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Daily Planets- 10/30/15

Posted on October 29th, 2015 by Don Cerow

October 30-November 5, 2015

Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) ends Sunday.

Friday, 30th An excellent day for organization and efficiency. We’re productive in the early morning, and have a good sense of where we’re going through the late afternoon and evening. There may be times when we feel a little pushed (mid-afternoon), but that just helps us to get things done at a quicker clip.

V/C Moon 10:52 PM-5:09 AM (Saturday) when it enters Cancer

Saturday, 31st We feel a little bit of a drag as we approach noon, but the rest of the day is superb. The Moon is completing a Grand Water Trine through the late afternoon and early evening. We feel supported by family, are sensitive to other’s needs, and are being seen and heard. The evening ends on either a romantic note or an excellent dinner date.

Sunday, 1st If you haven’t already done so, set those clocks back. Up until 10:00 this morning feels good, although noon sees some changes that don’t sit well. Mid-afternoon and early evening leave us feeling a little off center, but after 9:00 PM the energy really picks up nicely. Revisit last night’s drives.

V/C Moon 10:35 PM-10:48 AM (Monday) when it enters Leo

Monday, 2nd If you thought the last two evenings were nice, check this one out! Magnetism and charisma combine, peaking about 8:00 and 10:00 PM. Go with tradition and experience, which is to say, do what’s worked before. As we approach midnight some of the magic begins to melt away. So do we.

Tuesday, 3rdWe’re very tender today and some will feel ostracized from the group. Morning, afternoon and evening all have Chiron aspects that seem to keep the wound open, but it may be overblown. Get important things done today for the usual reasons.

V/C Moon 8:46 PM-9:22 PM (Wednesday) when it enters Virgo

Wednesday, 4th–  A Void-of-Course day, but a pleasant one. The lunar aspects (how we feel) are making some mild alignments that leave us feeling good. This is a good time to recharge your batteries, get some rest or put some things together for another time.

Thursday, 5thThere’s a real buzz going on today that leaves us feeling somewhat ansie. Our nervous systems can really feel the energy, building through the afternoon. By 11:00 tonight we feel as though some of the issues are sorted out. This has been some of the long term energy that triggered both the Afghanistan earthquake and Patricia.


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