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Daily Planets- 08/28/15

Posted on August 27th, 2015 by Don Cerow

August 28-September 3, 2015

All times Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 28th The morning moves along at a pace that’s a little hectic as we build into noon, but grows more powerful as we move through sundown and the evening. This is the evening leading into the Full Moon, and tomorrow morning has quite a kick. Explode not, that ye be not exploded upon, or something like that.

Saturday, 29th Mars inconjuncts Pluto at 6:30 this morning, and the Full Moon is at 2:35 this afternoon. Dangerous directions and forceful attitudes are on the table. With Mars in Leo egos may clash. This is accident material that lasts on and off through the day, so take care.

V/C Moon 3:03 AM-4:51 AM when it enters Pisces

Sunday, 30th Mid-morning and mid-afternoon are fairly spirited, we feel good and can get some things done. As we approach 9:00 PM we’re focused, efficient and insightful. The evening’s energy helps us to tune into whatever we need and move it forward.

Monday, 31st Hard news springs to the top on this day. It’s not what we expected or wanted. Later evening could be passionate, but be careful. That gun could go off in your hands.

V/C Moon 2:53 AM-4:33 AM when it enters Aries

Tuesday, 1stAttend to important matters and finish them up through the morning, as the afternoon will be Void-of-Course. We’re grinding on our situation through the afternoon. Now is not the time to try and effect an answer.

V/C Moon 12:37 PM-5:02 AM (Wednesday) when it enters Taurus

Wednesday, 2nd–  The international news is hopping. Areospace technologies and electronic connunications may be most strongly impacted. We feel OK, but there’s a real buzz in the nervous system, whether personal or collective.

Thursday, 3rdWe’re somewhat frustrated as we get up this morning. Try not to jump too fast or push too hard. The early afternoon is excellect and the most productive time of the day, but in the evening we forget stuff or misplace things. What they said is not what we heard. There could be some intentional deception, or it could be that they just don’t know what they’re talking about. Either way, don’t bet the farm.


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