning that ways on us, but by early afternoon have turned it around and made some good use of our time, even if it’s only cleaning up.

V/C Moon 10:45 AM-6:26 when it enters Libra

Tuesday, 14thThe morning is pleasant, later afternoon is worn out. Give yourself some space. We feel energized after 9:00 PM. Passions may flow.

Wednesday, 15th–  Most of the activity runs through the afternoon. For the most part we’re doing really well. Finish up projects by 8:00 PM and cut yourself some slack. Getting to bed earlier than usual may pay dividends.

V/C Moon 7:50 PM-3:19 AM (Thursday) when it enters Scorpio

Thursday, 16thAs we head into mid-morning the energy feels really good. We’re relaxed and at peace with the world. Look for the silver lining in the events all around you. Early afternoon and early evening are very pleasant for different reasons.



Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on November 4th, 2017 by Don Cerow

Gemini is the third sign of the Zodiac. Ruled by Mercury, it is a Mutable AIR sign which deals with the intellect and nervous systems. This is the sign of duality as represented by the Twins, brothers and sibling. They’re clever and precocious. If you know the myth about Hermes birth, it highlights his creativity on his very first day of life, and of how quickly he becomes bored with each.

The Mind is the center of thought and communication, of strategy and a way with words. In our first selection here, we follow lines which demonstrate articulate expression, of two as one. In these verses wise old Nestor the noble charioteer tells what he remembered about his relationship to Odysseus.

Nine years we wove a web of disaster* for those Trojans,
pressing them hard with every tactic known to man,
and only after we slaved did Zeus award us victory.
And no one there could hope to rival Odysseus,
Not for his sheer cunning
at every twist of strategy he excelled us all.
Your father, yes, if you are in fact his son…
I look at you and a sense of wonder takes me.
Your way with words– it’s just like his- I’d swear
no youngster could every speak like you, so apt, so telling.
As long as I and great Odysseus soldiered there,
never once did we speak out at odds,
neither in open muster nor in royal council:
forever one in mind, in judgment balanced, shrewd,
we mapped our armies’ plans so that things might turn out best.
(lines 131-145)

[*Etymology. The word disaster is derived from Middle French désastre and that from Old Italian disastro, which in turn comes from the Ancient Greek pejorative prefix δυσ-, (dus-) “bad” and ἀστήρ (aster), “star”.]

That’s the high road, when two see as one, forever one in mind. But then Homer immediately flips the coin and illustrates the alternative side, of when two brothers (Gemini) go the low road and make erroneous choices. Of course in this case, the ‘road’ represents the maritime journey home and the plans involved to get there.

Eyes afire,
Athena set them feuding, Atreus’ two sons
They summoned all the Achaean ranks to muster,
rashly, just at sunset- no hour to rally troops-
and in they straggled, sodden with wine, our heroes.
The brothers harangued themtold them why they’d met:
a crisis- Menelaus urging the men to fix their minds
on the voyage home across the sea’s broad back,
but it brought no joy to Agamemnon, not at all.
He meant to detain us there and offer victims,
anything to appease Athena’s dreadful wrath-
poor fool, he never dreamed Athena would not comply.
The minds of the everlasting gods don’t change so quickly.
So the two of them stood there, wrangling back and forth
till the armies sprang up, their armor clashing, ungodly uproar-
two plans split the ranks. That night we barely slept,
seething with hard feelings against our own comrades,
for Zeus was brooding over us, poised to seal our doom…
At dawn, half of us hauled our vessels down to the sea,
we stowed our plunder, our stashed and lovely women.
But half the men held back, camped on the beech,
Waiting it out for Agamemnon’s next commands

(lines 151-172)

Under the banner of communication flow the following lines-

“Telemachus. . . this is not the time.                                     (line 16)
We sailed the seas for this, for news of your father. . .
Press him yourself to tell the whole truth:
he’ll never lie– the man is far too wise.”

The prince repliedwise in his own way too,                     (line 23)
“How can I greet him, Mentor, even approach the king?
I’m hardly adept at subtle conversation.
Someone my age might feel shy, what’s more,
interrogating an older man.”

Telemachus,”                                                          (line 27)
the bright-eyed goddess Athena reassured him,
some of the words you’ll find within yourself,
the rest some power will inspire you to say,

Of course there are other Mercurial images that may be found here, clues to a cosmic puzzle. We’ve looked at various shades of speech, from ignorance to truth, subtle in its design, but there are many others. Hands are among the parts of the body ruled by Gemini (as are arms, lungs and the nervous systems), and we see this theme early in the chapter,

” . . . grasped their hands and sat them down at the feast . . .”      (line 41)

” . . . all according to custom- hand this cup . . .                               (line 51)

” . . . Pisistratus placed in her hand the cup of mellow wine . . . ”      (line 58)

” . . . She offered the rich two-handled cup to Telemachus,                (line 71)
Odysseus’ son, who echoed back her prayer word for word.”

” . . . weather he went down on land at enemy hands . . .”              (line 100)

Throughout this chapter, Nestor is referred to twelve times as the noble chariot driver. It is hammered home. In the ancient world a chariot was your car or vehicle for getting around from town to town. He is an intelligent man who makes correct choices. These horses are bred and paired (2) to run all day long.

Nestor the noble chariot-driver issued orders;
“Hurry, my boys! Bring Telemachus horses:
a good full maned team-
hitch them to a chariot- he must be off at once.”

They listened closely, snapped to his commands . . .” 

As the ruler of roads the symbolism of Hermes (Mercury) is brought to light (or it’s lack) in the final two paragraphs, and indeed in the last lingering line of chapter three. In the penultimate paragraph it leads,

“The sun sank and the roads of the world grew dark . . .”        (line 546)

And then in the ultimate paragraph and final line we hear it again:

. . . as the sun sank and the roads of the world grew dark.”              (line 557)

A Mercurial image as it fades from view, twice repeated, twice repeated.

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Daily Planets- 11/03/17

Posted on November 2nd, 2017 by Don Cerow

November 3-November 9, 2017

EST begins 2:00 AM Nov. 5 2017.

Friday, 3rd We can get some things done in the morning, and are content as we head into mid-afternoon. We bring what we imagine into focus. Things may not move as fast as we’d like around 6:00 PM and the pressure grows as we head into midnight.

The V/C Moon ends at 5:46 AM when it enters Taurus

Saturday, 4th The Full Moon was early this morning. Many found it hard to sleep last night, but our focus is excellent as we head into 10:00 AM. Don’t forget to fall back tomorrow morning. It’s time to set your seasonal clocks.

Sunday, 5th The Gemini Moon finds us chatty and curious this morning, with an extra charge kicking in as Mercury enters Sagittarius before 3:00 PM. Our wisdom is spread a little thin. We don’t know as much as we pretend to. 8:00 PM is good, while midnight is uncertain.

