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Creation Myths:

Posted on July 20th, 2020 by Don Cerow

The Sun Came Down

      “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was a formless void, there was darkness over the deep, and God’s spirit hung over the water.”
                                                                                                            Genesis 1:1
                                                                                                            Hebrew Bible
      “This is the account of how all was in suspense, all calm, in silence; all motionless, still, and the expanse of the Sky was empty.”
      “This is the first account, the first narrative. There was neither man, nor animal, birds, fishes, crabs, trees, stones, caves, ravines, grasses, nor forests; there was only the Sky.”   
      “The surface of the Earth had not appeared. There was only the calm Sea and the great expanse of the Sky.”
      “There was nothing brought together, nothing which could make a noise, nor anything which might move, or tremble, or could make noise in the Sky.”
      “There was nothing standing; only the calm Water, the placid Sea, alone and tranquil.”
      “Nothing existed.”  
                                                                                     The opening lines of the
                                                             Popol Vuh, the Book of Community,
                                                                                      The Bible of the Maya.
      “Creator Sun has lived from the beginning, and he will live on forever. He alone can do the impossible and more.”
      “Creator Sun lived alone in a spiritual place for ages, no one else to be with . . .”
                                                                                        The History of the World
                                                                                   As told by Blackfeet Elders
   Not only do many of the opening lines of various Creation Myths bear a thematic similarity; of moving from the Void to a fully populated Creation, in various traditions this initial act is followed by a strikingly similar tale.
      In Genesis Eve is tempted by the Serpent in the Tree to take a bite from the apple.
      As we saw in our last Moon Mail in the Egyptian myth, the union of the Two Brothers is severed when the wife attempts to seduce the younger brother. Later in the tale, the soul of Bata (the younger brother) is hidden in the highest flower of an Acacia Tree. Bata dies when this tree is cut down, but is later brought back to life in a new incarnation.
      In this week’s legend from the tribe of the Blackfeet, the wife is seduced, over and over again, by a serpent that has the ability to transform into a man and back into a serpent again when he re-enters his den. Animal attraction, magnetic appeal, secret rendezvous, carnal temptations; they’re all here. As the Blackfeet tell it, Creator Sun first creates a world entirely of serpents but doesn’t like how it turns out and so destroys them all; all save one pregnant serpent mother that manages to survive. So, He attempts Creation a second time.

      We pick up with our Creation tale, already in progress:
 The Sun Came Down
The History of the World as My Blackfeet Elders Told It
by Percy Bullchild

                 The snakes had increased to many again. Creator Sun didn’t let that worry him. He had made it so the snakes would be destroyed by natural causes.
            The power Creator Sun had given them, the snakes still had that. In many ways they could use this power yet (image at right; Serpens on top, Scorpio below. Dates of Autumnal Equinox triggers).
            Creator Sun’s family was getting along just so good. He was the one running this particular life of his wife, the Moon, and his seven sons, the Big Dipper. Each boy had a chore to do, their mother had hers too- taking care of their living place and going after food for them in the thickets of nature. 
            All of this was carried out as time went along. It was just a routine thing for them. They would rest after they got tired, lay down and sleep awhile, eat after waking up, and go back to work at what was being done.
            When all were at work, it was a routine thing for the woman to go off to herself to rustle what she needed for their camp.

It was one of these times the woman was alone. She was in a very high growth of shrubs, looking for food. It was there that she got very startled by the appearance of another being. A tall, slim man, and in the same manner the boys and their father, Creator Sun, were made. At that particular time, slim or good-looking wasn’t heard of. But for some reason, the woman seen (sic) something very extra special in this man’s looks. She was completely overcome with surprise. She couldn’t speak, she couldn’t move, she just stood there and stared at this man.
            Creator Sun hadn’t mentioned any other beings around here. She wouldn’t have been so surprised if he had said something about others being around here. She would’ve been expecting to see other beings like themselves.
            For a long time they just stood there, staring at each other, probably waiting for each other to say the first word.
            It was a funny thing, they understood one another when they did talk. This was very unusual. It would seem that only nine of them would know their words, the utterance they made to understand one another. But the woman was just so startled, she didn’t notice.
            The Snakeman was the first to break the silence. “Don’t be so startled. I’m a being, just like you.”

