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Posted on May 10th, 2017 by Don Cerow

FBI Director fired for heading investigation probing into White House’s actions.
Everyone is reporting the news. This is big. The media is abuzz. The ‘special prosecutor,’ the one whose job it was to check into illegalities at the governmental level, is being thrown under the bus, presumably before he can gather incriminating evidence that looks unfavorably upon the executive department.

From the Moon Mail, January 27th (see Columns on the home page), looking at the year ahead for the USA-

Finally on the 9th of May, the progressed Sun will semi-square the natal US Pluto in the 2nd house (finances and emotional securities). The (progressed) Sun in Pisces is sad about the way our resources are disappearing.”

Heads may roll.

May 9th was the day the FBI Director was fired. Our ’emotional securities’ are wondering whether or not our form of government still works anymore. Many of the pundits are quite alarmed.

Two other high lights are on the horizon; progressed Venus builds to its exact alignment in its square to Pluto on June 3rd. The ‘unpopularity’ (and possible illegality) of this president and his administration will build to a climax at that time. Looking a little further down the road, the progressed Ascendant will leave Leo and enter Virgo November 23rd. The Leo Ascendant portrayed Trump’s kaleidescopic persona, while the shift to the Virgo might suggest a more practical, collected, polished and reserved Pence quality.

      The country will have a new face that looks down on us from above. The ‘theater’ our administration dances to will undergo a make-over and we will come to see ourselves differently.These are the times when we are likely to see cord changes at the hierarchical levels. May 9th as the progressed Sun semi-squared Pluto (now gone by).June 3rd as progressed Venus squares Pluto.And November 23rd as the progressed Ascendant enters Virgo.Mark your calendars.

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