V/C Moon 4:28 AM-5:26 AM when it enters Gemini

Monday, 6th Nervous energy is a little stronger than usual today. You might want to hold off from that additional cup of coffee. If you focus the energy we can get quite a few projects done, but many will simply choose to jabber.

Tuesday, 7thMid-afternoon into the early evening feels really good . We’re energized and excited. Don’t jump the gun around 10:00 PM, while midnight allows us some real peace.

V/C Moon 5:39 AM-5:44 AM when it enters Cancer

Wednesday, 8th–  We can get some of our own things done before 9:00 this morning, but see things from a different point of view around 10:00 PM. Finish projects before 10:00 tonight, and be in bed before midnight.

Thursday, 9thWe miss the point early evening. We feel drained, as though our get up and go got up and went. 5:30 PM is the last shot at clarity, so don’t be surprised if people don’t ‘get’ what you’re doing.

V/C Moon 0:14 AM-7:29 AM when it enters Leo


Don can be contacted via email at or by phone at 413 219-4214. If you would like to schedule an appointment to answer questions about relationships or current events, give us a call and we’ll set something up. All appointments are recorded for your later referral.

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Daily Planets- 10/27/17

Posted on October 27th, 2017 by Don Cerow

October 27-November 2, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 27th We’re a little fuzzy as we get up this morning, but things really start to kick into gear mid-afternoon. We’re not in agreement from about 8:30 to 11:30 PM, but start to work things out by midnight.

V/C Moon 1:22 AM-8:59 AM when it enters Aquarius

Saturday, 28th An emotionally charged day when people move from an early morning restlessness to an early afternoon magic for those that can see the potential. From 8:00 to 9:00 PM is the social best.

Sunday, 29th We’re running to keep up late morning, but feel satisfied with our efforts around noon. Take a break until 8:00 PM. Emotions run deep leading into midnight.

V/C Moon 12:22 PM-7:46 PM when it enters Pisces

Monday, 30th Early morning is best, leading into 10:00 AM. Between 4:00 and 5:00 PM would be a good time to get away and commune with nature (you remember nature) as we’re sensitive to our environment and all that is in it.

Tuesday, 31stWe figure things out early afternoon, getting a hold of those who have the information. The veil begins to drop around 6:00 PM and there’s both magic and mystery leading into midnight for those who have the imagination to see it.

V/C Moon 5:08 PM-2:43 AM (Wednesday) when it enters Aries

Wednesday, 1st–  We’re busy through the morning, but start to feel last night’s fatigue kicking in around 6:00 PM. Mid to late evening is the most pronounced. Past midnight is good.

Thursday, 2ndToday’s turn of events tends to throw us for a loop, bringing back old issues from out of our youth. People say things that come from out of left field. Choices could be erroneous, mistakes costly. This one is strong and runs deep. Take it easy man.

V/C Moon 11:03 PM-5:46 AM when it enters Taurus


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on October 19th, 2017 by Don Cerow



            So, we will devour your worldly goods and wealth
            as long as she holds out, holds to that course
the gods have chartered deep inside her heart.
Great renown she wins for herself, no doubt,
great loss for you in treasure.

These lines capture some of essential theme of chapter two of Homer’s Odyssey. The second constellation of the zodiac is Taurus, a Fixed Earth archetype, ruled by the planet Venus. The ‘Fixed Earth’ connotation implies long term material acquisition. It also implies, as seen in the lines above, that Penelope is stubbornly resisting giving up on Odysseus, believing that he will one day come home, even after twenty years of patience.

But it is essentially one’s personal treasures that is focused on in this chapter, whether it be one’s clothing and collectibles, or the stocks that one lays up in their storehouse or ship’s hole. A well honed sword flung over the shoulder (the part of the body ruled by Taurus), rawhide sandals (made from the skin of the cow), a bronze spear, with two sleek hounds at his heels make this an auspicious beginning for the chapter.

As Homer puts it, Telemachus, the son of Odysseus, is handsome as a god (Venus).

And all this just from the first page of chapter two.

Of course, most of these treasures come into the spotlight because the suitors are consuming them at an alarming rate. Here are a few clips:

…they butcher our cattle, our sheep, our fat-goats
feasting themselves sick
all of it squandered.

Rich or poor, accumulation or squandered, it’s all a gage of $. In the classical world, the Beautiful Bovine, and of how many you had, was one principle way to measure this wealth.

…and all our worldly goods in the bargain…

If you were devouring my treasure, all my cattle…

…yes, if a man of such wealth should lie in state…

Devour your own possessions…

Essentially the value of our metaphorical coin.

And you, old man, we’ll clap some fine on you
you’ll weep to pay, a fine to crush your spirit!

In effect, we’re going to take some of your personal fortune.

The prince’s wealth will be devoured as always,
mercilessly- no reparations ever…

they lay their lives on the line when they consume
Odysseus’ worldly goods.

What a bore! He’d double our work for us,
splitting up his goods, parceling out his house…

…her care, her vigilance, guarding all those treasures…

Kill you by guile,
they will, and carve your birthright up in pieces.

Your treasure. And then there’s all the leather laden clothing, stores and equipment. We’ve already been introduced to the rawhide sandals Telemachus wears upon his feet…

But get your rations ready,
pack them all in vessels, the wine in jars,
and barley-meal- the marrow of men’s bones-
in durable skins

Pour me barley in well-stitched leather bags…

…and poured barley in well-stitched leather bags.

They sprang to orders,
hoisting the pinewood mast, they stepped it firm
in its block amidships, lashed it fast with stays
and with braided rawhide halyards hauled the white sail high.

What a wonderful way to learn astrology! Each chapter is laced with the images of the archetype inherent under that constellation. It is very easy to get lost in the story-line, missing all the clues that are at work.

There are other themes as well, that we have not mentioned as in the dowry (…her kin will arrange the wedding, provide the gifts, the array that goes with a daughter dearly loved…), of all the food and wine stored in Odysseus’ home (…but Telemachus headed down to his father’s storeroom, broad and vaulted, piled high with gold and bronze, chests packed with clothing, vats of redolent oil. And there, standing in close ranks against the wall, were jars of seasoned, mellow wine, holding the drink unmixed inside them, fit for a god…) of the peace and serenity that comes from the enjoyment of life (…how could I dine with you in peace, and take my pleasure?), and of the power of Venus locked up in the ‘bevies of brides,’ etc.

This chapter is rich with imagery.

All this, in just one chapter out of 24, represents a three thousand year old time capsule waiting to be opened, to learn about what little has changed, and of how life was viewed before the Age of Technology and the influence of the Bible.

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Daily Planets- 10/20/17

Posted on October 19th, 2017 by Don Cerow

October 20-October 26, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 20th We’re very focused this morning and get right down to the essence of things. After 6:30 PM is very nice, at least up until about 10:30 PM.

