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Daily Planets- 11/25/16

Posted on November 25th, 2016 by Don Cerow

November 25-December 1, 2016

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 25th- Passions and the intensity they bring in their wake are strong early Friday morning. It may cost more than you expect. Check out Void-of-Course period for the day. Most of us will be dealing with the aftermath of the holiday.

V/C Moon 8:52 AM-3:01 AM (Saturday) when it enters Scorpio

Saturday, 26th- The information we receive this morning interests us. We can make steady progress on a task that were working on through the morning. Shortly before 2:00 could be particularly sweet. By 10:00 tonight we’re serine, peaceful and relaxed.

Sunday, 27th- Many will rise with a bang this morning, as we must jump-start the system. Later morning improves. Things get a little weird around 2:00 PM but improve as we approach 5:00 and the completion of our tasks.

V/C Moon 4:47 PM-3:46 PM (Monday) when it enters Sagittarius

Monday, 28th- We’re winding down. New Moon is Tuesday morning, and the Moon’s mostly Void-of-Course until a quarter to four today. There’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza, dear Liza.

Tuesday, 29th- Know that some things are going to rearrange themselves today or do not go according to plan, especially through the mid-afternoon. Late night is better.

Wednesday, 30thAn enjoyable morning greets our efforts, and it plays into the later evening hours. Early evening is a little disappointing. We forget. If asked a specific question, the answer will be ‘I don’t know.’ For right here and now, that’s the appropriate response.

V/C Moon 11:08 PM-3:52 AM (Thursday) when it enters Capricorn

Thursday, 1st- What do you say? Hey, hey, hey! We have the energy, we’re on fire. In a good way. From 8:00 until midnight we’re more upbeat, have a better sense of where we’re headed, and have a good sense of the future, where things are headed.


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