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Daily Planets- 11/06/15

Posted on November 6th, 2015 by Don Cerow

November 6-November 12, 2015

All listed times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 6th A beautiful, articulate and enjoyable day. We really like what we’re doing, who we’re talking to, and what we’re learning. Passion is in the air, or this can simply be some fun. You’re call.

Saturday, 7th Those up early (7:00 AM) really enjoy the morning, a continuation of yesterday’s vibration. As we approach 11:00 AM the themes kick in again. Communication is a little confusing late this evening, possibly born of fatigue. We don’t understand where others are coming from. There may also be a touch of deception, so take things with a grain of salt.

V/C Moon 7:47 AM-10:54 AM when it enters Libra

Sunday, 8th Up until 10:00 AM is fairly nice, but we need to be wary of temptations between noon and 2:00 PM. There may be additional costs involved. We feel energized around 7:00 PM. Tomorrow is Void-of-Course all day long. Do what you can today.

V/C Moon 0:10:59 PM-11:02 PM (Monday) when it enters Scorpio

Monday, 9th Early morning news changes our orientation. Electronics may throw us a curve anytime today. The afternoon and early evening are the most energized. This may not be the best time to believe what you hear in the electronic media.

Tuesday, 10thWe feel energized as we get up this morning, fairly relaxed and enjoyable through noon, and spirited as we hit 9:00 PM. The late lunar phase leaves us feeling a little drained thereafter, so plan to get to bed early.

Wednesday, 11th–  The New Moon is exact at 12:47 today. There’s more anticipation through the morning. Our concentration is excellent through the rest of the afternoon and evening.

Thursday, 12thWe need to be careful of what we say and how we drive today. We can make mistakes. The morning feels excellent, the afternoon is suspect, while the evening is fairly enjoyable too, within limits. Earlier evening is better.

V/C Moon 9:54 AM-10:14 AM when it enters Sagittarius


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