Saturday, 21st A quiet day, celestially speaking. Whatever we put our efforts to seems to work fairly well. The Scorpio Moon helps us to stay on top of things, or perhaps the bottom of things, if you know what I mean.

Sunday, 22nd Mars enters Libra today, which suggests that people want to push their own sense of fair play on others. Along about 3:00 PM we’re not real interested in their set of standards.

V/C Moon 7:35 AM-7:57 AM when it enters Sagittarius

Monday, 23rd After 8:00 this morning is excellent for physical tasks. Late morning there’s some disagreement, while around 4:00 PM we don’t really grok where others are coming from (what planet did you say you were from?). There’s a better sense of proportion along about 6:00 to 7:30 PM.

Tuesday, 24thGet it done in the morning. Enjoy the afternoon. Feel awake as we approach midnight. Initiate not important tasks through the afternoon for the usual reasons.

V/C Moon 12:44 PM-8:12 PM when it enters Capricorn

Wednesday, 25th–  From start to finish, a nice day when we tend to get along better with the establishment.

Thursday, 26thThe best day of the week, culminating a little after lunchtime. We feel optimistic, are happy about life, and find a little more passion in what it is that we do. Powerful events are being outline in the media, and there could be some deep discoveries being made in the outside world.


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 10/13/17

Posted on October 12th, 2017 by Don Cerow

October 13-October 19, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 13th We’re surprised by what we learn this morning and it may throw us for a bit of a loop. We’re pushing to get things done by 10:00 PM, and feel a little restless after midnight.

V/C Moon 0:00 AM-2:41 AM when it enters Leo

Saturday, 14th We’re taking an opposing point of view as we get up and going today. The information being offered late morning may not be right on the mark and could produce some interpersonal controversy. Noon is nice, late afternoon fun and 7:00 PM productive.

Sunday, 15th We’re focused on health, nutrition and organization and are able to get quite a bit accomplished through the afternoon. Tidying up works well. Those up after midnight enjoy.

V/C Moon 1:27 AM-7:19 AM when it enters Virgo

Monday, 16th Yesterday’s efficiency carries through to today, growing strongest around 1:00 PM. Be careful as the day winds down as we could make some serious mistakes due to fatigue. We’re exhausted, which leads to some potentially serious miscalculations both late today and with tomorrow’s dawn.

Tuesday, 17thThe early morning is radical, but after the disruption we settle down into the early afternoon to some fairly pleasant vibes. We get along with one another through the afternoon and particularly enjoy the social setting of 9:00 and 10:00 PM.

V/C Moon 7:27 AM-1:35 PM when it enters Libra

Wednesday, 18th–  We’re winding down with the late lunar energy but are still able to finish off  larger projects into the evening. Some are particularly chatty tonight.

Thursday, 19thWe’re tuned into our differences this afternoon and don’t feel as though we can get things sparked through the latter afternoon and into the evening.

V/C Moon 3:12 PM-9:41 PM when it enters Scorpio


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 10/06/17

Posted on October 6th, 2017 by Don Cerow

October 6-October 12, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 6th We forget or miss things throughout the latter morning and mid afternoon. Significant developments begin to take place through the course of this weekend, developments that shake our world view. Today and tomorrow are most powerfully impacted.

V/C Moon 6:38 PM-7:56 PM when it enters Taurus

Saturday, 7th The herald of our new world order, Uranus, semi-squares Neptune and contraparallels Pluto. These outer planets represent the roots of our foundations, what we believe in in life, many of which we deem to be unquestionable. Faith is being challenged in fundamental ways.

Sunday, 8th Between 7:00 and 9:30 AM our favorites fall out of favor, but after that the mood seems to lift somewhat and we’re doing much better. Late night could find us seeing the same thing from different points of view. This accelerates with tomorrow’s morning light.

V/C Moon 9:45 AM-9:44 PM when it enters Gemini

Monday, 9th There could be financial hits between 8:00 and 9:00 this morning, but we feel a little better and tend to look at the bright side by noon. Between 6:00 and 9:00 PM actions could be difficult to dangerous. Confrontations could be costly. Slow down and consider carefully what you are being offered.

Tuesday, 10thThe reverberations of the last couple of days continue to be felt, especially so late morning. Late afternoon also has a bit of an edge, but midnight lifts our spirits somewhat.

V/C Moon 6:24 PM-11:38 PM when it enters Cancer

Wednesday, 11th–  Mid-morning and late afternoon slow us down and change what we hoped would not be changed. After 5:30 PM though we get a break that lasts right through midnight. We feel more better.

Thursday, 12thWe return to a more normal state of affairs today with the lows not as low nor the highs as high. Some of the hard work of early afternoon yields fruit for those working past 10:00 PM


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on October 5th, 2017 by Don Cerow

            GOLDEN TREADS


In a mix of metaphors, we are to set out once again in a Herculean task as we examine in close detail Homer’s epic work, the Odyssey. Like its predecessor the Iliad, it is a work composed of 24 chapters which is, in essence, an astrological primer for students of the stars. It requires a basic understanding of some of the elements of the stellar science, but once grasped, the pattern jumps out at you as the Greeks studied their notions of divinity and recorded them in this work.

The pattern is incredibly simple. The 24 chapters represent the 12 signs of the zodiac examined twice. Chapters one through twelve represent Aries through Pisces, and then chapters thirteen through twenty four repeat the pattern, with Aries logging in as chapter 13, Taurus chapter 14, etc.

Astrology is a system of symbolism, with its archetypes crafted as repositories of information. Each of these images can open the door to a host of avenues in a fascinating weave of colors and textures that capture a tapestry of mythological themes, opening them into a far deeper understanding of life in its various guises. It is a three thousand year old time capsule giving us images from life in the past.

In our presentation, chapter one represents Aries, the sign (and at the time the Odyssey was composed) and constellation of the Ram. The ruler of Aries is MARS, the ancient and modern symbol of MAN, in all his manly attributes, both high and low. The Sun has archaeologically been represented as the ‘planet’ who was in its exaltation in this sign.

On the flip side, Venus, the ruler of the opposite sign Libra, is thought to be in its detriment in Aries, being as far from its home base as it can be in the zodiacal circle. It is therefore debilitated, weakened, and not thought to be in such a good position in Aries. Finally, Saturn, for the same reason, is in its exaltation in Libra, and is as far from that strength as it can be in Aries and is therefore thought to be in its fall.

That’s it. Mars and the Sun are in their strengths and do well in this position, while Venus and Saturn do not do well in this position and are therefore downgraded in their roles.

