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Posted on January 23rd, 2016 by Don Cerow


The etymological record bears a particularly rich yield with regard to Chiron, who has come to be known as the wounded healer. While examining an arrow dipped in the gall or blood of the Hydra he accidentally dropped it on his knee or thigh. Chiro is related to a word meaning “hand”, from the Greek cheir. Chirography represents handwriting or penmanship. Chiromancy is a term representing palmistry, and the list goes on.*

      Chiron, unlike other centaurs, was a wise, studious, and legendary being who taught many of the heroes of antiquity, including Jason, Achilles and Asclepius, this last of which became a healer in his own right. Chiropractors are students of a discipline that studies the therapeutic system based upon the interactions of the spine and nervous system using the hands to adjust segments of the skeletal to bring the system back into balance.

Copious additional information on the etymological record be found in ample supply on the word “hand“.*

As a child Chiron had no relationship with his father, and was rejected by his mother at birth because, as a centaur, she found him to be hideous. Personal sensitivity to loss, or of being left out, is often a manifestation of Chiron’s influence. Apollo later took him under wing and taught him all that he knew about health and healing, but this was not limited to humans.

“A certain Greek, Chiron, invented medical practice for draft animals. For this reason he is pictured as half man, half horse. He was named Chiron from the term Keirizesthai  (i.e. ‘operate by hand’), because he was a surgeon (chirurgus)”.
[The Etymologies of Isidore of Seville, 7th century AD, p.114.]

This link, between Chiron and animals, is something that I have begun to notice more lately. When Chiron is being adversely aspected, animals can be in trouble, needing help medically, or, simply agitated and acting weird, especially under the influence of Mercury, Mars or Uranus.

As we have already seen though, in the end a pain that was too difficult to bear caused him to pray to Zeus (Jupiter) to be released from his torment. Chiron was one of the immortals, a child of immortals.

Death released him from his torment.

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