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Daily Planets- 09/16/16

Posted on September 15th, 2016 by Don Cerow

September 16-September 22, 2016

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 16th Passions build with the Full Moon this afternoon. Folks are being pushy or impulsive. Getting things done after 3:00 PM will be more difficult, but after midnight offers some real surprises.

V/C Moon 3:05 PM-0:22 AM (Saturday) when it enters Aries

Saturday, 17th Except for early afternoon, this is a good day. Conversations are clear around 9:00 AM, more methodical progress is possible late afternoon. Midnight is a little intense. It cuts at the quick.

Sunday, 18th The afternoon is the best energy of the day, building into 4:00 PM. After that the energy beings to drag. Conversations tend toward the conservative side.

V/C Moon 4:10 PM-0:58 AM (Monday) when it enters Taurus

Monday, 19th Early morning is very nice. Enjoy before 9:00 AM. We struggle to make sense of some issues as we head into the evening, but this could spill over into tomorrow night when we resolve issues. The afternoon has us emotionally rocking back and forth.

Tuesday, 20thWe’re buzzy in the early AM, but feeling much more relaxed as we hit noon. What is said this evening has more power. Listen to both your logic and your intuition in making decisions.

V/C Moon 11:32 PM-1:53 PM (Wednesday) when it enters Gemini

Wednesday, 21st–  The morning can see considerable progress if you discipline your actions. Late afternoon changes can throw us for a bit of a loop. This is the last day of summer. Acknowledge what it has brought through the course of the morning.

Thursday, 22ndMercury pivoted overnight and we see progress in areas that we’ve been working with. 10:21 AM is the time to say hello to Autumn. There’s a great deal of chatter and nervous system buzz with the Gemini Moon and Mercury pivot. There’s a shot of energy as we approach midnight.


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