Now, let’s begin by looking at the obvious. At this time, the constellation Aries stood at the beginning of the zodiac as was therefore in a position of strength. It’s ruler Mars leaps out as us as a paragon of manly virtues, but these will be contrasted by male ne’r-do-wells throughout the chapter. So for MARS there are those who experience their MANLY virtues in a positive manner, and those who do not demonstrate these qualities well. Pictured above is, to the Greek mind, the ideal MAN, Odysseus.

Line one, book one:

            Sing to me of the MAN, Muse, the MAN of twists and turns. . .

His son Telemachus laments later…

            “Would to god I’d been the son of a HAPPY MAN.”. .

As the archetype of MALE energy, it is the patriarchal line that rules. There’s the MAN, the MAN’s FATHER, and the MAN’s SON, in this case Telemachus as the SON of Odysseus. The book catches this youth as he leaves boyhood behind and becomes a MAN. . .

            You must not cling to your boyhood any longer-

            It’s time you were a MAN. Haven’t you heard

            what GLORY Prince Orestes won throughout the world

            when he killed that cunning, murderous Aegisthus,

            who killed his FAMOUS FATHER?. . 

It would seem that for the Greeks, justifiable homicide was a rite of passage into MANHOOD. In lines that will get me into trouble with a number of my women friends, the following is an example of how the MALE gender lords it over the FEMALE in the cultures of this time.  . .

            Suddenly dissolving in tears and busting through

            the bard’s inspired voice, she cried out, “Phemius! . .

                        break off these words,

            the unendurable song that always RENDS THE HEART inside me…

            the unforgettable grief, it wounds me most of all! . .

This is an example of the debilitated state of Venus. The bard is there singing for the suitors, but against his will. This image sets the stage for the MALE response, to which Telemachus replies: . .

            Why fault the bard if he sings the Argives’ harsh fate?

            It’s always the latest song, the one that echoes last

            in the listeners’ ears, that people praise the most. 

            Courage, mother. Harden your HEART, and listen.

            Odysseus was scarcely THE ONLY ONE, you know. . . 

                        So, mother,

            go back to your quarters. Tend to your own tasks…

                        As for giving orders, 

            MEN will see to that, but I most of all:

            I hold the reins of power in this house.”. . 

This is a demonstration of Telemachus coming into his MANHOOD and demonstrating his new-found strength to his mother. She sees it too. . .

                        She took to HEART

            the clear good sense in what her SON had said. . .

And at this point we should bring in another example, of that of the role of the Sun’s exaltation in Aries, the Sun being the planet most often associated with the HEART and its love and affection. We’ve already seen a few examples, but there are many more in this first chapter. . .

      But one MAN alone, his HEART set on his wife . . .

      Athena says:  “But my HEART breaks for Odysseus…

      far from his loved ones . . .

                        Olympian Zeus

      have you no care for him in your lofty HEART? . .

Prince Telemachus, his… HEART obsessed with grief…

                  Nor do I rack my HEART and grieve for him alone . . .

Take my words to HEART, call the gods to witness…

reach down deep in your HEART and SOUL

            for a way to kill these suitors in your house…

The Sun is the planet associated with the color GOLD, and here in its exaltation we see a number of HEART felt threads coming to the surface of our, or more precisely, Homer’s, tapestry. Repetition is one of the ways in which Homer used symbolism to illustrate a particular celestial theme, as seen here. Of course there are other threads related to our constellation that make themselves known throughout this chapter. Although it does not make an appearance in this episode, Athena was born from the head of Zeus (the sky), the part of the body ruled by Aries. As in the Iliad, Athena’s influence is strong in both of these first chapters, shaping the destiny of those involved, influencing the design of things to come. In the Odyssey Athena raises Telemachus’s spunk, rousing his son to a ‘braver pitch’ inspiring his HEART with COURAGE. GREAT FAME is also there, so that they might be remembered for generations to come.

All of these are powerful Arian traits.

The royal line is represented by the FIRE energy of ARIES, of those who are distinctive, set apart and special in a physical way. Winners might be one way of looking at it, and winners were part of a divine right. The strong right arm of God and martial force go hand in hand with what we are seeing here.

            It’s really not so bad to be a KING. All at once

            your PALACE grows in wealth, your HONORS as well.

            But there are hosts of other Achaean PRINCES, look-

            young and old, crowds of them on our island here-

            and any one of the lot might hold the throne . . .

            But I’ll be lord of my own house and servants,

            all that King Odysseus WON for me by FORCE.”

The flip side to these noble themes (if you consider murdering people in your own home as noble) is contrasted by the suitors feeding off the fat of the land, so to speak; lazy good for nothing princes who only know how to party.

            Look at them over there. Not a care in the world,

            just lyres and tunes! Easy for them all right,

           they feed on another’s goods and go scot-free…

            How obscenely they lounge and swagger here, look, 

            gorging in your house. Why, any MAN of sense 

           who chanced among them would be outraged,

           seeing such behavior.”

Here’s our honorable MAN again.

To be able to reach to the pinnacle of one’s abilities could put one on a level with the gods. They work through us and can assume the guise of many different individuals because at different times, these themes could work through any of us.

After a visit from Athena, Telemachus can feel the difference as some of these heavenly qualities begin to flow through him.

            He felt his senses quicken, over whelmed with wonder—

            this was a GOD, he knew it well and made at once

           for the suitors, a MAN like a god himself… 

            What a fine thing it is

            to listen to such a bard as we have here—

            the MAN sings like a GOD.

            And no mean MAN, not by the looks of him, I’d say.”

And once again, Athena’s spirit flows through Telemachus as he follows her advice.

            …amazed the PRINCE could speak with SO MUCH DARING. 

            “Well, Telemachus, ONLY THE GODS could teach you

             to sound so high and mighty! Such brave talk!

Aries represents many strong and dynamic themes that, according to the ancients, played out better through MEN than through women. Venus in Aries can represent strong, beautiful and dynamic women, but there’s no real love there, at least not for the MAN.

Calypso, the bewitching nymph, the lustrous goddess, held him back…

            craving him for a husband.

She wants it, but he’s not so interested.

As for Saturn’s fall in Aries, the entire book opens in a depressed manor. Our hero’s domicile is under siege from the local suitors, being eaten out of house and home, Odysseus is lost at sea, far from the ones he loves as the sands in the hourglass slowly slip away. Time is moving on, and it has been twenty years since he left at the head of ships bound for Troy, leaving his wife in tears and his son a tender young infant.

In one of the down sides for the male gender, Aries energy works on a short fuse. Their energized Chi causes them to jump into situations even when they are advised not to, but do anyway. It is their own fool HEARTiness that gets them into trouble.

But he (Odysseus) could not save them from disaster, hard as he strove-

            the recklessness of their own ways destroyed them all, the blind fools…

And from that comes this: Zeus says,

            ”Ah how shameless- the way these mortals blame the gods.

