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Posted on January 30th, 2013 by Don Cerow

Myth and Astronomy


Star Myths Boulder COFrom the Hamptons of Long Island to the shores of Santa Cruz, Don has been taking groups of people out under the evening skies to orient themselves here on Earth while hearing a few of the mythological stories of the stars which our ancestors used to tell. From the ever present circumpolars to the seasonal selection, we identify the visible planets and constellations, and recreate some of the tales of time. Both adults and children have enjoyed this ‘hands on’ approach, and this offering has received considerable praise from both astronomers and educators. In combination with continuing education programs, this is a very popular offering which is excellent for home schoolers school field trips, nature centers and planetariums.



The Language of the Divine:

The Word of Heaven

DivinityMythology is the language both of the gods and our inner soul. In the past, this ‘word of God’ was interpreted through everything around us. It could be found in the sacrificial livers, the seven distinct varieties of lightning, the flight of birds and in the wind as it blew through the leaves of the sacred oaks. But in all these different ways of interpreting the Almighty’s Will, a special reverence has always been held for the power of dreams, and the symbolic imagery which emerges from within. It was for a sacred dream that Gilgamesh ventured to the hilltop with his friend, Enkidu, to better understand the path which lay before him. It was through his ability to interpret dreams that Joseph earned his appointment as the second most powerful official in Egypt, subservient only to Pharaoh himself. The life of the baby Jesus was saved because his father had a dream telling him to escape to Egypt before Herod’s wrath could be vented upon the children of Bethlehem, while the three wise men were warned in a dream not to return to Herod. From this pictorial form of communication the myths of various cultures arose, and continue to speak to us of the wisdom of within. This presentation will explore various myths, illustrating many of the pearls deeply buried there.


Stars, Myths and Dragons:
The Wisdom of Ancient Culture

ApophisSemThis is the planetarium show which has been presented from California to Florida and points in-between. The symbol of the dragon is the vestige of a once world wide code of information found in the stars. Why is it that this obviously mythical creature is found on every hemisphere of the planet, across various cultures and throughout time? Whether as Ti’amat of the Babylonians, Ladon of the Greeks, the Imperial Dragon of China, Thunder Bird of the Lakota or even the ‘feathered serpent’ or flying snake of the Mayans of Central America, we find this image omnipresent around the globe. If the Dragon is a fictional creation, then what is the source of its universal appeal? This presentation retells a number of creation myths and offers a delightfully simple answer to this intriguing question.



Myth, Astronomy and Astrology:
Mythology and the Roots of Astrology

Mythology and Astrology are branches of the same tree. Together, they are rooted in a common soil and draw nourishment from a way of looking at life. By examining two works from the Classical tradition, we find the key to this unity opening ancient mysteries from the past, and offering insights into both our present, and the future.


Homer Greek StatueHomer’s Iliad, the oldest work in the western literary tradition, lays out the astrological year in its chapters, providing specific examples of behavior influenced by the twelve signs of the zodiac. It is a choreography of the seasons and how they affect us as individuals. Written almost one thousand years earlier than our oldest translated works on astrology (Ptolemy’s Tetrabiblos), it is a fascinating glimpse of life in what is still held as basic astrological principles today.

The second key is Ovid’s Fasti, a work on the Roman calendar, illustrating how astrological motion and lunar phases provide direct evidence of planetary placement and the myths which are associated with them. One of the earliest uses of astrology and astronomy was to set up the calendar in an effort to coordinate time. Time now gives us back the same key to reopen the door of mystery in the myths.


Myth, Prophecy and the End of Time:
Waiting for the Dawn

We currently stand at the Dawn of the Age of Aquarius. This New Covenant with heaven will bring with it a new vibration, and a new attitude toward life. We are leaving behind a period of darkness and misunderstanding, of isolation and ignorance. The role of astrology will be carried by this celestial current to a new ascendancy, as the tide of time turns once again upon a new epoch. Here’s a look at how the wise men of old viewed this cultural transformation as they then stood at the threshold of a new age.

YggdrasilThe Etruscan wise men declared that this… foretold a change over into a new age and a total revolution in the world… In each age the lives and manners of men are different and God has established for each age a definite span of time which is determined by the circuit of the Great Year. Whenever this circuit comes to an end and another begins some marvelous sign appears… so that it becomes at once clear… that men of a different character and way of life have now come into the world and the gods will be either more or less concerned with this new race than they were with their predecessors. All sorts of changes occur, they say, as one age succeeds another and in particular with regard to the art of divination one can observe that there are at times when it rises in prestige and its predictions are accurate because clear and unmistakable signs are sent from heaven; and then again in another age it is not held in much honor, since for the most part its practitioners are relying on mere guesswork and are trying to grasp the future with senses that have become blunt and dim. This, at all events, was the story told by the wisest men among the Etruscans who were thought to know more than most about such things.

pp. 74-75 Plutarch, Fall of the Roman Republic:
from the Life of Sulla

This presentation will tie together the ‘End Time’ traditions of various cultures, looking specifically at some Greek Myths, Hindu, Norse, Native American and Mayan sources. How does Hercules solve the riddle of cleaning out the stables, stables which had been accruing filth for a thousand years, in a single day? What happens in the battle between Thor and the Great World Serpent? How does this compare with Biblical tales of the Dragon struggling to prevent the Cosmic Mother from giving birth to the child, and why were the Hopi so guarded about preventing the great snake from turning over, and not letting the sea rush in? For those versed in the various threads which weave the tales of time, there are similar textures which reappear, telling a consistent story. We will examine a few of these, and follow where they lead.


