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Daily Planets- 07/14/17

Posted on July 13th, 2017 by Don Cerow

July 14-July 20, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 14th There can be some enjoyability to the day, but it will come at a slow pace, especially around 2:30. Don’t fight gravity. Allow it some time.

V/C Moon 1:00 PM-7:52 PM when it enters Aries

Saturday, 15th We can get quite a bit achieved as we approach early afternoon. Folks may be a little subjective about what they’re saying. Late afternoon is the most enjoyable. Late evening we tend to over reach a little, whether in opinions, calories or conversation.

Sunday, 16th Major decisions could be quite costly. Be careful if the selection needs to happen today. Mid-afternoon is especially susceptible. Early evening is uncertain. The more urgently you really want to _______ (fill in the blank), you more you should let it go today and tomorrow.

V/C Moon 10:19 PM-1:04 PM (Monday) when it enters Taurus

Monday, 17th Deep and dangerous waters flow through the day. Venus is what we’re attracted to, Mars is what we desire. In the morning our vision is confused, while in the evening our impulses tend to sweep us away.

Tuesday, 18thPeace returns to the valley through the morning and later afternoon. 7:00 PM may be a little shaky, but after 8:00 the satisfaction takes the upper hand.

Wednesday, 19th–  Nervous systems are abuzz early this morning. We downshift into a more solid track through mid afternoon, taking care of priorities, even though they may not be very entertaining.

V/C Moon 2:11 AM-3:31 AM when it enters Gemini

Thursday, 20th7:30 and earlier is excellent, but then things start to get a little dicey. Once again, mistakes made here could wind up costing you in health or repairs, and folks aren’t thrilled. After 7:00 tonight misdirected passions begin to flow. It all happens so suddenly!



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