      The woman was still startled and couldn’t quite find words to say. Finally finding words to use, she said, “You scared me very much. I didn’t know there were others the same as we around this place. My husband, Creator Sun, never mentioned others to be around here.”
            “He must have forgot to tell you about us,” the Snakeman told the woman. “But don’t be afraid of me. I won’t hurt you.”
            By now the surprise was gone from them, they both began to talk earnestly, eventually sitting down to visit.
            Both forgot time as they sat there visiting. All at once the woman jumped up, saying, “I’m supposed to be getting some things around here. I must hurry and get back, they will miss me if I do not get back to the camp.”
            The Snakeman jumped up too, saying, “I must be on my way, too. I have to get back to the others, before they miss me.”
            “Before you leave me,” said the Snakeman to the woman, “I want to tell you not to mention our meeting here. If Creator Sun has forgotten about us and never mentioned our presence here, then he must find out for himself that we are still around yet. Just keep this to yourself.”
            The woman readily agreed to this. She was a little nervous about it, too.
            The woman was a little late in getting home to her camp. There was no need to fear. There was no one there yet.
            Soon, though, each of the others began to come into the camp for the meal and rest afterward. For some reason, the woman felt quite uneasy. She really didn’t have to worry, no one seen her (sic) with the strange man.
            Creator Sun was always the last one to come into the camp, he had quite a bit more to do than the rest of them. He came and sat down, he was quiet this time. For a long time he just sat there saying nothing. This made the woman that much more uneasy.
            The woman too was unusually quiet, but she had to say something to break that awful silence. “What happened out there? Why is everyone so quiet? Maybe I can be of some help.”
            Creator Sun answered her, “Nothing happened. I was just wondering about a funny smell that’s in the air. It’s a wonder that you and the boys don’t smell it too.”
            Almost all at once, they answered, “We don’t smell anything. It must be just a weed or something growing close by here, or maybe we went too close to some smelly weed.”
            All got quiet again. The incident was soon forgotten and all began to talk of something else. Talking of something funny for laughter, to forget the smelly incident.
            At this particular time, day and night wasn’t separated yet. Everyone ate and laid down for rest. All slept for some time before waking up and then went back to the chores they had to do all the time. It was just a routine thing for them.
            Several times the woman went out to where she usually gathered things for their use in camp. Each time she went there, she had a secret hope of meeting the strange man she met there before.

      The Snakeman came again, and for some unknown reason the woman was thrilled to see him. She wasn’t afraid to see him this time. The woman seemed very happy that this strange man came again, to talk with him again.
            Right away they sat among the growth and began to talk of things that happened since their last meeting here.
            The woman mentioned to the strange man that Creator Sun had some suspicion of their last meeting. Creator Sun said he smelled something peculiar. We didn’t know what it was, but I had a very good idea of what it was. I never mentioned anything about our meeting. I was very near you the time we met, and I knew it had to come from you.
            The Snakeman told the woman, “Just don’t say anything about me yet, he will find out sooner or later. I like your company and I don’t want to see it end so soon.”
            The woman and the Snakeman both agreed to this. They would never mention this to anyone. It would be their secret for the time being.
            Meeting with the strange man was like a magnetic force to the woman. She was being pulled more and more to this Snakeman, but she didn’t know he was originally of the great snake family that overran this land before her time.
            The woman went more and more to the meeting place among the high growth of bushes. She made many excuses to cover up her wrongdoings. This thing was deep in her heart, that magnetic pull was there, an urge to see that strange man all the time. The strange man seemed to be there more often, and their meetings got more and more cozy. The meetings had become more cuddly.
            This went on for the longest time. Their secret meeting turned into very intimate doings.
            Their meetings went on for a very long time. And after all the intimate meetings between them, the Snakeman knew it was a very secure friendship, and there was nothing to come in between them from here on. So he told the woman of his true identity. He told her about himself and the snake’s previous existence. That they were the first life on Mother Earth and were put there by Creator Sun. It was all snake life then, there were tiny snakes, medium snakes, big snakes. He told her of the destruction of them and how one female snake got away by hiding in a deep crevice. She was in a family way and not too far from having her little ones. She alone survived that great destruction of the inferno. All the rest of that snake life was destroyed.
            The stranger told a pitiful story, but he never mentioned why they were destroyed by Creator Sun. Naturally! The woman fell for the pitiful story. It was true to a certain extent, but the Snakeman made it so much more pitiful and worse. The woman felt awful sorry for that once great snake life and the way that they were destroyed by Creator Sun. Maybe because of her feelings for this strange man, her feelings were now against her man, Creator Sun.

