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Daily Planets- 10/10/17

Posted on March 9th, 2017 by Don Cerow

March 10-March 16, 2017

Daylight Time begins Sunday at 2:00 AM.

Friday, 10th Take on more time consuming tasks this morning and by noon you’ll be glad you did. The afternoon tends to drift a bit as we switch tracks into some unexpected directions. After 5:00 PM we have more energy and enthusiasm right into 11:00 PM

V/C Moon 12:05 PM-5:07 PM when it enters Virgo

Saturday, 11th The morning is a little buzzy, but pleasant. Try not to over extend expectations through the afternoon. Not everyone will be able to deliver, including you. We feel the power of the Full Moon tonight after sundown, even though it is not exact until late tomorrow morning. Health issues may come into focus, folks are critical of plans.

Sunday, 12th Timing is a factor that may throw us off kilter this morning. Did you remember to change your clocks? By 10:00 tonight, we manage to have worked out most of the wrinkles.

V/C Moon 10:36 PM-1:28 AM (Monday) when it enters Libra

Monday, 13th Finish up paperwork and uncompleted projects today as Mercury makes its way through the final degree of Pisces. After 8:00 is good for social activities. Call it quits by 11:00 PM.

Tuesday, 14stBetween 5:00 and 7:00 this morning is some of the most organized energy of the day, while 6:00 PM feels the best and is the time to ask folks for personal favors. Late night may be a little more sensitive than we would like.

Wednesday, 15nd–  Let the current take you until about 11:00 this morning and then be ready to deal with what transpires. We understand why things are unfolding the way they are, but folks don’t agree with us around 7:00 PM. After 8:00 there’s more of a tendency to agree.

V/C Moon 6:05 AM-11:11 AM when it enters Scorpio

Thursday, 16rdWe don’t get everything done that we’d like to by noon today, but we don’t seem to mind. We’re moved by old habits through the afternoon.


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