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Posted on November 6th, 2014 by Don Cerow


The images are everywhere around us, growing stronger day by day. The changes will continue to grow, and the seeds will lay down their roots, eventually strengthening into stalks, and finally bursting forth into vibrant fresh green shoots.

Aquarius is here. The seeds have been sown. You can see it if you know where to look. My favorite (and most common) example is that of two people walking down the street together. They are not walking hand-in-hand, but rather, hand-to-phone, each talking to someone else as they go.


This type of New Age logic continually needs updating, because more information (more data) is being provided all the time. Having moved to yet another location recently, the local wireless keeps asking me if I want to join xfinitywifi, to which I say no, but the image they use is of an infant’s hand touching an electronic image of an adult’s hand, thereby seemingly establishing their mutual bond.

Another media example that wants you to switch to their network shows the flashing lights and hoopla of a rock concert, with a young woman running out of the musical arena to broadcast the sight back to her absent friends.

Of course, what’s being implied here (and this is a good thing) is that you can connect with anyone, anywhere, who shares your technology, and the media is helping to bring us together in a new, ever-changing, electronic way.

But it is pushing us into preferring the electronic version to the empirical version of ourselves.

The New Age is going to be one big, long, ever-changing learning curve, but there will be some amazing new devices that will come down the pike with it, fueled in part by good science.


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