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Daily Planets- 10/21/16

Posted on October 20th, 2016 by Don Cerow

October 21-October 27, 2016

All times are Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 21st We feel a little sluggish through about 10:00 AM, but then things begin to come into focus. The concentration grows stronger through the afternoon. After 9:00 tonight, the mood lightens. We like it more better.

Saturday, 22nd Folks are a little too chatty around 8:00 this morning, feel better at 10:00 and get some things done through mid-afternoon. Enjoy post midnight.

V/C Moon 3:14 PM-3:34 PM when it enters Leo

Sunday, 23rd Our belief system is under philosophical attack this morning. Some didn’t get enough sleep, others are simply misinformed. Late afternoon is probably the most productive, while 10:00 PM offers the best logic and conversation.

Monday, 24th 8:00 AM has some enjoyable news, but most of the day is Void-of-Course. After 11:00 PM requires mental insight and focus, building into midnight.

V/C Moon 8:21 AM-11:16 PM when it enters Virgo

Tuesday, 25thOur sensitivities take a hit around 10:00 PM, but if you consistently show love through midnight you can help to turn the tide and figure out the truth.

Wednesday, 26th–  The is the best and easiest day of this week to get things done, just have them finished by mid-afternoon. Through mid-afternoon we figure things out, whether for a sale, research or uncovering a secret. We reflect on same through the later hours.

V/C Moon 2:33 PM-9:51 AM (Thursday) when it enters Libra

Thursday, 27thAfter 10:00 this morning we kick things into gear. Cooperation is available to help get jobs done. Fairly nice, from start to finish.


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