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Daily Planets- 12/16/16

Posted on December 16th, 2016 by Don Cerow

December 16-December 22, 2016

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 16th We start the day at 8:15 AM, feeling strongly about whatever we’re up to. Sunset is a little difficult, and our ideas may be challenged, but as we approach 9:00 PM the mood is decidedly up.

Saturday, 17th We’re so focused this morning that we tend to block things out through the early afternoon. Late afternoon works well though and the energy just keeps cranking through midnight.

Sunday, 18th The morning is creative and stimulated. We’re thinking about things that will take better form early afternoon. 6:00 PM finds us at peace, satisfied. Mercury is getting ready to go retrograde early tomorrow morning, so don’t be surprised when people take things back or need to go into the shop for adjustments.

V/C Moon 11:55 AM-12:52 PM when it enters Virgo

Monday, 19th We find out various situations in which some feel challenged through the morning. Mid-afternoon is not a time for being social, but late afternoon and early evening feel really good. Passions grow with the evening.

Tuesday, 20thThe final full day of Autumn. People are abuzz, but in a good way. For some, the spirit of the season animates, while others simply use it to get things done. An excellent day to talk to people and run errands.

V/C Moon 8:56 PM-9:40 PM when it enters Libra

Wednesday, 21st–  Welcome to old Man Winter. He’s come knocking on our doors once again. This morning is tough. We feel like we’re being forced. Early afternoon is good, not so much late afternoon. The late evening could be fun as desires are unleashed.

Thursday, 22ndThe morning is intense as we attempt to keep up with ourselves. Noon until 2:30 PM is probably some of the best time of the day. Get it done by 2:30 for the usual reasons. But sundown and midnight are a little raw. There could be confrontations, but since it’s V/C, it won’t amount to a whole hill of beans, anyway.

V/C Moon 2:31 PM-9:32 AM (Friday) when it enters Scorpio


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