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Daily Planets- 07/08/16

Posted on July 7th, 2016 by Don Cerow

July 8-July 14, 2016

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 8th The earlier morning is quite pleasant  and even stimulating. Through the afternoon we feel the pace begin to drag a bit, especially about 3:00 PM. But then the pace begins to pick up a bit and it will carry some through midnight.

Saturday, 9th Once again, the early morning (5:00 AM) is quite pleasant. Some feel as though they’re not playing on a level playing field as we approach noon. Somebody is overlooking an important piece. Later evening through midnight is quite nice however.

V/C Moon 11:32 PM-4:32 AM (Sunday) when it enters Libra

Sunday, 10th Responsibilities or fatigue weigh us down around noon, but the rest of the afternoon up to 10:00 PM is excellent. There’s affection and interest. Closer to midnight things get a little shaky.

Monday, 11th Play it by the book this morning, getting where you need to on time and doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Someone is manipulating our feelings around noon, while the afternoon leaves us with little time. Later evening improves somewhat.

Tuesday, 12thThere’s confusion and misplaced articles this morning, and the afternoon just kind of coasts from there. The Scorpio Moon begins to squeeze our feelings after 5:00 PM.

V/C Moon 11:01 AM-4:52 PM when it enters Scorpio

Wednesday, 13th–¬† We’re focused on what needs to be done through the afternoon, with some satisfaction kicking in around 4:30 PM. Be careful through the later evening, as things could explode right in your face.

Thursday, 14thThe morning is pleasant and early afternoon is too, but 6:00 PM replays some of last night’s explosiveness. Either there’s secondary reverberations or we’re rehashing what went on late last night or early this morning.

V/C Moon 6:22 PM-5:14 AM (Friday) when it enters Sagittarius


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