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Daily Planets-08/14/15

Posted on August 13th, 2015 by Don Cerow

August 14-August 20, 2015

All times Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 14th The New Moon brings some fresh energy to the weekend. Both today and tomorrow are excellent. We can get chores done, bills paid and items checked off the list but as we approach midnight each night, there’s a level of uncertainty or sadness.

Saturday, 15th The satisfaction and organization  continues through the afternoon, but after 8:00 PM the reflective mood begins to deepen. This is not a time to challenge deeply held convictions.

V/C Moon 0:36 AM-3:45 AM when it enters Virgo

Sunday, 16th Early morning is excellent. Logic and clarity are back on the burners. The most organized portion of the day lasts until mid-afternoon. Through the evening the emotional pace picks up.

Monday, 17th Conscientious, responsible, organized or professional people are what you’re looking for in two separate chunks. Finish section one by 1:00 PM, and then go after section two after 4:30 PM. The evening will run much better that way.

V/C Moon 1:16 PM-4:22 PM when it enters Libra

Tuesday, 18thWe’re a little rattled by the changes, but not certain why this morning. Maybe a lingering dream? Early afternoon is best. I didn’t say it was good, I said it was best. Think about what you’re about to say tonight before you say it. Be fair.

Wednesday, 19th–¬† New information, possibly from an alternative source, is coming to the fore. It’s good info, but may stir up some old wounds. Later evening is a little better.

V/C Moon 10:56 PM-5:24 AM (Thursday) when it enters Scorpio

Thursday, 20thCalls, emails and other communicational means of connecting are throwing us errand signals this morning. Are you sure you set the alarm? After 8:00 AM the mood shifts dramatically. Tonight is OK if you don’t push.


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