                  This woman of Creator Sun felt like she was the one to be responsible for what happened a long, long time ago.
            By doing what she was doing, the meetings with the Snakeman, she had the idea she was paying for Creator Sun’s wrongdoings. She really didn’t have anything to do with it all, it was a long time before her time.
            This was the very thing the Snakeman was waiting for: to completely take the woman into his confidence.
            He now had her where he wanted her. She was on his side, it was very safe to tell her anything. He told her what to do if she wanted to get hold of him. He took her to a very thick growth, where no one could see, was a den. The Snakeman told the woman to just stomp over the mouth of the den as hard as she could with her foot, and that would bring him out of his den.
            It was this way for a very long time, she would stomp over the mouth of the den and he would come out to meet her. It was her now that was bothering the Snakeman, and that’s just the way that the Snakeman wanted it.           
            Many, many times she knew she was doing wrong, but that strong magnetic force kept her coming back over and over again. She knew that she shouldn’t be doing this to her man, Creator Sun, and to her seven sons. It was many times she made up her mind that she would not see the strange man anymore. But she couldn’t resist that strange force of attraction.
            Their meetings went on and on, and each time she left the Snakeman she wanted to go right back to him in a little while. One of the times of rest, she finally noticed that her man, Creator Sun, hadn’t said much in many days- in fact, for a very long time. He was just always so very quiet now. She felt awful uneasy over this quietness. Creator Sun didn’t come right out to accuse her, but that look in his eyes said enough for an accusation.
            Creator Sun knew what was going on all this time, but, as always, he is so forgiving to all his creations. He wanted her to overcome her wrongdoings by herself. This was his way of life.

