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Daily Planets- 11/04/16

Posted on November 4th, 2016 by Don Cerow

November 4-November 10, 2016

EDT ends Sunday, November 6th at 2:00 AM.

Friday, 4th Tenderness is strong through noon, but the end of the afternoon is wonderful. We really like what we’re doing, who we’re with through mid-afternoon, to well beyond midnight. This is exciting, animated, and different.

Saturday, 5th The afternoon is clear, concise and gets the job done. With twilight the mood begins to change however and we feel a little sensitive into the later evening.

Sunday, 6th Seek out information and be prepared to work with the team from 9:00 AM into mid-afternoon. Know that as we move into the latter part of the day there could be communicational glitches, be they computer, internet or cell phone. The message, contract or directions change. Be particularly careful if you’re driving around midnight.

V/C Moon 4:56 AM-8:55 AM when it enters Aquarius

Monday, 7th The morning makes us very happy. It’s what we like, hear or find to be beautiful. There could be a financial advantage that is there for the taking. The afternoon is more practical. Tonight we reflect on late Friday, but it’s not the same.

Tuesday, 8thThe work day is largely Void-of-Course, although the morning is fairly pleasant. The latter afternoon and evening are more controversial. We’d rather pull back and have some of our own downtime, but that may not be what happens.

V/C Moon 6:16 PM-8:45 PM when it enters Pisces

Wednesday, 9th–  8:00 AM is a joy, but our projects are slow going through late afternoon. Late afternoon borders on magical, but gravity starts to take over after 7:00 PM. After midnight is good.

Thursday, 10thLong term projects that we’ve been working on start to show progress through the early afternoon. Put the time and effort in, and be willing to throw in some resources if need be. We feel an added shot of testosterone after 8:30 PM. Most are receptive to the advances. This theme picks up again tomorrow evening as well.

V/C Moon 6:16 PM-8:45 PM when it enters Aries


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