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Daily Planets- 10/23/15

Posted on October 23rd, 2015 by Don Cerow

October 23-October 29, 2015

All times Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

Friday, 23rd The Sun enters Scorpio today at 1:47 PM, and it’s a day to be careful. Just past midnight Mars inconjuncts Uranus, the accident aspect par excellence. Mars is volatile and angry, Uranus intermittent and erratic. Anything that HAS TO BE DONE RIGHT NOW is highly suspect and a contender for an explosion. You could hurt yourself, or somebody else, if you’re not cautious.

V/C Moon 0:22 AM-1:18 AM when it enters Pisces

Saturday, 24th Most of the day is Void-of-Course, but late afternoon and early evening are very pleasant indeed. Temporary situations can be checked out to good effect. There’s a magnetism in the air, but it may be momentary.

V/C Moon 7:18 AM-2:22 AM (Sunday) when it enters Aries

Sunday, 25th Late morning is somewhat problematical. Sensitive issues are brought to the surface. The afternoon is excellent though. New ideas and interests can be invoked. Not everyone may agree, but that’s part of the beauty of it all.

Monday, 26th Another lengthy V/C period covers the day. It’s slow going through the morning. We feel boxed in. Once through the mid-afternoon things begin to lighten up however. This is the evening leading into the Full Moon, so emotional issues are likely to be much more charged.

V/C Moon 8:25 AM-2:07 AM (Tuesday) when it enters Taurus

Tuesday, 27thWe’re awake and on the go this morning, fueled by the Full Moon, exact at 8:05. The early afternoon is pleasant enough, but people are being a little weird tonight and not everyone is playing fair. 11:00 PM is attractive, and those who stay up late enjoy the post-midnight hours.

Wednesday, 28th–  We’re a little fuzzy  as we get up this morning, but in general feel pretty good. Get things done by late morning. Like last Saturday and Monday, the day seems to float.

Thursday, 29thConcentration is strong through the afternoon, but our words could be a little sharp. Focus on mental projects (paying bills, catching up with scheduling, sorting recycling out) and you should accomplish a great deal. Attempting to force ideas on others doesn’t work as well.

V/C Moon 11:20 AM-2:24 AM (Thursday) when it enters Gemini


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