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Posted on May 28th, 2014 by Don Cerow


In yet another weave of the WEB, we have found our symbolic center stepping forward into the light once again. While driving through the Southwest, Lisa and I have been studying the ways of the native tribes, the Zuni, Comanche, Navaho and Hopi. But most of our information on these contemporary Pueblo peoples comes from the Anasazi, “the ancient ones”.

Travel in the Southwest

      Further south, the Central American associations with Quetzalcoatl and Kukulkan (the feathered serpent for Aztec and Mayan cultures) lead us back to our Dragon, the constellation Draco. We have learned that our image can be multi-faceted, like the shape-shifters of old. There is a Serpent entwined around the shaft, Dragon around the lance, Imperial Dragon around the pearl, Pytho around Apollo’s arrow or Ti’amat around Marduk’s arrow, the serpent in the tree or Cadmus’s Dragon whose head is pinned against the trunk of a tree or pillar.

Both Abraham and Moses used a mountain.

If we face south, the peak of our imaginary mountain is forged on the fire of the Sun during the day as it defines high noon. At night, it is the planets as gods that climb to this southern summit before beginning their descent towards western shores.

If we face north, then the constellation Draco is Lord of the Summit, where few are given permission to enter, ever guarded by the watchful eyes of his circumpolar companions. While the Sun led us south, the path for this journey leads us north, where the icy winds blow.

Same site

   Only those who can offer a north star as part of their dowry are allowed entry past this point.

The following is a glimpse of an Aztec myth. To them, Coatlicue is Mother Earth. One day while sweeping the temple on Coatapec (serpent hill), Coatlicue swept up a ball of feathers, which she placed on her bosom, but later found it had vanished and she had become pregnant.

The myth goes on, but we have once again had a glimpse of the serpent on the summit, where all astronomy begins its journey by starting at the center. A sky-story is getting ready to be outlined.

It defined their time. It defined their space.


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