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Daily Planets- 05/22/15

Posted on May 21st, 2015 by Don Cerow

May 22-May 28, 2015
All times Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 22nd- Serious circumstances come to the fore as we move to the tail end of the day. Saturn is opposing the Sun and sesquiquadrating Venus. This is work energy, not socialization. An office party could be OK. Deal with back-logged communications. Start after 6:00 PM so as to pass on the V/C Moon.

Saturday, 23rd- There’s energy and drive to get the job done today, although we feel a little off around noon. Other than that thoughts and communications are clear. Close to midnight we feel a bit of an edge but as a rule, get things done on this day.

Sunday, 24th- But not this day. The Moon is Void of Course through the entire day. There’s energy to be had, just make sure it’s applied to mundane jobs, things that are already on-going or don’t require any real mental effort. Mid-morning is especially strong, while mid-afternoon is articulate. For those looking for a little late night fun, this is a good one.
V/C Moon 6:49 AM-4:52 AM (Monday) when it enters Virgo

Monday, 25th- Change keeps throwing curves at us with three Uranian combinations by 1:00 PM. Things are nuts. People are responding irrationality. Breakage is possible. Electronic devices are dropping their signal. This is not what we wanted. Later evening we feel drained and uncertain. As with most Neptune aspects, hold on making declarations at the moment. We may not yet have all the info.

Tuesday, 26th- Clarity is much stronger as we move through the morning. Although early is busy, pre and post noon is when we really get some things done. From 8:00 until 10:30 PM is fairly pleasant.
V/C Moon 10:21 PM-5:42 PM (Wednesday) when it enters Libra

Wednesday, 27th-  The early morning is a little more talkative as we get going. Caffeine does it’s thing. It’s not the most comfortable of afternoons, but more seems to drop into place with the evening.

Thursday, 28th- From 7:30 AM to 9:30 PM we can get things done. Both the Sun and Mars are being nicely aspected today so that we can show initiative, enthusiasm and drive in getting things done. There may be a little misunderstanding around 1:00 PM, but that’s about the only bump in the road. Enjoy!

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