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Daily Planets- 04/07/17

Posted on April 6th, 2017 by Don Cerow

April 7-April 13, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 7th- Things are getting busy! There’s so much to do with the Sun opposing Jupiter. Gather information and make decisions this morning, and feel the energy build over the next 48 hours.

Saturday, 8th- A powerful day. We need to take things cautiously. Err on the side of and all that. Expenditures may reach deeper through the late afternoon and into the evening.

Sunday, 9th- Communications reach a high water mark as Mercury prepares to go retrograde. People change their minds, equipment needs repair, or we have to reorganize our finances. Things are getting a little more emotional as we move into the evenings into the Full Moon.

V/C Moon 4:21 AM-8:34 AM when it enters Libra

Monday, 10th- Tonight’s Full Moon shortly past midnight builds to a crescendo as the Moon triggers Jupiter, Pluto and the Sun. There may be expenses involved. Given the choice, I would say hold off on purchases if possible.

Tuesday, 11th- The morning is the best time to get things done, even though we feel a little funky. Finish by 2:15 PM. After 7:00 tonight the mood begins to shift.

V/C Moon 2:19 PM-6:42 PM when it enters Scorpio

Wednesday, 12thNew information comes through this morning which could be helpful. We’re busy up until 8:00 PM, but then start to relax by 8:30 and into the evening.

Thursday, 13th- The morning rides fairly nicely, but the pace begins to quicken as we approach 5:00 PM. Get ready for the rush. Good advice can be found around 11:00 PM.

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