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Daily Planets- 07/21/17

Posted on July 20th, 2017 by Don Cerow

July 21-July 27, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 21st We’re a little fuzzy as we get up this morning. The truth may not be readily apparent. We’re listening to domestic tales that don’t really do it for us around 8:00 tonight (or there’s an issue around supper), but 8:30 PM has some sparkle.

V/C Moon ends when it enters Cancer at 4:09 AM

Saturday, 22nd Some are a little jealous and covet what others have around 9:00 AM. Noon is good. The late lunar tide brings fatigue to our shores around 3:30 PM, and after 10:00 PM the chatter box begins to take over.

Sunday, 23rd The New Moon is a little before 6:00 AM and it brings with it renewed enthusiasm and initiative as we move through the morning. The tide pulls out and we feel another afternoon lag, similar to yesterday afternoons. Late evening there’s another surge, but its focus is questionable.

V/C Moon 2:05 AM-4:33 AM when it enters Leo

Monday, 24th Late morning it’s difficult to get what we want, but there are some original ways of working with it as new opportunities emerge around noon. After 4:00 PM things begin to feel much more sociable and fun through 10:00 PM.

Tuesday, 25thMoods swing back and forth today, but with both the Moon and Mercury entering Virgo, it’s a great time to get the job done or begin new dietary regimes. 3:00 through 7:30 PM feels the most upbeat.

V/C Moon 5:22 AM-6:32 AM when it enters Virgo

Wednesday, 26th–  We’re feeling our oats as we work our way through the day. High side; we’re stronger than usual and can take on larger physical tasks; flip side, some may be hot under the collar as minor issues set them off. Late morning, early afternoon is probably the best.

Thursday, 27thThe morning drifts, although we feel a little more animated than usual. The rest of the day runs smoothly, building to a stronger culmination between 7:00 and 10:00 tonight.

V/C Moon 2:31 AM-11:37 AM when it enters Libra

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