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Center and Circle: Finnish Myth II

Posted on December 17th, 2013 by Don Cerow

   Last edition we applied an old formula to a new genus of myths. The Kalevala is a compilation of recited verses that record the memories and beliefs of the ancestral Finnish people in song. It was an oral tradition in a truly magical world, for to them, all things, for good or for ill, were the manifestation of magic. Its power was in the enchanted verses. Masters at their craft could control Creation by either bringing things into being or making them disappear, such as the earth beneath your competitor’s feet.

For those of you who have been following the WEB, Center and Circle has been our mantra, and we find it here once again. This coupling is part of a theme, a code, a language that speaks to us if we will but take the time to listen. In our previous posting, we focused upon the ‘Circle’ portion of the equation through our old stand by, that of being ‘Born of the Egg’. The Twins of Gemini, the Dioscuri, were born of the Egg. The hats they wore were said to be pieces left over from the shell of the Egg that gave them life. The Chinese Pan Ku was ‘Born of the Egg’. Vishnu slept on the back of a serpent, contained within the shell of the Cosmic Egg. In the manuscript Senchus Mor, the Irish divided the firmament above Earth into seven planetary layers. About the stars they believed, ‘as a shell is about an egg, the firmament is around the earth‘.

Our hypothesis suggests that the element AIR was held in particularly high regard between 6300 and 4800 BC as Spring (the Vernal Equinox) passed through the constellation of the Twins. Anyone born during this period could be considered to be, ‘Born of the Egg’. But just as creatures of the AIR adorned the pottery, homes and consciousness of the people living at that time, so Eggs represent this AIR energy at its beginning, at the start of Time.

Over and over again, these themes play out in various Creation Myths.

For us, it’s an old story made new, as we listen to yet another way in which these principle images were woven together into a tapestry to remember.



But transformed, in wondrous beauty 
All the fragments come together 
Forming pieces two in number, 
One the upper, one the lower, 
Equal to the one, the other. 
From one half the egg, the lower,            
Grows the nether vault of Terra: 
From the upper half remaining, 
Grows the upper vault of Heaven;  
From the white part come the moonbeams, 
From the yellow part the sunshine, 
From the motley part the starlight, 
From the dark part grows the cloudage; 
And the days speed onward swiftly, 
Quickly do the years fly over, 
From the shining of the new sun 
From the lighting of the full moon.
   Love that full moon.
   The above verses are all contained in the first of fifty ‘runes’ of theKalevala. Think of them as hymns. While themes of the Egg, duality, birds and eggs all come from where the Circle of Equator is being ‘cut’ by the Ecliptic, in the second Rune we are provided with a familiar theme for the Center of the Circle.Say hello once again to the World Tree, marking the axis around which the world turns.
Straightway to the oak-tree turning, 
Thither stalks the mighty giant, 
In his raiment long and roomy, 
Flapping in the winds of heaven;
With his second step he totters 
On the land of darker color; 
With his third stop firmly planted, 
Reaches he the oak-tree’s branches, 
Strikes the trunk with sharpened hatchet, 
With one mighty swing he strikes it, 
With a second blow he cuts it;
As his blade descends the third time, 
From his axe the sparks fly upward, 
From the oak-tree fire outshooting; 
Ere the axe descends a fourth time, 
Yields the oak with hundred branches, 
Shaking earth and heaven in falling. 
Eastward far the trunk extending,
Far to westward flew the tree-tops, 
To the South the leaves were scattered, 
To the North its hundred branches. 
Whosoe’er a branch has taken, 
Has obtained eternal welfare; 
Who secures himself a tree-top, 
He has gained the master magic; 
Who the foliage has gathered, 
Has delight that never ceases.
            Do not be alarmed by the Tree’s being cut down, because this is simply the astronomical ‘cut’ and where it was currently located. Our AIR theme is reintroduced as the Ax man stands ‘Flapping in the winds of heaven’. Additionally, should one successfully determine the exact location of the North Celestial Pole, great knowledge and much power would be transferred to you.   We repeat:
Whosoe’er a branch has taken, 
Has obtained eternal welfare; 
Who secures himself a tree-top, 
He has gained the master magic;
   In two runes we have been mythicly oriented to Center and Circle, in another example of a ‘shorthand’ read by those of yesteryear.

EdwardmrJuly 12th, 2014 at 11:58 am,エレキギター初心者セット, アコースティックギター, エレアコギター,ギターアクセサリ,エレキギター, ギターエフェクター

RichardKtJuly 23rd, 2014 at 12:00 pm

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プラダ 評判
¥µ¥à¥½¥Ê¥¤¥È ¥­¥ã¥ê©`¥±©`¥¹
エルメス 財団
p サムソナイト キャスター 修理 大阪 ふ
¥¨¥ë¥á¥¹ ʳÆ÷ ¥Ö¥ë©`
o サムソナイト 持ち手 湯
¥¨¥ë¥á¥¹ Ãû¹ÅÎÝ –Ñ
プラダ インフュージョン 口コミ
o ¥µ¥à¥½¥Ê¥¤¥È ¥¢¥á¥ê¥«¥ó¥Ä©`¥ê¥¹¥¿©` ¥¦¥§¥¹¥È¥ì©`¥¯
¥×¥é¥À ÒŠ·Ö¤±·½
¥¨¥ë¥á¥¹ ¥¹¥«©`¥Õ ¥â¥Ç¥ë
ゼロハリバートン サムソナイト リモワ
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