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Daily Planets- 01/08/16

Posted on January 7th, 2016 by Don Cerow

January 8-January 14, 2016

All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 8th Once Mercury enters Capricorn today at 2:36 PM, things get down to business. We’re energized, serious, responsible and focused. Take on projects that require time and effort and do what must be done. Tonight could be passionate if you got your chores done.

Saturday, 9th We’re very pleased and enticed throughout the morning. We feel good and are attracted by our surrounding circumstances. There could be deals, sales or other resources being made available. Pre-2:00 PM is best.

Sunday, 10th Things are a little slower moving through the late morning. We feel bogged down. Return to Friday’s efforts later tonight and continue to work on longer term efforts.

V/C Moon 12:39 PM-3:23 PM when it enters Aquarius

Monday, 11th We apply shoulder to wheel to get things done this afternoon, but in general we feel pretty good about our progress through 8:00 PM. After that, cut loose for a bit of a break.

V/C Moon 8:09 PM-5:53 PM (Tuesday) when it enters Pisces

Tuesday, 12thWhat a great day! Note (from yesterday) the extended Void-of-Course Moon period, but enjoy it! Relaxed, playful and communicative through the afternoon, while organized through the morning. Tonight is passionate through 7:00 and 8:00 PM for the best energy of the evening.

Wednesday, 13th–  We’re sensitive to our surroundings through the morning. There are some opportunities that are making themselves available through the afternoon, but we’re not sure how we feel about it. Tomorrow morning, before 11:00, might be a better time to commit to things.

Thursday, 14thGet your work done this morning and then be ready to enjoy the afternoon. The early afternoon can be fun, romantic or creative, while the evening is talkative, interesting and upbeat.

V/C Moon 11:31 AM-9:48 PM when it enters Aries


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