            Creator Sun is never the mean type, because he made all things of this Mother Earth. He loves us all. But no matter who sinned against him or his rules, they will surely pay for the sin in their life, not after, because the sin was made is this life we are living here on Mother Earth. It is really our bodies that make a sin, not our spirits, and so the body has to go through some sort of payment for those sins we commit. It may be a sickness, or it may be a broken part of your body, even death or whatever is a befitting way to pay for a sin, and it all comes the way it’s set for the seriousness of the sin. Nevertheless, all of us are to pay for whatever sins we commit and pay for them in this life we’re living so the body will suffer for that particular sin.
            Things went on as usual: the boys done (sic) their daily chores, the woman going to her usual place in the thickets to see her Snakeman almost every time she had that chance or her times in those thickets.
            It was getting very close to where Creator Sun thought it should end, this wickedness of this woman. He knew of the Snakeman, because no one can hide anything from our Creator.
            This time, all came in for their meal and rest. Everyone ate then laid down for their rest. After their rest, all got up to eat after their meal, everyone left for their work area except the woman. She had to do her other chores around the camp area before she could leave for her own area of work.
            Creator Sun left for his place of work, only this time he didn’t go there. Creator Sun left, but went into the thickets to hide until his woman came out to her place of work. Creator Sun knew there was something going on. He knew it was her that the strange smell was coming from, he knew that no good was going on, but he must see it with his own eyes before he would believe it.
            Creator Sun’s woman was getting through with her camp chores and not hurrying much, she knew it wouldn’t be too long before she would see her Snakeman friend. She got ready, and to the place she went. She didn’t even look to see if anyone was around, she went like nobody’s business right to the den of her Snakeman friend.
            This time, there was her own man, Creator Sun, spying on her as he waited in the thick bushes until she came. After passing him, he followed her to wherever she was going, but followed so she wouldn’t see him.
            The woman went right for the very thick bushes after reaching her work area, and right on to the den of her Snakeman friend. Without a bit of hesitation she went to where she usually stomped to attract her Snakeman friend in the den. In a moment, a tall, slim man emerged from the thickets. He had a slim face, his body was very tall and slim too. This! Creator Sun was taking all in from his hiding place, which wasn’t too far from this very spot.
            Creator Sun knew right away what it really was all about. He had recognized the strange man as one of those he had destroyed a long, long time ago.
            Creator Sun didn’t leave just yet, he waited to find out firsthand what his woman was doing, why she smelled of that strange smell around the camp.
            Creator Sun seen (sic) all that actually happened between the woman and her Snakeman friend. Creator Sun, after seeing what really happened between the two, hung his head in shame and sadness. His own woman was very bad.
            Creator Sun, sneaking away from there, went to his place of work. He went along sadly and in a deep thought about what took place.
            Creator Sun knew what he must do, but it was work first at all times.
            After their work time, all had come to the camp area for their meal and rest time. Day and night wasn’t divided yet, it was always bright out all the time. Each went to sleep for their rest except Creator Sun. He lay there thinking what should be done about his wife and her man friend, the Snake.
            He knew the Snake family was after him for the destruction of them by him, and he must do something about them, so that they would not again become many.
            All refreshed from their rest after their sleep, everyone was to eat and go back to their chores again. Right after their meal, each one knew where their usual places were. The boys each went their separate ways, and Creator Sun went his own way, but not to his accustomed place of work. He hid after he got out of sight of the camp and kept his eyes on the woman.
            The woman always had chores to do around the camp area after everyone left. Once through with that chore, she would hurry to her usual place of work among the bushes.
            Creator Sun made sure she had gone to her usual place of work before getting into action. Instead of going to his place of work, he followed his sons to their places of work, each one of them. Creator Sun brought all of the boys together in one place secretly, so the wife and mother of the boys wouldn’t know of this meeting. This was a very important meeting between Creator Sun and his boys.
            Creator Sun told his sons what was happening between their mother and her Snakeman friend. They were doing wicked things that was bad against his plans, and something must be done about it. He consulted his sons so they could help him decide what to do about all of this (sic) bad thing going on.
            He told them all about the previous life of the Snakes and what they tried to do in this land. They had brought many evil things and wanted to rule the land to their liking. How he destroyed them by a natural disaster- not by his hands, but by his power of destruction.
            After what happened to those snakes, I really didn’t think I’d ever have any trouble by them. I know they want revenge for what happened to them. That revenge seems to be working, they have your mother in their confidence and can do almost anything with her now. I must put a stop to this in some way. I gave those snakes much power, which they are using against me. But I must overcome that power and stop them before they ruin this land and before they try to get you boys too into their confidence.

“From now on into the never-ending time ahead I shall destroy the power I gave them, as much of it as I can. I shall make it so even you boys will despise those snakes or any snake that is seen. From here on, all people shall go against all snakes for evilness. People shall kill them anytime they see a snake . . .”
“Not hesitating for any reason, Creator Sun wanted to get this over fast. He went directly to the very spot he seen the woman stomping on. Creator Sun began stomping on the spot, and he didn’t have long to wait. A commotion from within the den told him that the snake was coming out. Creator Sun was ready with a big, large flint knife in his hand and in a poise, ready to strike.
            This strange Snakeman would transform into a snake as he got ready to go into his den, and he would transform into a man as he comes out all the way onto open ground.
            In a poise, ready to strike just as the snake slithered into the open and his head emerged into sight, Creator Sun came down with all his might on the neck of the snake with the sharp flint knife.
            The snake came slithering very fast to the surface, so when his head was chopped off, it fell to one side of the den. The snake’s body kept a-coming until it was clear of the den before whipping around on the ground in its last throes of life .  .  .
            It was a sad sight that Creator Sun saw of the snake’s death. As the head of the snake stopped rolling, there was a surprised look in his eyes, his tongue was still a-spitting out of his mouth. Towards the last of what life was left in it, the eyes became very sad and never stopped blinking until it laid still. Its eyes stayed open as he died.”
                      The Sun CamDown, by Percy Bullchild; pp. 10-16, 17-18.
      Observe that the Egyptian snake is also having its head cut off as it aligns with the Tree. The similarities between these myths are striking, both literally and figuratively speaking. In Native American and Hebrew myths, the snake is the only interactive game in town. Yet the geographical distance between these cultures is considerable; Mayan, Blackfeet, Egyptian and Judaic; Central America, Northwest America (on the Canadian border), the Levant and Africa. The Judaic myth places the serpent squarely in the Tree, the Egyptian myth places the soul in the highest flower of the Acacia Tree, while the Native American myth places the alignment in a thicket; trees not having been yet created. The images above suggest that the Egyptian serpent was not far behind, part of a once universal ‘language’ of symbolism born of the necessity of learning to read the skies. This is not a dialect like French, German or Sanskrit, but rather of symbolism, a symbolism found rooted in the skies.