            From us alone, they say, come all their miseries, yes, 

            but they themselves, with their own reckless ways, 

            compound their pains beyond their proper share.”

And on a final note, the chapter ends with an Aries image, that of a Ram itself. From the last two lines of chapter one:

            There all night long, wrapped in a


            he weighed in his mind the course Athena charted. 

I’d call that a wrap.


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Daily Planets- 09/29/17

Posted on September 28th, 2017 by Don Cerow

September 29-October 5, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 29th Some will focus on either what they don’t have, or what their partner is not coming through with. The zone is fairly tender from 6:00 PM until midnight.

V/C Moon 8:13 PM-0:40 AM when it enters Aquarius

Saturday, 30th Don’t be excessive with your affections this morning, whether people, places or food. From 3:30 until 9:00 tonight is really quite nice. Love the one you’re with. Some continue to work on their obligations well into the evening. Creative juices begin to flow.

Sunday, 1st We are able to strategically employ our energy to good use today, especially as we head into the afternoon and early evening. We are drawn to people in a vibe that will run through Tuesday.

Monday, 2nd We would like to have some of our own down time today, but things are busy and it’s not easy to carve out a niche. We’re most efficient around 6:00 or 6:30, and things get a little agitated into the evening.

V/C Moon 7:13 AM-10:26 AM when it enters Pisces

Tuesday, 3rdMid-afternoon is excellent, and early evening ain’t too bad neither. Sunday’s infatuations come back into focus through these times. For the usual reasons, get what’s important done today as the pieces will be slip sliden around tomorrow.

Wednesday, 4th–  Relax and float with the stream through 4:30 this afternoon. Tonight there may be misunderstandings, we forget things, feel as though folks don’t love us, or just plain old feel tired. This is the evening heading into the Full Moon, so people will react more strongly than usual.

V/C Moon 3:19 AM-4:40 PM when it enters Aries

Thursday, 5thAll in all, this is a great day. We’re feeling more empowered, like what we see (feel, touch, hear etc.) and the pieces seem to be falling into place nicely. It can be time to take on a dirty job, court someone from work or finesse a project to a higher degree. Finish up around 8:00 PM.


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 09/22/17

Posted on September 20th, 2017 by Don Cerow

September 22-September 28, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 22nd The morning is slightly beyond our grasp, but the afternoon, and the Equinox, hold some really important answers as to how to gather the resources you need. Dig for solutions and be willing to commit, just don’t go overboard.

V/C Moon 9:04 AM-1:40 PM when it enters Scorpio

Saturday, 23rd The morning is enjoyable, the early afternoon peaceful, the evening sensual. Get things done today, as tomorrow is V/C most all the live-long day. It will be harder to get the pieces to fit together. It can be done, it’s just more difficult.

Sunday, 24th Traditional favorites are the name of the game this morning, with noon possibly some of the best energy of the day. The evening is agitated.

V/C Moon 3:33 AM-0:01 AM (Monday) when it enters Sagittarius

Monday, 25th It’s easier to get agreements or figure things out in the early morning. Mid-morning is a different story. Detours and delays slow us down. This is not a time to be asking for help. As we move through the later afternoon the mood begins to lift somewhat.

Tuesday, 26thEarly morning is excellent, while mid-morning is focused. Tonight brings some of yesterday morning’s issues back to the fore. Giving onerous projects or people time may be part of the solution.

Wednesday, 27th–  Those up after 5:00 this morning really enjoy the allure of the new day’s energy through to about 8:00 AM. Mid-morning is disorienting, while early afternoon is satisfied. There’s a buzz into the late evening.

V/C Moon 7:08 AM-12:24 PM when it enters Capricorn

Thursday, 28thMajor changes are at work today, the roots of which extend back into last night. Outer planets disagree as Pluto pivots. Death to the old, birth to the new. 6:30 PM brings an invigorated burst, while late evening reveals some of Pluto’s secrets. What is this cycle all about.


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on September 20th, 2017 by Don Cerow

21:5  And as some spake of the temple, how it was adorned with goodly stones and gifts, he said,

6 As for these things which ye behold, the days will come, in the which there shall not be left one stone upon another, that shall not be thrown down.

7 And they asked him, saying, Master, but when shall these things be and what sign will there be when these things shall come to pass?

8 And he said, Take heed that ye be not deceived: for many shall come in my name, saying, I am Christ; and the time draweth near: go ye not therefore after them.

9 But when ye shall hear of wars and commotions, be not terrified: for these things must first come to pass; but the end is not by and by.

10 Then said he unto them, Nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom:

11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

12 But before all these, they shall lay their hands on you, and persecute you, delivering you up to the synagogues, and into prisons, being brought before kings and rulers for my name’s sake.

13 And it shall turn to you for a testimony.

14 Settle it therefore in your hearts, not to meditate before what ye shall answer:

15 For I will give you a mouth and wisdom, which all your adversaries shall not be able to gainsay nor resist.

16 And ye shall be betrayed both by parents, and brethren, and kinsfolks, and friends; and some of you shall they cause to be put to death.

17 And ye shall be hated of all men for my name’s sake.

18 But there shall not an hair of your head perish.

19 In your patience possess ye your souls.

20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

21 Then let them which are in Judaea flee to the mountains; and let them which are in the midst of it depart out; and let not them that are in the countries enter thereinto.

22 For these be the days of vengeance, that all things which are written may be fulfilled.

23 But woe unto them that are with child, and to them that give suck, in those days! for there shall be great distress in the land, and wrath upon this people.

24 And they shall fall by the edge of the sword, and shall be led away captive into all nations: and Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.

25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

28 And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

29 And he spake to them a parable; Behold the fig tree, and all the trees;

30 When they now shoot forth, ye see and know of your own selves that summer is now nigh at hand.

31 So likewise ye, when ye see these things come to pass, know ye that the kingdom of God is nigh at hand.

32 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.

33 Heaven and earth shall pass away: but my words shall not pass away.

34 And take heed to yourselves, lest at any time your hearts be overcharged with surfeiting, and drunkenness, and cares of this life, and so that day come upon you unawares.

35 For as a snare shall it come on all them that dwell on the face of the whole earth.

36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

37 And in the day time he was teaching in the temple; and at night he went out, and abode in the mount that is called the mount of Olives.

38 And all the people came early in the morning to him in the temple, for to hear him.

These are the lines currently being held up by some Biblical numerologists as signals for the Time of the End, and there is some truth to them, but per usual, they generally miss the mark.

It is the Time of the End, but it’s not going to be this week.

First of all, this is, in general, the end of a period of cultural consciousness which is getting ready to shift into a new epoch, and, according to both Christian and indigenous mythologies, that there will be some sort of cataclysm which occurs to help define the ending of one and the beginning of the other. The ‘there shall not be left one stone upon another’ could be a reference to the greatest earthquake the world has even known found in Revelation.

