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Daily Planets- 08/26/16

Posted on August 26th, 2016 by Don Cerow

August 26-September 1, 2016

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 26th Early morning feels a little tired, but as we approach 8:00 AM the mood begins to improve. Later afternoon and early evening are OK, although some folks talk too much. Take with a grain of salt. Call me in the morning.

V/C Moon 8:30 PM-11:06 PM when it enters Cancer

Saturday, 27th In general, this is a nice day that shows some promise. Early morning is best and is less complicated. Late afternoon is a mixed bag. The Moon triggers the Mars Saturn conjunction and we feel fatigued, late or old. But there’s a real gem in the mix; some beauty, satisfaction or an opportunity. The fatigue is temporary. The gem will last.

Sunday, 28th Early morning rituals, especially before 6:00 AM, yield real results. After 5:00 PM has our emotions bouncing around like a pin ball. If you’re up much past 11:00 the mood really begins to improve midnight and later. Soft words whispered in the ear works well.

Monday, 29th The morning mood continues to linger through the afternoon into 5:00 PM. Around 10:00 PM could be quite social. Take some lessons from experience and do what has been done before (and has been seen to work). We get really sleepy around 11:00 PM, but, once again, for those up much past midnight the ‘chi’ is strong.

V/C Moon 2:23 AM-4:11 AM when it enters Leo

Tuesday, 30thMercury goes retrograde today and our nervous systems start to buzz, especially through the morning. There’s more calls, people change their minds and want to do things differently (than what they’ve previously stated) and mechanical repairs come to light. Through the afternoon and into the evening we are very productive and see some real progress or culmination to our work. Long term projects begin to yield fruit (and other choice blossoms).

Wednesday, 31st–  A buzzy day. Early morning is fun, but we’re just floating until we approach noon. We’re thrown a few curves from out of left field later on this evening. Intermittent irritations are generated because we now have to do it differently from what we thought or had been told. Electrical devices could be compromised. This is the last day of the lunar cycle so our energy is winding down tonight. Go to bed earlier if you can.

V/C Moon 0:20 AM-11:22 AM when it enters Virgo

Thursday, 1stThe solar eclipse takes a hard look at our deeper issues. What have we been struggling with through the early morning and late evening. Late morning through late afternoon is much more productive, and much easier on the psyche, especially around 4:00 PM.


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