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Daily Planets- 07/22/16

Posted on July 21st, 2016 by Don Cerow

July 22-July 28, 2016

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 22nd The Sun entered Leo early this morning, marking the peak month of ¬†summer, but from this point on the nights will begin to get cooler. Our moods are somewhat sensitive as we approach noon. We don’t feel very comfortable with the situation. Late afternoon is a little crazy and we feel the fatigue tonight. Nix on social engagements. Allow for some rest.

Saturday, 23rd The morning is more focused, although busy. Plans change around noon. Late afternoon is better if you allow for opposing opinions. We learn some new approaches late night.

Sunday, 24th There’s more energy and enthusiasm between 8:30 and noon. We like what we’re hearing or doing around 10:00. As we move into the evening issues become more intense. We break things, grind on loved ones or force opinions building into 10:00 PM. Those who discuss differences and examine alternatives make real headway by midnight.

V/C Moon 3:06 AM-8:33 AM when it enters Aries

Monday, 25th Except for the cost we make some real headway this morning. Conversations are insightful and we can figure things out. Just before noon is a little forced, but right after noon is enticing. We want more of what is being offered. 11:00 PM is also pleasant to connect under. Give them a call or otherwise open some dialogue.

Tuesday, 26thThere’s peace in the valley as we move through the day, with some excitement and new ideas being introduced through the evening that are definitely worth being looked into.

V/C Moon 2:19 AM-11:37 AM when it enters Taurus

Wednesday, 27th–¬† We feel lighter and happier through most of the morning, although you need to be careful of alternative suggestions right around 9:00 AM. After that, the day sails along fairly well especially as we approach midnight. Enjoy!

Thursday, 28thWe’re feeling a little pushed this morning; by caffeine around 8:00 and by others just before noon. We can pick up the ball and keep plugging after 2:30. Uranus is getting ready to pivot tomorrow, so get ready for some wild and crazy events through the next 72 hours.

V/C Moon 11:13 AM-2:17 PM when it enters Gemini


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