The ‘what sign will there be when these things shall come to pass’ is Aquarius, and after the Vernal Equinox passes into Aquarius it is being promoted to a ‘great sign’.

Do not follow those who claim to be the Christ because the Son of Man is referring to a time, not an individual.

Ye shall hear of wars and commotions’. Yup. Nation, nation; kingdom, kingdom. But the end is not yet. The entry of Aquarius is flushing many themes that have been hidden just below the surface. Our media is exploring these in detail.

11 And great earthquakes shall be in divers places, and famines, and pestilences; and fearful sights and great signs shall there be from heaven.

Hurricanes on the east coast, earthquakes on the Mexican west coast. Check. According to these lines, there’s more to come. 

Neptune (aka Poseidon to the Greeks) was known as the ‘Earth shaker’. As ruler of the oceans, he was also the author of sea borne storms with his trident. Just ask Odysseus. At the end of the Age of Pisces, it would not be surprising to see a major discharge along these lines.

The message, at the end of this epoch, is that we’ve fallen out of line with the Divine. Those who ‘honor the gods’, in other words those who honor their civic responsibilities, in turn draw favor from the gods. This is how Odysseus put it.

Your fame, believe me, has reached the vaulting skies.
Fame like a flawless king’s who dreads the gods,
who governs a kingdom vast, proud and strong-
who upholds justice, true, and the black earth
bears the wheat and barley, trees bow down with fruit
and the sheep drop lambs and never fail and the sea
teems with fish- thanks to his decent, upright rule,
and under his sovereign sway the people flourish.

Book XIX- 108-115

If we read between the lines, it would seem to indicate that we have not had honest rulers of late, and especially here at the end of the Age, with the energy waning.

20 And when ye shall see Jerusalem compassed with armies, then know that the desolation thereof is nigh.

This is the first real clue that provides us with a solid event against which we can measure when these prophecies will be about to unfold.

25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring;

26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

This is where the astrologers are well positioned. In spite of the fact that many religious groups try to drive a wedge between ancient astrologers and ‘Biblical astronomers’, the two are one and the same.

Sorry boys.

If you’re going to comb the historical skies for celestial clues, you need to go to the professionals. My work, The 8th Seal, delves deeply into the mythological and astrological symbolism of the Book of Revelation.

27 And then shall they see the Son of man coming in a cloud with power and great glory.

This is the constellation Aquarius (the Water Bearer), a human archetype, coming in the skies (in a cloud) with power and great glory. The book goes extensively into this, just as my prior book (When the Dragon Wore the Crown) observed the passage of the Vernal Equinox as it moved through the earlier constellations of Gemini, Taurus and Aries. Christianity does the same thing, but through the constellation of the Fish (I shall make you fishers of men). This has been the social archetype for the last two thousand years, but it’s getting ready to shift gears as the first point of Spring enters Aquarius.

In fact, if truth be told, the Age has already begun, which is why we’re seeing all these themes coming to life.

32 Verily I say unto you, This generation shall not pass away, till all be fulfilled.

Obviously he is once again being metaphorical here, because the people who heard the actual words of the master have come and gone a long, long time ago. The ‘generation’ is all the people that have lived under the vibration of Pisces and the religious orientation it gave birth to.

If the Bible prophecies are correct, we’re in for a hell of a ride.

Buy the books. Learn what we’re in for.

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Daily Planets- 09/15/17

Posted on September 15th, 2017 by Don Cerow

September 15-September 21, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 15th An exuberant and enjoyable afternoon, but some serious thought through the evening. The shift is around 5:30 PM. As we move into midnight and the morrow, there is more energy, especially for talking.

V/C Moon 5:23 PM-9:09 PM when it enters Leo

Saturday, 16th There are many issues we can accomplish today, especially through the afternoon, but some folks may be a little hot under the collar. 7:30 PM is probably some of the best energy of the day.

Sunday, 17th An excellent day. We’re organized in the morning and feel confident through the afternoon. The evening has sparkle and magic tied to it. Launch social endeavors before 9:00 PM and then enjoy through to midnight.

V/C Moon 8:55 PM-0:52 AM (Monday) when it enters Virgo

Monday, 18th It’s a busy day throughout. We attempt to get a little more done than we are able, especially through the late afternoon. Between 5:00 PM and 9:00 PM the pace is buzzy.

Tuesday, 19thEarly morning is focused, while mid-afternoon is tiring. The New Moon is just past midnight, so we’re winding down on our energy levels tonight.

Wednesday, 20th–  A crazy day where electronic components don’t fire entirely as they should. There could be breakage if you’re not careful, or even if you are. Midnight brings with it a sense of order.

V/C Moon 1:30 AM-6:06 AM when it enters Libra

Thursday, 21stWe’re a little tight on funds through the morning and into the early afternoon. Some attempt to squeeze the social situation, attempting to manipulate circumstances to their advantage.


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 09/08/17

Posted on September 8th, 2017 by Don Cerow

September 8-September 14, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 8th Mercury is a busy boy as he makes three planetary triggers today to Pluto (early), Uranus (mid-day), and Venus (late). Conversations are buzzing and understanding can deepen. Don’t be surprised if things don’t go as planed. Noon is possibly best.

Saturday, 9th There are some economic advantages that can be played today, especially through the morning. The afternoon is fairly productive, but we’re feeling tired by late night.

V/C Moon 11:52 AM-12:22 PM when it enters Taurus

Sunday, 10th Conversations are ego oriented, but there can be insight into what is being offered. Late afternoon and early evening can be particularly nice. Finish up projects by 9:00 PM.

V/C Moon 8:54 PM-3:29 PM (Monday) when it enters Gemini

Monday, 11th Up until mid-afternoon the day is fairly relaxed, just possibly not very productive. Late afternoon we become a little more testy, and then even a little more aggravated. We may still experience the same problems in tomorrow’s early morning light, but we feel better about it.

Tuesday, 12thThe emphasis today is in the evening. If we work hard and commit some resources we will find that we’ve accomplished a fair amount of progress by day’s end. Be practical, possibly even conservative with your efforts and prioritize your projects, doing the most important first, etc.

Wednesday, 13th–  Early morning’s a little crazy, but there’s some fun to be had through mid-afternoon. Late evening is when things begin to drag, and it’s best to try and not force issues.

V/C Moon 2:35 PM-6:12 PM when it enters Cancer

Thursday, 14thLate morning is a lot of fun. We’re creative, focused and a little crazy, in a good way. By mid-afternoon the pace has settled, but we’re still at peace. Later tonight folks explore things from different points of view.


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on September 6th, 2017 by Don Cerow


      Have just returned from our annual quest to Gail’s grave. Evalyn came out for the 30th annual Women’s Herb Conference and we usually take the time remove all the dead stalks and leaves. Under this alignment we journeyed from Nantucket to Western Mass and the South Ashfield cemetery in anticipation of changing her into her autumn dress.

