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Daily Planets- 12/08/17

Posted on December 7th, 2017 by Don Cerow

December 8-December 14, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 8th Basically, a great day. We’re interested at 9:00 AM, finding out what we need to know at noon, and remaining productive through the afternoon.

V/C Moon 5:40 PM-6:08 PM when it enters Virgo

Saturday, 9th There’s a tendency to misread the situation today, and some are not happy about it. After 4:00 PM the mood lifts. Powerful judgements are about to unfold. We feel the power, but there’s missing information. Monday offers a brighter observation.

Sunday, 10th Late morning, early afternoon projections are off the mark. There’s a lack of vital information. This could cut deep, so be mindful. Not everything has to be perfect.

V/C Moon 10:02 PM-0:52 AM (Monday) when it enters Libra

Monday, 11th An excellent day. Good communications in the AM. Fun and creativity mid-afternoon and things well articulated as we head into 8:00 PM. Uncertainty holds the upper hand after 9:00 PM.

Tuesday, 12thOn-time at 8:00 AM, feeling pinched at 10:00 PM, while the afternoon and early evenings bring communicational clarity.

Wednesday, 13th–  We get to taste Mars in Scorpio’s flavor as we head into the afternoon. What will it mean for you? Passion and focus are two potential manifestations. Which will you choose?

V/C Moon 7:27 AM-8:59 AM when it enters Scorpio

Thursday, 14thEarly morning is tough, but there’s an inner beauty. The afternoon into the evening works well, even though some would like it to move at a faster clip. Do what you need to.

V/C Moon 8:42 PM-8:07 PM when it enters Sagittarius


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