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Daily Planets- 06/17/16

Posted on June 16th, 2016 by Don Cerow

June 17-June 23, 2016

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 17th The morning is intermittent. We attempt to push through, but it’s an ever changing landscape. Tonight the Saturn Neptune square is exact, so we are being confronted by some of the larger issues in our life currently, and it ain’t easy. Do not try to force things that don’t seem to want to fit. This theme is going to play out tonight, tomorrow night and through Monday before we finish chewing on it.

V/C Moon 9:52 AM-9:34 PM when it enters Sagittarius

Saturday, 18th Last night’s issues come back to the surface for review. Conversations are short and help does not seem to be forthcoming. Explosions and revolution are in the air especially with the evening. If your going to hit a wall, slower is better.

Sunday, 19th We simmer down somewhat as we move into the early afternoon, but this is the evening leading into the Full Moon. At 29 degrees of Sagittarius, people are going to be seeing only their own, narrow philosophical perspectives. Words have weight. Use them wisely.

Monday, 20th Mercury re triggers the Saturn Neptune square late morning and early afternoon. Be careful of what you say, and to whom. Things are not as they seem (Mercury square Neptune) and you’re not seeing the full picture. Full Moon, maybe, full picture no.

V/C Moon 7:02 AM-7:55 AM when it enters Capricorn

Tuesday, 21stFinally the energy begins to lift a little. Early morning feels good, 2:00 PM is more upbeat, mid-afternoon more focused. Just don’t stretch yourself and promise more than would be comfortable to follow through with.

Wednesday, 22nd–  10:00 AM is a little glum, while noon has some sparkle to it. Stretching the truth may lead to more heated sentiments as we head into midnight. This is good for doing deep research, or really committing yourself to figuring some things out.

V/C Moon 4:57 AM-4:08 PM when it enters Aquarius

Thursday, 23rdWe feel a little exhausted late morning. Another cup of coffee helps a little, but not much. Early afternoon is some of the smoothest time of the day, so if you need to get something really important done, that is when the vibe is most conducive. There’s energy tonight, but it might be a little forceful.


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