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Posted on November 11th, 2015 by Don Cerow

The following is part of a series I ran back in 2010, but it’s as timeless as ever. These are two out of the five columns that were run as the Sun transited through Scorpio that year. It strikes to the heart of Scorpionic energy, but in a humorous fashion.

Who says that learning can’t be fun?


   I’ve been wanting to talk about this for a long time.

Calvin and Hobbes was a syndicated comic strip running from November 18th, 1985 to December 31, 1995. Created by Bill Waterson, it followed the imaginative antics of a 6 year-old and his stuffed tiger. The two are named after John Calvin, the 16th century French Reformation theologian and Thomas Hobbes, the political philosopher.

  Although we don’t know the exact time the first periodical came out on the 18th, we can speculate that it was early in the morning, as the papers were on their way to greet the day.

  The loss of the exact birth time limits us in a few categories, but there is still much that can be seen. When Calvin was ‘born’ to the public on November 18th, Pluto, the Lunar South Node, Venus, Juno and the Sun were all in Scorpio, denoting the personality (Sun) and much of the humor (Venus) of our imaginary friend. And this is where some folks get off. It’s bad enough that there are those who believe that the stars influence people, never mind comic strip personalities, but they do. Those who have studied the celestial attributes will enjoy this a little more, but this is when Calvin was created, and for all intents and purposes, he’s a Scorpio and the ‘hero’ (Sun) of the strip.

  So how could a cute, funny kid (Sun) like Calvin be a Scorpio? Don’t let him fool you. He’s not a cute little kid that will grow up to be a Scorpio, he’s a Scorpio in a little kid’s body.

  Destiny and Fate are the final hallmarks of life and death. Our dance with mortality is one of the sweetest gifts we have to treasure while on this Earthly voyage.

  Scorpio is known for its key phrase “Sex and Death.” It’s a Fixed Water sign ruled by Pluto and Mars. One of the reasons life is so intense for them is because they reduce everything to black and white. Even seemingly inconsequential matters can take on “if-I’m-not-careful-here-I-might-die” proportions.

  But as a result they get many things done, and done well.

  With the Lord of the Underworld at work crafting events, death and destruction hold a deep fascination with Scorpios, as they can look for ‘Scorpionic’ ways to express themselves.

  It’s OK though. It’s only a boy and his toys.

  He’s so cute. He’ll outgrow it.

Unlike Lucy’s psychiatrist in ‘Peanuts’ though, Calvin is a little more involved in his work, being driven as a real entrepreneur with some strong creative visualization techniques.  Insurance, loans, credit and mortgages are all part of Scorpio’s realm.

  Wrestling our deepest fears within, Calvin often grapples with his inner demons. Both Mars and Pluto represent fear. Calvin is getting ready to fight Fixed Water with Fixed Water.

  And finally, we even explore that taboo realm of media’s sexual exposure to children. Scorpio calls for it, the editors watch for it, but Calvin manages to slip through anyway with nothing more on than a skimpy negligee.

  The Sun is currently making its way through the sign Scorpio, and so, that’s the lesson for the day. We’re back with our favorite six-year-old (unless you have one of your own), Calvin!

  The date of Calvin and Hobbes first cartoon strip in the papers was Nov. 18th, 1985. We are going to build on the energies of the previous weeks, examining a theme that returns over and over again in the series, Calvin’s Scorpionic nature.

  Scorpio is said to deal with the primordial energies- of life, death, fear and survival. It can be a cruel world of eat or be eaten. In the evolutionary ladder, it is thought that this reptilian model appeared early. We’ve discussed Scorpio’s passionate nature before, and what this simply means is that their feelings are very, very strong.

  I really want to eat you.

  Once you understand the archetype, the pattern is difficult to miss. Scorpios can be drawn to horror films or sexual intrigues, the power of their hidden Fixed Water depths finding a more fulfilling, or frightening, emotional expression there.

  Anyone who has had to live with strong Scorpio energy knows the depths that they can go to achieve their ends. When it comes to a contest of wills, they are not to be trifled with.

  While this strong Fixed Water energy can express itself impersonally, it also comes through loud and clear in their personal relationships. Subjective assaults often become part of a no-holds barred campaign that takes no prisoners.

  Under the primordial-arena department come wonderful playthings like jealousy, envy and spite. Revenge is often a contender, and so we find the emotional tension ramping up the ante. They got you. Now it’s time to get them back.

  This is typical of many Scorpio courtship scenarios.

   Twice he said, “Drop dead.”

Notice the dead flowers.

   A bouquet from Pluto.

   Passionate romance lies hidden beneath autumn leaves, but passion is a two-edged sword that can cut both ways. For Scorpio, the down-and-dirty street fighting can be a turn-on. It gets the Fixed Water sign juices flowing. It’s arena requires a higher and more volumous emotional caliber, buried and nourished deep in the roots of the psyche.

  We will take a look a few other of Calvin’s attributes in the weeks ahead, simply based upon the original day of the strip’s syndication, Lord willin’ and if the crick don’t rise.

  Even when it comes in the form of a cute little six-year-old in a cartoon.

  (to be concalvined)

Here are the other three columns, which, at the time, ran weekly for the newspapers. If the links don’t work, go to the home page, click on ‘Archives’ which will take you to the old WEBPage, click ‘Archives’ a second time, and then go to the date indicated under the Columns category.

Building from Calvin’s Venus, Happy Scorpio everyone.
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