Just short of the entryway to the site the van got totally stuck in the mud, goin’ nowhere. I was attempting to go around a tree that had fallen across the drive. Evalyn went up to deal with the grave, while I started digging the mud out and away from the tires, using the shovel we had found there last year. So, there we were for the night, tipped at about a thirty degree angle, no cell phone service, in the middle of the woods, without any answer immediately available.

The Venus Neptune alignment in this case deals with all the above. Venus is a loved one, while the Neptune represents the ground underfoot not being the foundation that we needed.

Just made it back from a long journey there and back again, mission accomplished but with a twist we had not anticipated.

Blessings to All-


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Daily Planets- 09/01/17

Posted on August 31st, 2017 by Don Cerow

September 1-September 7, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 1st Some tenderness emerged overnight and through the early morning hours. 11:00 AM and 2:30 PM are the most insightful and focused. Stick to your routines after 9:00 tonight.

Saturday, 2nd We do what we need to do through 8:00 this morning and it helps us to get things done, but the same attitude through the early afternoon is met with resistance. Wait until the Void-of-Course Moon period is over (4:00 PM) to really get cracking on more focused issues.

V/C Moon 12:30 PM-4:06 PM when it enters Aquarius

Sunday, 3rd There’s much that can be done throughout the course of the day today, but the evening really smiles on us. There is love, attraction and affection in the air. Open your hearts.

Monday, 4th One of the better days of this week. 9:30 and 11:44 AM are especially nice, but 10:00 PM’s not too shabby either.

Tuesday, 5thTime will tell on this auspicious day and the next 24 hours. Mercury pivots on the degree of the solar eclipse and Mars is also triggering this point. Throw in the Full Moon at 3:00 tomorrow  morning, stir vigorously and you’ve got yourself one spicy brew.

V/C Moon 1:15 AM-1:28 AM when it enters Pisces

Wednesday, 6th–  The earlier part of the day is more responsive and productive. By mid-afternoon some people are trying to force round pegs in square holes, and it just ain’t happenin’ Captain. People overstate the case tonight.

V/C Moon 4:29 PM-8:01 AM (Thursday) when it enters Aries

Thursday, 7thWe’re a little fuzzy as we wake up this morning. Excess from the evening before may have something to do with it. Try not to force what you are not certain of.


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Daily Planets- 08/25/17

Posted on August 24th, 2017 by Don Cerow

August 25-August 31, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 25th Today is a day during which you’re being tested. Are your projects, goals or actions strong enough to weather the conditions life will throw at them? Through the afternoon a few of the positive manifestations make themselves known.

V/C Moon 1:39 AM-4:53 AM when it enters Scorpio

Saturday, 26th What a great day. We have energy, enthusiasm and a guiding light showing us the way. This builds to a peak through the afternoon. We feel the truth of what we’re doing from the inside.

Sunday, 27th Friday’s hard work and conscientious applications shows us some of the potential of our long term projects yesterday and today. We’re clear headed about what we’re doing, and our love can be self-evident. Conversations explore some tender sides around 6:00 or 6:30 PM, but we bounce back nicely.

Monday, 28th After a couple of days of devoted effort we get a little break today with the Void-of-Course Moon until about 4:00 PM. Conversations dig a little deeper through 8:30 PM, but late night is very pleasant indeed.

V/C Moon 5:38 AM-3:47 PM when it enters Sagittarius

Tuesday, 29thMany miles will be covered today, so you might want to pace yourself. We feel the most fatigue between and 5:00 and 7:00 PM late afternoon. Serious effort will be required early tomorrow morning so get some rest tonight.

Wednesday, 30th–  The majority of the day is very effective, from 10:00 AM to 10:00 PM. Last Friday’s Saturn pivot is continuing to pay out dividends for those that put effort into it each day.

Thursday, 31stFrom 6:00 AM until just past noon is quite enjoyable, as is 10:00 tonight. The Capricorn Moon helps us to keep at in as our efforts are important and these are serious matters.

V/C Moon 0:42 AM-4:18 AM when it enters Capricorn


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on August 21st, 2017 by Don Cerow


From the book:

“A little more than one hundred years after the events of 7 BC, the first surviving comprehensive work on astronomy, astrology and geography was written by Claudius Ptolomy. His astronomical observations were made between AD 125 and 140. For the next thousand years and beyond, the works of this author were to set the industry standard for both excellence and science. In a chapter on prediction, taken from a former work by Hipparchus (190-126 BC), Ptolemy claims that eclipses are the most auspicious:”

“… the strongest and principle cause… exists in the ecliptical conjunctions of the Sun and Moon …”

                                             The 8th Seal, Don Cerow, pp.145-146.




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Daily Planets- 08/18/17

Posted on August 17th, 2017 by Don Cerow

August 18-August 24, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 18th The morning is good. Early afternoon not so much. After 10:00 PM we start to feel the fatigue or feel out of alignment with our surroundings. Consider going to bed early.

Saturday, 19th Before 9:00 AM is nice, but we’re a little uncertain about late morning. After 2:00 PM the energy level begins to pick up. If you’re playing with pets be gentle through noon tomorrow.

V/C Moon 11:17 AM-1:55 PM when it enters Leo

Sunday, 20th Busy day. We’re tender through the morning, but a little off center as we hit noon with all the activity coming at us. After 7:30 the pace begins to hit a much better note. The evening could be very entertaining if you try new stuff.

Monday, 21st This is the one we’ve been waiting for. Excitement leading into early afternoon with many focused on the solar eclipse, with a side of uncertainty into the evening.

V/C Moon 2:30 PM-4:25 PM when it enters Virgo

Tuesday, 22ndWe’re organized, efficient and make good use of our time this morning. This is doing the job right. Be ready to pace yourself though, because your efforts will take time. There’s a drop in the energy mid-afternoon, but we rebound into the evening.

Wednesday, 23rd–  The day, up until 4:00 PM runs fairly smoothly. From 4:00 until 9:00 PM we cruise with the current. Later evening is nice. Love the one you’re with.

V/C Moon 4:02 PM-9:04 PM when it enters Libra

Thursday, 24thOur favorites don’t seem to play fair today. Not everyone is being taken into account. 4:00 PM shows us what could possibly be the best use of the energy, but people may play favorites.



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Daily Planets- 08/11/17

Posted on August 10th, 2017 by Don Cerow

August 11-August 17, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 11th Basic sensibilities are due for an overhaul this afternoon. We’re uncertain about what the future may bring. After 10:30 tonight brings some peace, serenity and real inner beauty. Faith can be a real cornerstone.

