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Daily Planets- 12/09/16

Posted on December 8th, 2016 by Don Cerow

December 9-December 15, 2016

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 9th This looks like a really enjoyable day. We’re insightful and upbeat throughout the late morning and afternoon. We have energy until 8:00 PM, but begin to run out of gas around 10:00 PM.

V/C Moon 8:06 PM-7:41 AM (Saturday) when it enters Taurus

Saturday, 10th Serious issues are being brought to the fore throughout the day today as Saturn is triggered by the Sun, Moon and Venus. Budget your time, prioritize your projects and know that things may take a little longer than anticipated. Late night is some of the best energy of the day.

Sunday, 11th Mid-morning is very focused but the bulk of the afternoon has us attempting to keep up with events. Around sundown the mood improves, and there could be some pleasant surprises, but late night is somewhat impulsive and angry.

V/C Moon 11:04 PM-7:41 AM (Monday) when it enters Gemini

Monday, 12th People are chatty or a little argumentitive this morning with the Moon entering Gemini. For the most part folks are not in agreement, with 5:00 PM offering an exception to the rule.

Tuesday, 13thTonight is the Full Moon. Words have weight, so be careful what you say. We impact others more strongly. Noon until 1:30 is some of the best energy of the day, and we feel a little more energized as we cross the midnight threshold late tonight.

Wednesday, 14th–  This is basically a magical day. We’re exciting by what we learn, discover or let open up socially. Late morning and evening are when these themes most bob to the surface.

V/C Moon 0:57 AM-7:08 AM when it enters Cancer

Thursday, 15thGet things done by 2:30 PM for the usual reasons. Not everyone agrees mid-morning or early afternoon. There may be some detours or heavy traffic around 1:30 PM.

V/C Moon 2:43 PM-8:15 AM (Friday) when it enters Leo


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