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Daily Planets- 11/03/17

Posted on November 2nd, 2017 by Don Cerow

November 3-November 9, 2017

EST begins 2:00 AM Nov. 5 2017.

Friday, 3rd- We can get some things done in the morning, and are content as we head into mid-afternoon. We bring what we imagine into focus. Things may not move as fast as we’d like around 6:00 PM and the pressure grows as we head into midnight.

The V/C Moon ends at 5:46 AM when it enters Taurus

Saturday, 4th- The Full Moon was early this morning. Many found it hard to sleep last night, but our focus is excellent as we head into 10:00 AM. Don’t forget to fall back tomorrow morning. It’s time to set your seasonal clocks.

Sunday, 5th- The Gemini Moon finds us chatty and curious this morning, with an extra charge kicking in as Mercury enters Sagittarius before 3:00 PM. Our wisdom is spread a little thin. We don’t know as much as we pretend to. 8:00 PM is good, while midnight is uncertain.

V/C Moon 4:28 AM-5:26 AM when it enters Gemini

Monday, 6th- Nervous energy is a little stronger than usual today. You might want to hold off from that additional cup of coffee. If you focus the energy we can get quite a few projects done, but many will simply choose to jabber.

Tuesday, 7th- Mid-afternoon into the early evening feels really good . We’re energized and excited. Don’t jump the gun around 10:00 PM, while midnight allows us some real peace.

V/C Moon 5:39 AM-5:44 AM when it enters Cancer

Wednesday, 8thWe can get some of our own things done before 9:00 this morning, but see things from a different point of view around 10:00 PM. Finish projects before 10:00 tonight, and be in bed before midnight.

Thursday, 9th- We miss the point early evening. We feel drained, as though our get up and go got up and went. 5:30 PM is the last shot at clarity, so don’t be surprised if people don’t ‘get’ what you’re doing.

V/C Moon 0:14 AM-7:29 AM when it enters Leo


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