V/C Moon ends at 1:22 AM when it enters Aries

Saturday, 12th Our paths shift with changes in plans. There could be repairs in the works, of your tools or regarding your health. We feel a little pressure in the morning, are hard at work and industrious through the afternoon, and really enjoy the evening after 10:00 PM.

Sunday, 13th What a nice day, particularly through the late morning and early afternoon. We accomplish what needs to be done through the later afternoon and retire to some pleasant conversations or thoughts as we approach midnight.

V/C Moon 4:01 AM-6:40 AM when it enters Taurus

Monday, 14th An energized day that sees us accomplishing much in stages, but be careful not to over-do, especially through mid-morning and mid-afternoon. Take a break around 7:00 PM and finally wrap things up around 9:00 PM.

V/C Moon 9:15 PM-10:06 AM (Tuesday) when it enters Gemini

Tuesday, 15thWe’re enticed by alternative scenarios  early this morning, but it may not be a good path to follow. Late night tonight and early tomorrow morning there’s some danger, particularly as egos come into play. Some will try to force matters. What is hidden here may be more costly than at first realized.

Wednesday, 16th–  Prior to mid-afternoon we’re struggling with some of the shifting tides. Between 3:30 and 8:00 PM is quite enjoyable indeed. Rest up after 9:00 PM.

Thursday, 17thBetween 9:00 and noon this morning stimulates some interesting new concepts, but it’s doubtful that they will actually come into play in their present form. We’re more sensitive to our circumstances through the afternoon and into the evening, but memories can also be more clearly defined. Don’t forget the family.

V/C Moon 9:38 AM-12:13 PM when it enters Cancer


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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Posted on August 7th, 2017 by Don Cerow

Historically speaking, eclipses were generally feared.

One month from now, as the eclipse runs through the core of the country (from Oregon to South Carolina), President Trump’s Ascendant will be triggered as his light goes out, either personally or politically. Unlike Hillary (and a number of other political notables), there has only been one solid contender for Trump’s birth chart, whereas debate rocked the boat of Hillary’s three or more natal maps. The Ascendant moves at the rate of about one degree for every four minutes of time. Since the Ascendant is one of the ‘Big Three’ of astrology (Sun, Moon and Ascendant), knowing its precise position is very important.

This eclipse is a case in point.

Since this eclipse is in Leo, it represents the king, leader, chief, or head of the enterprise, explaining why kings of old were particularly susceptible to (and feared) this heavenly omen. Here’s an example from history of how Solar Eclipses were thought to impact a nation’s fate:

“This eclipse is recorded as partial both by the contemporary writer Xenophon and by Plutarch. When the eclipse occurred, the army of King Agesilaus II of Sparta was on its way to engage in battle with the Thebans near Chaeroneia, having marched southwards through Thrace. Xenophon accompanied Agesilaus on his campaign and thus probably witnessed the eclipse himself.”

“At the time of the eclipse, Agesilaus learnt of the Spartan defeat at the Battle of Cnidus, a joint Athenian and Persian operation against the Spartan naval fleet, which marked the end of the naval hegemony of Sparta.”
Stephenson. Historical Eclipses and Earth’s Rotation, p. 366.

which marked the end…”

That has been my observation, that the area of the chart triggered by the eclipse brings some event, in our lives or in the lives of society, to an end.

Here’s another look at another culture.


      “In the Mesoamerican culture, the practice of astronomy was extremely important. To the Maya of Mesoamerica, this ancient science reflected order in the universe and the gods’ place in it. This order reflected an inherent harmony present in their general theological view of the universe. To the Mayans, capturing the essence of time was of the utmost importance. In their cosmology, space and time were inevitably intertwined, as is evidenced by their complex calendar system that combines spatial attributes of the universe, such as animals and plants, with temporal movements of astronomical objects. Although the Mayans never invented water clocks or other specific time-keeping devices, they used the sky as a method of measuring the passage of time.”

      “The Mayans believed that celestial events were indicative of communication with the gods. Specific astronomical objects represented certain deities, whose divine lives were portrayed in the daily, monthly, and yearly changes in their appearance. The religious aspect of astronomy was also taken one step further: to astrology. The movement of constellations and other objects across the sky represented a connection between celestial events and human affairs. In other words, the practice of astronomy- in the form of astrology- was believed to have an influence on every Mayan.

The article goes on to say that when celestially generated nefarious influences, in other words bad luck, were the prediction, the people would stay inside their homes and block their chimneys so that the evil light could not enter. 

What does the eclipse, falling right on the president’s Ascendant and working its way across the middle of the country, seem to indicate? The Ascendant represents the ‘self’, individuality and general health of the individual, of his sense of power and control.

Whatever the consequences, it won’t happen exactly on the eclipse. This has been the difficulty about making predictions with them. Yes, they are big, setting off major events. Other aspects build into their exact celestial configurations and are often triggered as they happen, but where the eclipse is concerned, there’s this cosmic pause as we wait to see what will happen. It’s like a great cosmic loaded gun, the hammer has now been pulled back, the safety is off, and the cross-hairs are aligned.

Whether personal, political, or Putin, Trump’s light may be about to go out.

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Daily Planets- 08/04/17

Posted on August 3rd, 2017 by Don Cerow


August 4-August 10, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 4th Watch out for big ticket items putting a serious dent in your finances, philosophy or particular orientation late this morning and through the afternoon. Major misconceptions (fabrications) may lead you astray today and through tomorrow.

Saturday, 5th We’re hypersensitive to conditions around us, and may feel as though we’re unloved. Children should be more carefully watched through this time. As per usual, don’t bet the farm.

Sunday, 6th Community endeavors and extending your network are some of the themes of the day. Even though it’s the evening leading into the Full Moon, folks will feel they need some extra rest tonight.

V/C Moon 5:22 AM-8:15 AM when it enters Aquarius

Monday, 7th We feel as though we’re being held in check this morning, but the tide begins to turn as we move through late afternoon and into the evening.  4:00 and 7:00 PM may be some of the most uplifting windows of time.

Tuesday, 8thThe morning is good and as we head into 3:00 PM there’s some sparkle. There’s a tendency to over-do after 6:00 PM, and so erring on the side of caution is not a bad idea.

V/C Moon 3:07 PM-5:56 PM when it enters Pisces

Wednesday, 9th–  Noon is excellent, while 4:00 PM is potentially dangerous. Something may break or snap, and so heeding cautionary warnings works well.

Thursday, 10thBetween 8:00 and 10:00 is a bummer and it sets off our Void-of-Course day, but through the later afternoon we begin to really enjoy some of the opportunities.

V/C Moon 9:28 AM-1:22 AM (Friday) when it enters Aries


Don can be contacted via phone at 413 219-4214, or by email at Columns are archived at If you would like to have a session, to answer questions about your natal chart or current events, contact me and we’ll set something up over the phone or in person.

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