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Daily Planets- 06/05/15

Posted on June 4th, 2015 by Don Cerow

June 5-June 11, 2015

All times Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 5th One aspect jumps out today as the Sun inconjuncts Pluto in the early evening. Confrontations are possible through the afternoon. There is power, but we’re not sure what to do with it. Know that folks may have a hair across their wazoo, and are acting accordingly. Do not tease. If you’re looking to do some personal processing, this one could help you dig (as long as you don’t take their heads off). Late evening is better.

V/C Moon 6:54 AM-1:02 AM (Saturday) when it enters Aquarius

Saturday, 6th Ex-cell-lant-tae!! What a great day. Communications are insightful and inspired, bordering on the magical. The afternoon is best, but we’re productive right into the evening. This one works.

Sunday, 7th Early morning is good, but most of the day is Void-of-Course. It looks as though we can rest under this one. Re-charge those batteries!

V/C Moon 10:30 AM-4:16 AM (Monday) when it enters Pisces

Monday, 8th We need to smooth some feathers out through the morning, but once we cross the mark into the PM, things start to improve markedly. There’s a spirit of enterprise that grows through the afternoon, and then kicks in again as we approach midnight. 9:00 PM, in the middle of all this, is serene.

Tuesday, 9thWe’re pushing a little harder through the late morning and early afternoon. 6:00 PM and later tonight is great for the gift of gab, just don’t act on it quite yet.

V/C Moon 2:08 PM-7:14 AM when it enters Aries

Wednesday, 10th–  There’s new energy and enthusiasm day as the Moon enters Aries. Communications are excellent, our minds are clear. Think thoughts, make decisions. 5:30 PM brings some surprises or interesting ways to do new things. Feelin’ alright, all day long.

Thursday, 11thMercury pivots, and turns direct. Nervous systems energy is strong, putting a load on our systems. We feel buzzed, but communications that you’ve been waiting for starts to open, yesterday, today, tomorrow- We like the changes through the early afternoon most of all. Tonight may be a little sore.

V/C Moon 2:08 PM-7:14 AM when it enters Aries


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