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Posted on September 8th, 2014 by Don Cerow


The Ones are a group of energies that offer intuitive guidance through Peg Robbins, an old friend of mine. The following was the tale end to a series of issues, some of which we will share with you over the next few weeks. The Ones seem to look at the Earth and its inhabitants with a different vantage point, from an (to my mind) objective perspective. They then leave it to you to decide, does what is being said make sense, or not?

The Ones this month summarize what it is that we could do to help bring in the new vibration without fear, guilt or condemnation. This was part of a larger session which looked at the power of sound and music, together with some of their healing capabilities, of what it takes to make a commitment to peace (to help clarify where we come from for the days ahead), and of gratitude and its importance.


Conscious and Careful


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