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Posted on August 15th, 2019 by Don Cerow

Through the year the Moon Mail has been tracking a series of aspects that have been triggering the US chart. There were two strong Saturn aspects occurring during the month of August. One of them was for this date, August 15th, as transiting Saturn squared the US natal Saturn, while the other Saturn aspect was for August 10th when the progressed Sun inconjuncted the US natal Saturn.

(WEBCopy from March 6th, 2019.)

Also on August 10th, the progressed Sun will inconjunct the US natal Saturn. Either this or the Full Moon would be enough on their own to be worthy of note. Occurring as they do, together, suggest dire circumstances that have exploded. Both the Sun and Saturn rule hierarchical figures, those who rule over us, but in addition Saturn rules over the US second house. With this one the financial markets will be really taking a drubbing.

This Saturnian theme was doubled: the progressed Sun inconjuncting the US natal Saturn, and the transiting Saturn squaring natal Saturn, five days apart. It’s the old, one-two. We’re getting hit, and then hit again.

It’s been said the presidency is linked to the country’s economy, and this can be seen celestially. When one does well, so does the other. The US natal Saturn is in the 10th house. Both planet and house position relate to this Saturnian theme. This is Astro 101, the generic hierarchy, our leader. Saturn rules Capricorn, the sign which sits on the 2nd house cusp in the US chart. The second house is our money, the economy. As Saturn begins to vibrate, so Capricorn begins to respond to that vibration in turn, like a king summoning his nation’s resources. The peasants snap to as the engines of industry begin to hum. Those are natal placements in the US chart. If these conservative opinions (Saturn) do well, the president and the country do well. But on top of all this, transiting Saturn, the guy in the sky, is in the second house making this square to the US natal Saturn in the 10th. The US China trade war, Trump’s self-declared conflict, is currently hammering the US economy. Just ask any farmer.

From MarketsInsider:

Global stocks slumped on Thursday (August 15th), fueled by rising fears of a global slowdown and worrisome developments across Germany, Hong Kong, Italy and Argentina.

Sliding demand for bonds pushed the yield on two-year US Treasury bonds above 10-year Treasury yields for the first time since 2007, according to Bloomberg. An inverted yield curve is a notorious red-flag event that has historically preceded a recession.

Germany shrunk 0.1% in the second quarter, a sharp swing from first-quarter growth of 0.4%. The contraction reflected weakness in its auto industry, concerns about the UK’s departure from the EU, and the toll of the US-China trade war on its export-focused manufacturing sector, according to the Financial Times.

 Jupiter rules expansion, Saturn rules contraction. Saturn is taking a double hit.

The economy has been the foundation of Trump’s strength nationally. Under this alignment he is taking the hit but is blaming the man he appointed as the Federal Reserve chairman, Jay Powell, calling him ‘clueless.’ But there are a number of other themes in the news as our Full Moon cup runneth over.

This was the worse day of the year with regards to the market. There are now 123 congressional member who have to vote for impeachment proceedings, more than half that are needed for a successful vote. In a contest between two nuclear nations, Pakistan is accusing India of planning military action in Kashmir, the US condemns North Korea’s missile launch, South Korea retaliates against Japan in a trade and diplomatic rift, and we are just coming off the massive protests in Moscow and Hong Kong.

And on a different note, there was the Pluto Mars inconjunct (August 5th) of sexual trafficking by Jeffrey Epstein, (not to mention his murder/suicide). there are hundreds of lawsuits which can now be filed for old alleged child sexual abuse cases in New York after the passage of the Child Victims Act. GOP Congressman Steve King suggesting humanity would not exist, would not be populated if it were not for rape and incest.

Oh, yea. And there’s a shootout going on in Philadelphia as I type this. Six officers have been shot.

What an amazing world we live in. Hang in there and pray for the best.

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