History: US -Down the Rabbit Hole

US old flag drummerFrom 1996 until 2003, Don wrote yearly “Predictions for the USA” for a national magazine. Through extensively studying the historical record year after year, Don has gained an intimate grasp on the characteristics and personality of our country’s soul. Join us as we journey through more than two hundred years of our past, examining many of the patterns found in the US chart, and of how they manifested. Learn what the stars have had to say about this great land, and help unravel the mysteries of the future as we ponder the celestial combinations of the upcoming year.


History: US and World
Neptune through the Twentieth Century

Follow the transits of Neptune down through the 20th Century and discover the power of the undertow on the masses. Society flows with the current of the collective subconscious, from the nationalist sentiments in Europe prior to the Great War with Neptune in Cancer, to the loss of royalty including the Kaiser and Czar during Neptune’s passage through Leo culminating in the Roaring Twenties, etc. Watch as this great planet holds up mythic heroes of the times, only to dash them on the rocks of reality once the transit ends. The path of this deep river winds up flowing to the sea…


History: US
The Soul of the South
 (Coming soon!)

Jefferson DavisOn February 18, 1861 Jefferson Davis was inaugurated as the Confederacy’s provisional president at a ceremony held in Montgomery AL. By selecting this man as their representative leader, the focus of the Ante Bellum South was brought to a culmination embodied in this act, at this time. Using the Civil War as a battle field guide, we watch the chart of that day unfold through four years of testimony, before the final surrender at Appomattox Court House in 1865 brought the South’s foray with freedom to an end.


History: World
The Astrological Ages

Like sands through the hourglass, we weave history and astrological insight into the paths humanity has traveled. Civilizations rise and fall, and they do so in step with the heavenly mandate. Beginning with the origins of agriculture in the Fertile Crescent, we wind our way through western culture beginning with Sumerian roots on the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates, then watch as the Egyptians emerge from the floodwaters of the Nile. Chapters from the Old Testament bear witness to trials by fire, while the Greeks and Romans vie with the Celts for supremacy. They all seized their moment in time, until absorbed by Christianity and Islam in cadence to the celestial beat. All in all, an amazing saga from across the centuries, and a wonderful example of the power of the stars at work.


History and Legend: World
The Age of Gemini

“In the beginning was the word…”

We have only glimpses of this distant time, which ran from approximately six to four thousand BC. As a mutable air sign ruling transportation and communication, the archaeological evidence tells us of increased trade and travel, of local resources being found far from their place of origin. Gemini is ruled by Mercury, and Mercury was the Lord of the Merchant, the traveller and trader. Artifacts provide us with inscribed votive objects proving the existence of Old European Linear signs and the very early incidence of writing. A striking development in art at the inception of the this era was its persistent representation of a number of conventionalized graphic designs symbolizing abstract ideas. Themes of Bird (Air Sign) and Snake Goddesses are abundant.

Gemini MaskBut if we reach down more deeply into some of the oldest myths and legends, we begin to glean a larger picture, one much more sophisticated than the archaeological record would seen to indicate. There is suggestion of a world wide system of communication, with global themes of a universe which was split in two from the shell of an egg, one half becoming the sky, the other the earth. It was a time when the ley system was being developed, a tract of straight roads and paths designed to nurture the entire planet with its currents, and linked by a interconnecting web of sacred sites and early astronomical alignments. As the Age ended, the Bible suggests that this may have been the end of a era of communication, wherein civilization had advanced to the point where there was ‘nothing in which they could not accomplish’, and therefore this ‘Tower of Babel’ was brought down by divine intervention.


The Bible
The Old Testament

Historically, Judaism did not have the philosophical problems with astrology which Christianity later developed. Throughout the ancient world, there is a tradition of working important information into a code which was read and understood by those who were in on the mystery. Join us as we unwrap some of the enigmas of the Old Testament, clearly and easily demonstrating how the fabric and structure of astrology is to be found in the original ‘historical books’ of the Bible.


The Bible
Secrets of Scripture- Exodus and The Star of Bethlehem

Holding BibleTwo of the real gems Athena has revealed in the over three decades I have been studying at her side are included in this powerful presentation. From the pages of the Bible we are given clues, in mythic form, which reveal far more than the words themselves. Join us for a new look at what is written, and what it means. For the first time, the dates of both the Exodus and the mysterious star of the birth of the Messiah can now be determined.


The Bible
The Book of Revelation- Timetable for Humanity

Revelation 4:1 Then, in my vision, I saw a door open in Heaven and heard the same voice speaking to me, the voice like a trumpet, saying, “Come up here; I will show you what is to come in the future.”

Building upon the themes presented in Myths, Stars and Dragons, the mysteries of this final book of the New Testament are opened to reveal an amazing story of the future as foreseen in the first century AD. While the true message of the Letters to the Seven Churches and the Secrets of the Seven Seals is laid bare, a new enigma is revealed as we find ourselves currently standing at the gates of Omega, described by Revelation as ‘the end’. Help us unravel the threads of this, the most mythic book of the entire Bible.




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