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Daily Planets- 01/29/16

Posted on January 29th, 2016 by Don Cerow

January 29-February 4, 2016

All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 29th Make sure you’re on time for your early morning appointments. Early afternoon is industrious, but late afternoon is irritable. Conversations are more forceful and belligerent. Pre and post midnight is when things build to a peak. What is being said at this time probably will not come to pass, so let it go.

V/C Moon 8:34 PM-10:50 PM (Saturday) when it enters Scorpio

Saturday, 30th The Void-of-Course Moon is fairly enjoyable. Relax, dream, meditate or get some rest late morning. Mid to late afternoon is also peaceful and pleasant.  There’s creativity and a supportive environment. 9:00 PM is not so much fun.

Sunday, 31st Early morning and late afternoon are quite pleasant, but we may not like the late night alterations. Electronics may throw some curves at you, or folks may change travel plans (or whatever). Be careful out there on the roads because some are not playing by the rules.

Monday, 1st Serious considerations are on the table this morning, but we can be professional and get things done. Be on time and stay within the lines. The mood is good, but what you’re doing may take some effort. 7:30 PM is more upbeat and a time to shift gears. Near midnight conversations get more concentrated.

V/C Moon 7:35 PM-10:50 AM (Tuesday) when it enters Sagittarius

Tuesday, 2ndFrom 11:00 AM on, a fairly active day when we have more energy. Some may chat it away around noon, but focus on what needs to be done and you will accomplish more. From 6:00 PM through 11:00 PM the vibe is more upbeat.

Wednesday, 3rd–  We seem to be on a roll where more can be taken care of. Up and alert in the AM, we play by the rules throughout the afternoon. 8:00 PM brings a change of pace that helps to spice the pot. Follow where it leads and retire early.

V/C Moon 7:58 PM-7:44 PM (Thursday) when it enters Capricorn

Thursday, 4thFrom 7:00 this morning until 8:00 this evening is fairly pleasant. You may not get much work done, but that’s OK. Especially restful is noon to two. The Moon enters Capricorn at 7:44 tonight, and many will use the energy to launch into a project or two with renewed interest.


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