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Daily Planets- 12/22/17

Posted on December 21st, 2017 by Don Cerow

December 22-December 28, 2017

All listed time are Eastern Standard Time (EST).

Friday, 22nd Some will attempt to either stretch their abilities or resources this morning. It’s possible to get quite a bit achieved as long as we can maintain the pace.

V/C Moon 5:12 AM-9:42 AM when it enters Pisces

Saturday, 23rd We have a relaxed start, and things start to fall into place after 10:00 this morning. Take a little time to contemplate the energy of the season. The finances begin to mount with the late afternoon.

Sunday, 24th This is among the most magical of  the days of the holidays, especially through the late afternoon and into the early evening. For those that tune in, 8:00 PM is best.

V/C Moon 9:48 PM-7:27 PM when it enters Aries

Monday, 25th Folks feel a little played out late morning, having spent most of their social energy over the weekend. Late afternoon is a little easier, but we still feel as though the energy is lower key. The evening is a little more social, but not much.

Tuesday, 26thWe like switching gears late afternoon, and the clearest communications are in the evening, whether for relaying information, figuring things out or enjoying a night out. The vibe is better than last night’s.

Wednesday, 27th–  We shift gears around 4:00 PM and can coast a little. Late evening is particularly nice. We can rest and relax while enjoying whatever we focus on.

V/C Moon 3:57 PM-1:23 AM (Thursday) when it enters Taurus

Thursday, 28thWhat a pleasant day. Beautiful in the morning and most playful in the early afternoon. While not as strong, the evening replays some of last night’s magic.


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