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Daily Planets- 09/04/15

Posted on September 2nd, 2015 by Don Cerow

September 4-September 10, 2015

All times Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 4th Morning works the best. There’s an easy flow and we’re having fun. Later afternoon is a little more hectic, but it leaves some quite tired.

V/C Moon 6:20 AM-7:48 AM when it enters Gemini

Saturday, 5th It’s hard to keep everything on track around 7:00 this morning, but by 8:00 AM we start to feel good. Our energy is sustained through the early afternoon. Finish up by 7:00, but most are satisfied with what they get accomplished.

V/C Moon 7:04 PM-1:40 PM (Sunday) when it enters Cancer

Sunday, 6th Noon slows us down. It doesn’t feel good, but after 1:30 we start to switch gears. We like it. It’s playful, creative and original. Those up past midnight continue to look at life’s bright side.

Monday, 7th Early risers feel fine. The waters get a little choppier as we move into the day. Late night we could unwittingly hit a button. Try not to shoot from the hip.

Tuesday, 8thThere are some bright new directions that could emerge through the afternoon. The key is to take action. Do something about it. Give it the juice it needs. You may have to keep at this through the evening, but it’s worth the time and follow through. Make note of late night ideas.

V/C Moon 9:27 PM-10:36 PM when it enters Leo

Wednesday, 9th–  Ouch! You may not be able to take back what you say. Difficult choices, costing more than you thought they might. Road rage is a possibility. Let it discharge, and don’t feed into it. Midnight re-ignites some of the themes.

Thursday, 10thMore better. We’re organized early on. Prioritize your time. Noon is tender, but we like where it takes us. The afternoon is strong. Physical tasks are more easily undertaken. Six PM is chatty.


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