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Daily Planets- 12/18/15

Posted on December 18th, 2015 by Don Cerow

December 18-December 24, 2015

All times are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 18th The morning is especially nice, but get things done by 10:00 AM. The social shifts this evening leave us feeling a little cool and distant. Electronic connections do their intermittent thing. Now you see them, now you don’t.

V/C Moon 10:14 AM-4:26 PM when it enters Aries

Saturday, 19th Communications are more intense as we head into a Mercury Pluto conjunction. Finances or control issues build as we head through noon, and then the Moon reactivates these issues through the afternoon. If you can, take a step back and try not to engage, or use the energy to effect some needed repairs.

Sunday, 20th The morning leaves us feeling a little tired or contemplative (he said diplomatically), and we feel a little drained through the afternoon. After both 5:00 and 7:00 PM the waters begin to ebb. We feel better into the evening.

V/C Moon 5:01 PM-7:13 PM when it enters Taurus

Monday, 21st We can get some things done through the earlier part of the morning, but noon makes us feel as though we’re in a box. The Winter Solstice is a few minutes before midnight, and those who stay up past midnight have a magical, enjoyable time.

Tuesday, 22ndThe day is largely Void-of-Course (9:30 AM to 9:30 PM), yet before it enters, there is both optimism and opportunity. Besides that, we just feel good.

V/C Moon 9:26 AM-9:31 PM when it enters Gemini

Wednesday, 23rd–  Today has an edge to it. We’re tired at 10:00 AM, trying to catch up (with ourselves?) at noon, lacking cooperation at 2:00 and manipulated by 10:00. Midnight may be some of the best energy of the day.

Thursday, 24thEarly morning is happy, while 9:00 AM evokes subjects we’re not into. Mid-afternoon provides a shot of energy for physical projects, and later evening can be both interesting and creative. This is the evening of the Full Moon, so children will find it hard to get to sleep tonight.

Now there’s a surprise.

V/C Moon 3:04 PM-0:26 AM (Friday) when it enters Cancer


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