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Daily Planets- 03/17/17

Posted on March 17th, 2017 by Don Cerow

March 17-March 23, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 17th Energy and enthusiasm are available through the morning, but things begins to drag somewhat through the afternoon. Circumstances get in the way that take more time than we had wanted. After 6:00 PM we shift gears and relax in a playful way.

V/C Moon 5:56 PM-11:00 when it enters Sagittarius

Saturday, 18th The seeds of what we are working on through the morning come into their own through the late afternoon and early evening. We like it and are willing to talk about it. It’s a little more difficult to relax as we approach midnight.

Sunday, 19th Here’s your chance to say good-bye to the last full day of winter! Life is pleasant through the afternoon, and 9:00 PM conjures interest or surprises. Be willing to walk a more alternative path, and you’ll be glad you did.

Monday, 20th Hello Spring! The Sun entered Aries at 6:29 this morning putting more bounce in our step. The afternoon is particularly nice, bordering on magical. Life is good.

V/C Moon 6:37 AM-11:31 AM when it enters Capricorn

Tuesday, 21stGet up early and get what you really need¬† to done as we’re sharp, focused and able to cut through issues that would normally slow us down. By mid-afternoon we’re taken down a path we hadn’t planned to take, so be ready. After 11:00 tonight some of our early morning focus begins to return.

Wednesday, 22nd–¬† The day is largely V/C, which means it has a tendency to drift. We don’t like the shifts of 9:00 AM, but are much happier campers as we approach noon. Not all the info we need is available late evening. Midnight may be restless.

V/C Moon 9:20 AM-10:28 PM when it enters Aquarius

Thursday, 23rdCommunications and transportation are more intense and more penetrating today, all day long but especially around 8:00 tonight. Verbal arguments are better than transportational arguments, but consider your words carefully before launching them. Mid-morning is very nice.


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