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Daily Planets- 04/03/15

Posted on April 2nd, 2015 by Don Cerow

April 3 – April 9, 2015

All times Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 3rd- An excellent morning propels us into the day after 8:00 AM. We’re relaxed, intuitive and well-rested. Although a little uncertain around 8:00 PM, we have the energy to see us through the rest of the evening heading into midnight.

Saturday, 4th The Full Moon, a lunar eclipse, is exact at 8:06 this morning. Relationships are being brought into focus. Moods may shift dramatically as we approach noon. The afternoon is a little pushed, and we feel the edge, but after 7:30 that little smile begins to grow.

V/C Moon 11:58 PM-3:04 PM (Sunday) when it enters Scorpio

Sunday, 5th Conflicts are possible through the morning. Heads may roll. The powers of light (Sun) and darkness (Pluto) stand in contrast to each other. Know that things are not permanent until after 3:00 PM. Early evening, through to about 10:00 PM, can be very pleasant. Later evening is a little more confrontational.

Monday, 6th The morning is great. We like what we hear and are intrigued by the changes. The afternoon, not so much. Be careful, because enthusiasm may get you in trouble. Obey the law, heed safety equipment, and respect authority. They, and not you, hold the uphill advantage. The mood improves around 9:00 PM.

V/C Moon 4:42 PM-1:08 AM when it enters Sagittarius

Tuesday, 7th- Yesterday Mars inconjuncted Saturn, today Mercury squares Pluto. We’re chewing on some difficult issues. Try not to say anything that you will find difficult to take back later. Erroneous information may be on the table, or someone is trying to pressure your vote. Let it ride. Entrenched positions only get you into trouble.

Wednesday, 8th-  We’re told of changes in the itinerary early this morning, and it leaves us feeling a little agitated through the morning. The afternoon isn’t much better, but the evening, as we approach midnight makes us feel more boyant.

Thursday, 9th- Know that circumstances may take longer to implement mid-morning and later afternoon. We’re on the slow boat. Give it the time  it needs. Late morning is some of the smoothest energy of the day. Try to wrap up tasks by 1:30 PM for the usual reasons.

V/C Moon 1:42 PM-8:47 AM (Friday) when it enters Capricorn


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