      In each of these myths it is the woman who is found to be at fault. Eve ignores God’s warnings, Anpu’s wife succumbs to lust, and Creator Sun’s wife, the Moon, is slowly seduced over time. In the Genesis myth it is evident, though not explicitly stated, that the bite of the apple is carnal knowledge. Having taken a bite, Eve and Adam realize they are naked. Certainly through the evolution of western civilization the bite of the apple, and even the apple itself, have come to symbolize sexual impropriety and yielding to temptation.

            Our mythological forebearers are let off comparatively lightly; they are cursed and expelled from the Garden. Anpu’s wife is murdered, her body thrown to the dogs. Creator Sun’s wife is killed and cremated together with the body of her serpentine lover.
      Creator Sun was said to have made nothing but serpents in his first attempt at Creation, but these multiplied so fast that they filled the Earth.
      “For many eons of time the snakes flourished, increasing by manifold. In fact, they had filled this mud ball and they were still coming.”
      “There were certain commands given them by Creator Sun to follow. As time went on, the snakes forgot all about the command of their Maker. They went wild. Everything they did went against their Maker. They weren’t listening. They took everything their own way.”
                                                                                 The Sun Came Down, p. 6-7.

      There was a period of time during which the stars, and therefore the world, were dominated by venomous constellations for more than a thousand years; if we include the constellation Draco, for more than six thousand years. Not only were the skies filled with poisonous creations such as Medusa and the Hydra, but one of our trigger points, the Autumnal Equinox, was aligning with a multitude of stars through Scorpio, the Scorpion and Serpens, the Serpent. 

      The Vernal Equinox, the celestial Spring marker, represents the Hero in the myth, a la Joseph Campbell. Whether it is Batu, Marduk, Gilgamesh, Europa, or Odysseus. The Dragon book focuses on this series, but each of the Cardinal Points; North, South, East or West, have their own story to tell as they align with the Cardinal Axis. North and East are extensively discussed in the Dragon book. Here we are taking a brief look at the Autumnal Equinox. The South Celestial Pole is not much discussed mythologically because in the northern hemisphere it is not seen and no bright star marks its position. While the Vernal Equinox (Spring) represents the champion or hero, the Autumnal Equinox (Fall) represents the position of partnership. So from 3814 to 2521 BC (see image at the start of this column) there was a regular succession of venomous stars seductively aligning with the relationship position in the chart making for some very spiteful marriages. In the Tale of Two Brothers, the younger brother is betrayed and later murdered repeatedly through a number of reincarnations. In The Sun Came Down, Creator Sun’s wife, the Moon, is repeatedly seduced. Eve is Adam’s partner. She had them both eat of the fruit.

      These are not coincidences or happenstance. They are mythological memories designed to help record and remember astronomical alignments, like the beginning of the seasons and lunar stations. The notion that they have lasted this long and that we can repeat them to this day is a testament to their durability and their power. The blow is struck by Cadmus (see image above) as the Dragon’s head aligns with the trunk of the Tree.

      Just like Creator Sun.  

      Each of these cultures strive to determine the best celestial mechanics because they all feel that the skies, and the planets, determine their futures.

       Around the globe, they believe in astrology and are using myths to help them remember the keynotes of the skies.

      “So they are all a single people with a single language!” said Yahweh. “This is but the start of their undertakings! There will be nothing too hard for them to do. 
                                                                                                            Genesis 11:6.
                                                                                                            Hebrew Bible

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