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Daily Planets- 09/23/16

Posted on September 22nd, 2016 by Don Cerow

September 23-September 29, 2016

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 23rd Four aspects to Mercury today make it a nervous energy system day. We’re buzzy, talkative and curious. Thing keep changing. The truth may come out late afternoon or early evening. We’re bright, playful and creative. In general, a good day when we can get much accomplished for those who don’t spend it in idle gossip.

V/C Moon 3:57 AM-4:33 AM when it enters Cancer

Saturday, 24th Another creative day when the mood is fairly positive. Late afternoon and early evening (6:00 PM) is probably best. Under the lunar rays of this Cancer Moon, we feel pretty good.

V/C Moon 9:42 PM-9:48 AM (Sunday) when it enters Leo

Sunday, 25th The morning and early afternoon are a little hectic, but after 3:00 PM things really start to improve. There’s sensuality, magnetism and karisma through 9:00 or 9:30 tonight. There’s opportunity for those willing to extend themselves.

Monday, 26th Deep emotions are coming to the fore, and those who aren’t swept away really enjoy the ride, especially through the morning. Say hello to the Pluto pivot. Search out 15 Capricorn in your chart to determine who’s getting tugged at under the table.

Tuesday, 27thThe Void-of-Course Moon blankets most of the work day, so it’s a little harder to accomplish tasks requiring high end mental focus. We feel a surge of energy around 6:00 PM when we can get things moving and tasks better taken care of.

V/C Moon 4:52 AM-5:43 PM when it enters Virgo

Wednesday, 28th–  From about noon to 4:00 PM we’re dealing with more difficult issues, but both before and after that are pretty good, especially later tonight. Both passion or a good detective show can tell the tale.

Thursday, 29thWow! It’s V/C from 6:00 this morning throughout the entire day. Things are a little agitating through the mid-afternoon, but after 4:00 PM the focus returns and we can accomplish a little more. Late night is talkative.

V/C Moon 6:05 AM-3:52 AM (Friday) when it enters Libra

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