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Daily Planets- 07/14/16

Posted on July 14th, 2016 by Don Cerow

July 15-July 21, 2016

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 15th The cost may be a little higher this morning, but we feel pretty good anyway. Around noon works quite well too, but when the evening’s plans change from what we thought, well, we’re not so happy with that transition.

Saturday, 16th Gizmos generate hassles this morning. We’re a little shaken by who we thought was  a team player, but is now turning out not to be so. Late afternoon and evening work. It may need a little elbow grease, but do what you can tonight.

Sunday, 17th Early morning is busier that we’d like it to be, but mid-afternoon starts to fall into place nicely. We’re most effective and make best use of our time after 3:30 this afternoon.

V/C Moon 4:57 AM-3:33 PM when it enters Capricorn

Monday, 18th Earlier afternoon is probably the best time of day, but we feel a little drained early evening. This is not what we wanted to be doing. Those who stay up past midnight working on important projects are happy with the effort.

Tuesday, 19thWe’re focused through the morning hours, but the pace really begins to kick in through the afternoon. The rising Full Moon tonight will be something to see. This is not a night to be putting faith into words. Nor should we mix drinking or imbibing and driving.

V/C Moon 06:57 PM-11:10 PM when it enters Aquarius

Wednesday, 20th–  Stick to your schedule and prioritize your efforts. Get important things done and out of the way by 1:00 PM, and get ready to ride the stream.

Thursday, 21stSomeone is not being fair early afternoon or we’re missing something of value. The afternoon is steady and efficient. Try not to be too pushy into the evening.

V/C Moon 9:56 PM-4:35 AM (Friday) when it enters Pisces

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